Have you ever had a moment where you thought “This is so ISS”? Yes? Well, so have we. This is why we are launching #ISSCelebrates, as a celebration of these moments! We’re giving you – our students, parents and teachers – the opportunity to share with everyone what ISS means to you. This contest will run from September to May, and entries will be judged on a monthly basis. Entry is simple, all you have to do is:

  1. Be an existing student, parent or teacher of ISS International School (Singapore).
  2. Follow us on Instagram/Twitter @ISSSingapore.
  3. Have your Instagram/Twitter set to Public for us to be able to see your entries (please note that only Instagram/Twitter posts will be viewed).
  4. Post a picture of these special and meaningful moments, from a school-related activity/event. It must be meaningful to you and support any of the ISS values, IB Learner Profiles, or Approaches to Learning where possible.
  5. The post should be accompanied by a caption explaining how, exactly, this is an ISS moment. This caption should also include your name, grade, and the hashtags #ISSCelebrates and #ISSPride.
  6. Students who do not have an Instagram/Twitter account OR who prefer to share their ISS moment in a drawing may also do so and submit this to their Homeroom Teachers (for ES), or Kampong Teachers (for MS and HS).
  7. Click here to see the full list of terms and conditions and the contest schedule.

There will be 3 winners each month, 1 from ES, 1 from MS and 1 from HS. Our 3 monthly winners will be featured on all our social media platforms and be awarded with a certificate in assembly. Not only that, our monthly contest winners will be automatically entered to the final contest at the end of the year, where we will vote for the best of the submissions, one from each school. For our final winners, they stand a chance to win the chance to donate $200 each to a charity of their choice! So, what are you waiting for? Start participating right this instant!

Participating Entries

Participating entries can be found on either Instagram or Twitter.


Monthly Winners

Ms. Patricia Vlad High School Mathematics and Design Teacher


Grade 10 Design students making suspendable flower pots out of recycled plastic bottles as well as a wooden pot for their eco-potted seeds from our last lesson. Great work and motivation today. Well done!

#IBWorldSchool #isscelebrates #isspride #IBMYP #inquirybasedlearning

Kindergarten 2 Students


K2 students expressing emotions – love, anger, grief, pride and joy – through dances from various cultures across the world!

#isspride #isscelebrates

(submitted on their behalf by Ms. Smita)

Jackson High School Student


First time writing poems.

Never be shy to ask and be brave. Proud of my work @isssingapore

#isspride #isscelebrates

Mr. Christopher Hoddinott High School Project Coordinator, Grade Level Leader 10, and Music Teacher


Learning ATL skills Collaboration and Creative Thinking for songwriting.

#isspride #isscelebrates #myp #atlskills #musiced #songwriting


Our first Friday Challenge was linked to the IB Learner Profile of Communication. We did it through singing.

#isspride #isscelebrates #iblearnerprofile #communicator #fridaychallenge #singing #musiced

Ms. Kajal Manglani High School Chemistry & Science Teacher


Collaborative learning in the #ibmyp, MYP Science Grade 9 students being communicators, explaining the development of atomic structure

#isspride #ISScelebrates

Ms. Patricia Vlad High School Mathematics and Design Teacher


Grade 9 Design students planning their version of Project Runway creations using sustainable materials.

#isspride #isscelebrates #IBWorldSchool #IBMYP


Grade 10 Design students working on a relaxation space for their peers, supporting SDG 3 – Good Health and Wellbeing.

#isspride #isscelebrates #SustainableDevelopmentGoals #IBWorldSchool #IBMYP

Ms. Kajal Manglani High School Chemistry & Science Teacher


Our MYP Grade 10 students conducting a workshop for PYP students on SDGs. Wonderful interaction on International Day.

#isspride #isscelebrates #SDGs #IBMYP #IBWorldSchool

Ms. Minaal Amin Elementary School Grade 3 Teacher, Scientific & Mathematical Literacy Coordinator


Getting ready for Diwali by reading, creating patterns in sand and working on part of the Elementary School rangoli pattern. Thank you to Grade 2 for organising! We can’t wait to see the finished design!

#isspride #isscelebrates #ib #pyp

Hiroto High School Student


Here is a piece of an interesting activity in our Science class with Ms. Manglani! We are learning about the “Redox Reaction”. This is a reaction of silver nitrate and copper which produces copper nitrate and silver.

#isspride #isscelebrates

Sophia, Ella, Amanda, and Omer Elementary School Students


A huge thank you to our amazing PTA and Ms. Jasinska for organising a fantastic Halloween party which the students thoroughly enjoyed.

#isspride #isscelebrates

(submitted on their behalf by Ms. Hayward)

Ms. Berna Sekhon - Ms. Linda Du Elementary and Middle School Counsellor - Middle School Mandarin Teacher


Ms. Sekhon

Marked another successful session of our “Conversations with the Counsellors”. Thank you parents for the partnership!

#isspride #isscelebrates

Ms. Du

Building a community of learners!

#isspride #isscelebrates

Mr. Christopher Hoddinott High School Project Coordinator, Grade Level Leader 10, and Music Teacher


Real student centred learning today as students took charge of the class gathering ideas.

#isspride #isscelebrates #ibmyp #musiced #ibinquiry

Ms. Patricia Vlad High School Mathematics and Design Teacher


Architecture Club students putting their ideas into practice. A very wide range of designs are being developed, demonstrating a good grasp of the Creative Thinking ATL.

#IBWorldSchool #isspride #isscelebrates #inquirybasedlearning

Clara Elementary School Student


A special day in school.

#creativity #isscelebrates #isspride

Ms. Yvonne Hayward Elementary School Grade 1 Teacher


G1’s pinwheels for peace.

#isspride #isscelebrates #sdg16 #TeachSDGs

Ms. Berna Sekhon Elementary and Middle School Counsellor

dodtlsbu8aawqdfWe often forget to thank people who go the extra mile to make our school beautiful!
Thank you Mr Aik :))

#isspride #isscelebrates


We are ONE! We are ALL!
Kampong visit to the Wellness Centre!

#isspride #isscelebrates

Mr. Steven Bushong High School Grade Level Leader 9, TOK and Economics & Humanities Teacher

img_9416Grade 12’s using visual thinking strategies to evaluate the economic outcomes of President Trump’s exciting summer of tariffs based on articles from #TheEconomist

#isspride #isscelebrates img_9415

Grade 11’s in Theory Of Knowledge collaborating jigsaw-style as they try to explore the role of Imagination as a Way of Knowing in knowledge production relevant to different Areas of Knowledge.

#isspride #isscelebrates

Ms. Judith Larue High School Visual Arts Teacher


Empowering HS students to become better global citizens via the “Every Singaporean a Naturalist programme”.

#isscelebrates #isspride #inquirybasedlearning