New Application for Security ID Card for ISS Parent/Guardian

All ISS International School parents/guardians are required to show their ISS Parent/Guardian security card when entering ISS buildings. ID cards must be shown to the guard on duty when entering ISS buildings. Parents/Guardians without ISS ID cards may be asked to sign in. Please be sure to have your ID with you every time you come to ISS International School.

Each family can apply for a maximum of three (3) Security ID cards (Parent/Family member/Legal Guardian/relative/helper) at no cost.

All Security ID cards must be returned to the school when your last child leaves ISS International School.

To apply for a Parent/Guardian Security ID card, please submit a form via our online Application for ISS Parent/Guardian Security ID Card.

  1. Complete the Parent/Guardian Application form and upload one passport size, colour photograph for each applicant(s). The colour photograph must be taken against a plain white background. Alternatively, if you encounter problems uploading your file(s), you can email them to Please name the file with the applicant’s full name (in this order and format: Given Name, FAMILY NAME).

  2. The application and ID card(s) will be processed and be printed at the Preston Campus. Processing time is between 5 to 10 working days from the date of application (provided that the form is duly filled and an acceptable photograph is submitted).

  3. Card Collection

  1. Paterson Campus

We will dispatch the ID card(s) over to Elementary/Middle School Secretaries who will hand the card(s) to your child’s Homeroom Teacher who, in turn, will pass them over to your child. If you have more than one child studying in ISS Paterson Campus, the ID card(s) will be handed over to the Homeroom Teacher of the eldest child.

  1. Preston Campus

The card(s) will be dispatched to the High School Secretary who will inform the child’s Kampong Teacher to inform your child to collect the card(s) from the High School Office.