MYP (Middle Years Programme) Swim Gala

Ready, Go!

Swim Gala is extremely beneficial to the students at ISS. It provides an opportunity for the MYP (Middle Years Programme) community to come together as a family to promote sports and celebrate success.

Students, congratulating each other.

Our students strive for excellence by training hard during swim lessons and this benefits them physically and mentally, as they constantly push themselves to overcome their barriers and work through difficulties, showing themselves to be strong risk takers!

“As a teacher, it is heartwarming to see our students learning to overcome challenges through perseverance and have a ‘never give up’ attitude. As importantly, they encourage and support their teammates and friends selflessly regardless of the outcome. This fosters care and inclusivity within our students, which are core values of our close-knit ISS community.” Paul Crozier, Athletics & Activities Coordinator, PE Teacher.

Go, swimmers go!