Jeff Kinney visits ISS!

Jeff Kinney in the house!
Jeff Kinney talking about his books

The renowned author Jeff Kinney visited the ISS Paterson campus and shared his inspirations for his series of “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” books and what he does when sketching for the books. Our students were also given the chance to indulge in some sketching work under the guidance of the author!

A Great Friday with Jeff Kinney!

The enthusiasm from our students was unmistakable as everyone was clamouring to ask him questions about the books and his sketches. The snaking queue to get his autograph was also a testament to this enthusiasm.

“I am inspired to be a writer. I can use my imagination and like Mr. Kinney, mix this up with the everyday happenings in my daily life to write books that will make people happy and laugh.” Mia, ISS Student.

Q&A Time!
Excited kids, waiting for Jeff Kinney’s Autograph.

The teaching environment at ISS is dynamic as the teachers adopt creative methods to strengthen the interest and optimise our students’ learning opportunities. This experiential time spent with Jeff Kinney will certainly give them insights into the finer points of sketching and an assurance of the benefits of being true to yourself and being confident about it.