Ginevra Sponzilli, ISS Alumnus (Italy)



I graduated from ISS in 2009.

The warmest memories from my time at ISS involve predominantly my history class, as I found the teacher and the content so compelling. I  also have very fond memories (and frequent flashbacks) of our Student Council meetings, as well as the basketball and volleyball matches. Each of these moments was spent with peers that became, and continue to be, dear friends. The valuable lessons learnt in managing student council and the varsity teams of both basketball and volleyball remain with me to this day.

ISS remains one of the most beautiful environments I have ever had the pleasure to join and be a part of. Its international community makes for a micro-world climate, allowing young students to grasp early on what awaits them from the world at large.  The generosity, the respect and the affection felt at ISS has been unlike any other and these elements have helped build the friend, the student (because one never stops learning), and the professional I am today.

Through my experiences at ISS, as a student, as student council president and as an athlete, I learnt much of what it takes to be a good communicator, a team member, and a manager. The years at ISS were absolutely fundamental to my upbringing and to the building of my character, I am confident of the profound ways in which this school has helped shape my person for the better.

Currently, I work at the NATO Parliamentary Assembly (NATO PA) in Brussels. Courtesy of the wise and patient College Counsellor from ISS, I decided to pursue my university degree in the US in International Relations and Political Science: subjects that particularly drive interest and passion for me. Majoring in this topic, I was able to grow even more fond of history, current events and the global political climate. Following my time in Boston, I decided to return to Europe where I interned for the European Union in Brussels. That was the start of my career as I dove head first into one of the world’s most intriguing political scenes. It did not take long for me to fall very much in love with Brussels, and after temporarily leaving the city to pursue a Master’s Degree in European Administrative and Political Studies from the College of Europe (Bruges), I returned to Brussels to join the NATO PA.