About the School Cafeteria

SATS, A Trusted Institutional Partner, A Comprehensive Food Solutions Provider

Our menu choice of exclusively prepared Western, Asian and Vegetarian lunches is offered on a daily basis. Menus are tailored to provide choices and encourage students to experience different cuisines. Our Foodservice Partner SATS is the foodservice operator for both Preston and Paterson Campuses.

Paterson Cafeteria (Elementary and Middle School)

The cafeteria at Paterson Campus was recently renovated when SATS commenced foodservice operations from August 2014. In consultation with representatives of the PTA, lunch menus are designed by chefs and dieticians to cater for the nutritional needs and palates of various age groups. Parents and students can pre-order lunch on a monthly basis.

Preston Cafeteria (High School)

The cafeteria and kitchen at Preston Campus underwent a major renovation during the June/July holidays. Students and staff enjoy freshly cooked meals right from the kitchen!


  1. Log onto SATS School Meals
  2. Order Meal
  3. Select Meal & Portion
  4. Make Payment
  5. Order Confirmation

Please note that, because of the new ordering system, you will have to go to the SATS School Meals website to view the menu for the month.

Should you need it, you can download the detailed Meal Ordering Instructions here.

Feel free to email us if you have any queries.