Welcome Back to School!

Walking into school

“Both girls are looking forward to school and are really excited to being back at somewhere familiar!” – Savannah, ISS Parent

All smiles on the first day back at school!

It’s the first day of a new academic year! Our campus, too quiet during the holidays, is once again full of excited students and teachers, eager to start on new learning journeys together. In fact, according to one of our Grade 4s: “I’m excited for school because I get to see all my classmates and learn new things in class together!”

Mr. Hoddinott welcoming our students back to school

Welcome back to school, everyone! It’s a new year, with new discoveries, new friendships, and new learning opportunities under the nurturing and caring watch of our teachers. Frank, a new MS student, says: “I’m a new student here and naturally, I felt anxious about the first day of school. However, everyone here, teachers included, has been really welcoming and friendly!”

Catching up with friends after the long holidays

We’re looking forward to all the adventures we will go on and all the fun we’re going to have together in the upcoming school year and we hope that you are too!

“Are you excited for school?”

“I decided to return to ISS because I never knew what I loved about this place until I had left. No other school could ever compare with the small, closely knit, and caring community we have here. I’m glad to be back.” – Seraphino, returning ISS HS student