Middle School

Action as Service

Action as Service is an integral part of the curriculum in Middle School. It helps students apply what they have learned in the classroom to real world issues in their community. The goal is to develop a sense of social responsibility as well as meet the learning objectives of the curriculum. It gives students an opportunity to act on their personal interests and make their learning more applicable in the real world.

A major focus of our service programme in Middle School is our long-term support of the Sok Sobay Orphanage in Cambodia. ISS students visit the centre on an annual basis to support their work. ISS also undertakes fundraising and friend raising in Singapore.

Our annual ‘Week Without Walls’ programme also includes a strong action as service programme.

Key Features

  • Age and developmentally appropriate
  • Respectful to the norms of the communities involved
  • Classroom learning that leads to action and addresses a community need
  • Builds on student interests, skills and talents
  • Structured time provided for students with adult mentors/guides
  • A learning and reflective experience
  • Aims to foster individual and group responsibility
  • Create links between different groups (ages, economic backgrounds, ethnicities, genders, etc.)
  • Student empowerment
  • Undertake a challenge that requires planning, commitment, and empathy
  • Acting collaboratively with classmates and adults
  • A force for change and personal growth
  • Increased awareness of their role in improving the lives of others