Grade 12 Graduation

We did it!

Another year has come and gone and, with that, another batch of Grade 12s are graduating. The graduation ceremony for our Class of 2018 was held on Friday, 18th May and we celebrated the official completion of their graduation requirements and the successes of our graduates. Our graduating students have certainly seized the opportunities afforded them here and accomplished much in their years in ISS, both in and out of the classroom.

Farewell hugs

Our Grade 12 students have participated in activities such as the annual “Week Without Walls” trips, Model United Nations, and many other noteworthy activities. Here at ISS, our students have also created their own initiatives! Just last year, Chelsea, our student council president, together with a fellow classmate, Camille rallied the student body to participate in the Pink Ribbon Walk in support of the people afflicted with breast cancer. Despite the workload in the DP programme and responsibilities as the student council president,  both spent time to personally canvass the student body and staff to gather sign-ups and arrange with the organisers to get the large ISS contingent registered and ready for the day. Another example of a student-driven initiative at ISS would be, thanks to the efforts of our Grade 12s Jason, Tarish and Victor, the fact that ISS International School is officially a National Environment Agency (NEA) e-waste disposal partner. When they learned about the impact of e-waste to our natural resources, they decided to work with their teachers and administrative staff to prepare a proposal  to NEA about the role which the school community can play and contribute to, and make this a reality. What an example of entrepreneurial thinking! The legacy they are leaving behind will surely make a difference in this world.

Strong friendships forged through the years at ISS

In the classroom, our students definitely don’t fall behind in terms of academics! Many of our students have received offers from top universities across the world

Entering the hall


University of Hong Kong

University of Melbourne

University of New South Wales

Keio University

We will miss you Grade 12s!



Leiden University

Wageningen University & Research

University of Twente

École hôtelière de Lausanne


Our student-nominated speaker delivering his speech

United States/Canada

Johns Hopkins University

University of Michigan

University of California, Berkeley

University of Toronto

McGill University

                                                                                             University of California, Los Angeles

A farewell gift for Ms. Larue

United Kingdom

University College London

Imperial College London

King’s College London

University of Edinburgh

University of Manchester

London School of Economics

University of St. Andrews

It has been an unforgettable ride with our graduating students, full of activities, fun and laughter. Good luck in your future endeavours, Grade 12s. We are confident that what you’ve learned in ISS has equipped you well for the future and we’ll always be rooting for you! Come back and visit us anytime.