A Celebration of Musical Talent!

One of the many string ensemble groups, led by Mr. Hoddinott, strumming melodious tunes

“The Festival of Lights at our Preston campus was a grand celebration of music and the arts at ISS. The level of talent and skill that were on display at the festival was admirable. Our campus is blessed to have developed many highly skilled students who can express themselves with such confidence.

The evening commenced with the many piano ensembles, where a mixture of Classical and Romantic pieces were both played and sung, in multi-languages. 8k8a2196The second part of the show saw our string and wind ensembles strumming popular tunes, accompanied by more of our student singers. The evening ended on a ‘high note’ with the energetic Lightsaber Dance group performing with their lightsabers to thumping music! The level of applause received only grew louder as the evening’s performances continued! The rainy weather certainly didn’t dampen spirit, as many turned up for the festival to show support for our student talents. p1950849

I am very pleased to note that the students grow and develop with great confidence after being involved in our annual celebration of the ‘Festival of Lights’. 8k8a2260This festival is a valuable learning experience for them to perform under the spotlight, to teachers and parents within the school. It is also a fantastic experience to reach out to parents and all that are involved in the school, so they can see the tremendous work that the students do and be part of the performing and learning experience.”


Lightsabre Dance group “wow-ing” the audience with their energetic movements


Mr. Christopher Hoddinott
Grade Level Leader 10, High School Project Coordinator, Music Teacher