Michael, Middle School Principal (Australia)

A safe environment is about ensuring that our students are encouraged to take risks, equipped with a certain level of preparedness. It is about equipping them with certain core skills such as inquiry, research, communication, action, reflection, organisation; outcomes that are part of our ATLs, which transcend across all the subject areas taught. These are the springboards to developing risk taking skills. We do not send our students out ill- prepared, because that would be risky.
I encourage the teaching staff to be mindful to create learning environments that:

(i) ensure open and positive communication, so that the environment is non-threatening,

(ii) welcome feedback with a positive attitude and approach,

(iii) have a reasonable level of organisation so that boundaries are known, and

(iv) are fun and apply a human touch always.

This together with right level of support will ensure that our students will not only develop risk taking skills to prepare them for the future.