Experience A World of Work

ISS students got a taste of the working world through our World of Work programme, a 3 day work attachment intended to help prepare our students for their future by equipping them with the necessary life skills. Students had the opportunity to go out into the community to “try out” a career in Singapore. The aim is to place students in a career or industry in which they have expressed an interest while also providing the necessary core skills of self-reflection, résumé writing, interviewing, and workplace behaviour that will surely be useful in the future.

“I am very pleased with the outcome of this programme. Each year, the feedback that I receive from students has been encouraging. Each student has learnt to develop self-discipline and has gained real life experience, invaluable assets for them as they prepare to enter the workforce.”
Ms. Mala Swaminathan, ISS University Advisor and Career Guidance Counsellor, World of Work Organiser and Overall Coordinator

Some of our students chose to work in F&B

At a Career Fair event earlier in the year, where our students got to meet and talk to professionals from various industries, our students began to think about what they may want to do in the future. Based on this, they wrote resumes tailored to these specialisations and used them to source for jobs on their own. Our students worked in a huge range of different fields, such as Charity/Non-Profit, Technology/Science, Education, Engineering/Architecture, Shipping/Oil, Finance/Management, and F&B/Retail. Some of the companies our students worked for include: science and technology research firm, A*Star; food and beverage outlet, Lai Lai Family Restaurant; non-profit organisation, Willing Hearts; some students, who were interested in working in an IB school in the future, even worked here in ISS!

Some students worked here in ISS!

“As I set out to achieve my dream of being a Primary Years Programme (PYP) Coordinator, this World of Work experience gives me a head start. I experienced a glimpse of the work involved when shadowing PYP classes, reviewing curriculum documents, and interacting with Elementary School teachers and students. I’ve been an IB student for more than 6 years at ISS and it was impactful for me to view the IB programme from a different perspective – as a coordinator and not a student. The new experiences were helpful and interesting, and it further solidifies my interest in being a PYP coordinator.”
Riko, ISS Student

During their internship, our teachers popped by to visit our students, to make sure that they were coping well.

Ms. Vlad on her student placement visit at A*Star (the fans in the background are motion activated!)

“During my student placement visits at A*Star and Disney, the students showed great enthusiasm for and awareness of their specific industries. They were engaged, curious, and independent workers throughout. I find that the World of Work programme is beneficial for the students as it makes them aware of the standards and expectations of a real working environment, as well as of their strengths or potential areas of improvement related to such an industry. Through being exposed to specific industries, the students also discover their suitability and passion (or lack thereof) for these particular areas of work.”
Ms. Patricia Vlad, ISS Mathematics & Design Teacher

Job well done (quite literally) to our World of Work students. We hope this experience has been beneficial in helping you determine your career path for the future!

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