Patricia, ISS Teacher (Romania)

vlad-patriciaI believe that students who have an entrepreneurial spirit thrive better in society. To me, an entrepreneurial spirit is typically characterised by a ‘can-do’ attitude and this is what drives the student to search for creative pathways when encountering challenges or opportunities. To facilitate building an entrepreneurial spirit among my students, I combine lectures, discussions, field trips, case studies, and hands-on exercises, amongst other activities. This stimulates my students to draw connections, question and ‘dream’ of possibilities.

Most importantly the learning environment that I create is centred on what stimulates my students the most. I always plan my lessons around “What would students like to explore? What interests do students have outside of school? Which technological applications or websites would my students like to use? What part of the problem seems most important to my students?” This way, every design is highly personal and students take ownership of their ideas and creations more so than if they were guided towards the ‘right’ answers. This is a more challenging and sometimes slower process, but it also fosters greater entrepreneurial competencies.