Paterson Campus ECAs/ASAs

At ISS, students are offered a wide variety of Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) and After School Activities (ASAs) which allow students to explore their interests or try new activities outside of the school curriculum. ECAs are offered by internal teachers and run on campus from 2:40-3:30pm, while ASAs are offered by external service providers and run from 2:40-3:40pm (please refer to schedule on the ASA website for further details).

ECAs and ASAs are not just about sports. There is an ECA or ASA for every student’s interest at ISS. A high level of interaction with friends is encouraged through a range of activities from craft and computing to coding and photography.

ISS offers ECAs and ASAs ranging from sports like volleyball and football to art courses, Music Club, Science Club and a range of other activities. In addition to other programmes, our students on both campuses participate in Sports Day and the Swim Gala annually. These events provide opportunities for every student in the school to compete in many different events

Although the Elementary and Middle Schools ares located in town and has some space constraints – this has not limited the students in their ECA and ASA choices.

Please note that ECAs are free of charge, while ASAs are paid activities that are run by external service providers.

How are ECAS/ASAs assigned?

We offer equal opportunity for all students to participate in our ECA and ASA programme. We use an online sign up form. We make every effort to ensure that every student is accepted to an ECA/ASA. There are no limits to the number of courses a student may partake in.

More detailed information on Paterson Campus ECAs can be found here.

More detailed information on Paterson Campus ASAs can be found here.