Evelyn Wong, ISS Alumnus


Some of the memorable moments as a student in ISS were the wonderful activities, education and diverse community of friends. There were always elements of fun and creative learning injected in the rigorous education. My friends were of different nationalities but we bonded incredibly and love our moments hanging out at the gazebo! I also appreciate that I was able to approach any teacher and counsellor if I have any concerns. It helped me to feel the warm support.

I entered ISS specifically for the cosy but diverse environment, and high quality education. The education honed my skill sets and I received an International Student Leadership Scholarship and other scholarships to study in Manhattanville College in New York. This has in turn benefited my learning, as I studied with remarkable alumni from Harvard, Julliard, Smith College, Oxford etc, and met Senator Hillary Clinton while I was still in university.

I have always loved dance as a child, influenced by my mom who grew up in dance too. It is very fulfilling to see others thrive and their mental and emotional wellness improved vastly through dance. I left my research job and embarked on my performance and dance coaching career.

In my dance career, I have worked with corporate clients in the embassy, legal and medical sectors. I run my ballet and wellness business educating children in performance and mindset improvement skills, preparing international students for vocational education. Our students are from 22 countries. Each private student has received admissions and dance scholarships to leading high schools and universities in the US, Europe, Australia, South Africa and Russia. It cannot be more rewarding!