Primary Years Programme Exhibition

We learnt about ecotourism!

This years’ Grade 5 Primary Years Programme Exhibition displayed amazing learning, as well as a strong show of self-management, social, communication, thinking, and research skills. All of our students combined all these skill sets as they worked collaboratively with great commitment while conducting an in-depth inquiry into a subject matter which they were passionate about.

“I got to design a tower from recycled materials – reduce, reuse, recycle!”

Eco-tourism and culture; eco-design – how to reduce/recycle/reuse; environmental issues and the part we can play; comparing different dance genres and styles; food and the importance of healthy eating; different sports and why it is important to stay active; saving animals; the importance of developing literacy skills; technology/coding/programming were just some of the topics that were presented. The students not only shared presentations and self-curated videos to introduce their topics, but also created games and activities, that engaged parents, teachers, fellow ISS students and Board members in a deeper and more meaningful manner. The team that presented on environmental issues also took action by writing letters to corporations to request for their assistance to save the environment by using less plastic cutlery, as well as charging for grocery bags to reduce the use of these bags! Amazing initiative!

“I developed stronger self-management skills!”

“I applied different skills throughout this experience. Self-management skills were the priority on the exhibition days as my team members and I not only had to ensure that we prepared our displays in time for the audience to arrive, we also had to time our presentations so as not to over-run the given time allowed, and we had to ensure that we also gave ourselves enough time to visit the other exhibits. While preparing for this, it was our research and thinking skills that were applied the most to ensure that our team had all the correct points and a strong exhibit to present.” – Sara, ISS Student.

Thinking, research, self management skills were all put to the test at the PYP exhibition.