We’re 100% proud of you!

“We’re 100% proud of you!”

We are proud to announce that this year, ISS International School has achieved a 100% pass rate for the 2018 IB Diploma Programme examinations! In addition to this, we have attained an average score of 33 points, well above the global average of 29.78. These are both improvements from our results for the past 8 years, where our pass rates have been constantly achieved at between 91% to 95%, and our average IB score, which has hovered at approximately 32 points.

Yuya, one of our top scorers, at his graduation with our Head of School, Dr. Alvarez

Of the 44 students who sat for the IB DP at ISS, 28 (or 63.6%) were awarded the prestigious bilingual diploma. We have joint top scorers this year: Chelsea and Yuya, who have both scored 39 points. With these results, our students have been accepted to many top universities around the world! Offers have come from universities: in the UK, Imperial College London, University College London, and the University of Edinburgh; in America and Canada, the University of Michigan, Johns Hopkins University, and the University of Toronto; and from the rest of the world, the University of Hong Kong, the University of Melbourne, the University of New South Wales, Leiden University, and Wageningen University. (For a list of university offers our students have received, please click here.) In fact, one of our top scorers, Chelsea has confirmed her place at Imperial College London, where she intends to study Medical Bioscience. Yuya, our other top scorer, has accepted an offer from University College London and intends to pursue Mechanical Engineering.

Our High School Principal, Ms. Zulu, speaking at the graduation

Our High School Principal, Ms. Nicola Zulu offers her congratulations to the Class of 2018 on their outstanding results, sharing that: “At ISS we prepare our students to approach their studies with an open-mind, to be balanced and inquirers, who are resilient and believe in themselves. Over the four years in our high school, students are provided with individualised learning experiences along with high expectations and a nurturing environment. We have seen how our graduates grow and be successful, going on to study at Universities around the globe.” Our IB results and the Universities that our graduates move on to are testament to this.

Chelsea, our other top scorer, receiving the ‘Head of School’s’ award from our CEO, Mrs. Chan

Chelsea echoes the same sentiments, saying: “I never thought that I’d be the one writing this! It really is an honour being the top scorer. IB isn’t easy and I am thankful to have the grades that I have. I think you need to be positive and persistent, surround yourself with good people who are positive, encouraging, and supportive. I’m thankful that the teachers in ISS are some of the most supportive and encouraging people I’ve met. Without their support, I would not be where I am today! In addition to the support I was given, having a goal and passion is what got me to where I am; I’ve always been passionate about Biology and my teachers encouraged that passion and now, I’m going to study Medical Bioscience at Imperial College! Lastly, time management is also definitely important. Between the heavy workload at IB and my responsibilities as School Council President, I really had to manage my time well.”

Our Visual Arts students with their teacher, Ms. Larue

Once again, congratulations to our graduates, and we wish you all the best in your future endeavours!