Making Waves

And they’re off!

The Swim Gala provides an opportunity for the school community to come together in a way that promotes sport, success, and celebration. It also allows students to demonstrate the results of their hard work during their swim lessons.

Thumbs up!

This particular event also facilitates many personal benefits for the students. With effort and dedication, they are able to work through difficulties and improve, both physically and mentally, once they have worked hard to overcome the physical challenges that swimming can present.

Diving in

Being able to encourage and support others regardless of the outcome is something that helps to support and strengthen a caring and inclusive community at ISS, which all students respect and appreciate.

Our K1-G1s had a splashing  good time in the wading pool

Congratulations to the winning house: Orchard!

The winning team! Orchard House Captains receiving the ISS shield from Dr. Alvarez