Elizabeth Loadwick

Elementary School Principal (Interim), PYP Coordinator

Master of Education
Bachelor of Education
Member of the Australian College of Educators
Member of Australian College of Leaders

I was born and brought up mostly in Singapore, leaving at age 18 to pursue a teaching career. After one year in the UK I decided to go travelling and took up a position in Dubai, before people knew where Dubai was! I got married in Dubai and spent many years teaching and leading schools in the UAE.  My most recent experiences are: opening an IB school in Hanoi, Vietnam; Interim Primary Principal at UWCSEA in Tampines; an interim whole school principal position on Elcho Island in the Northern Territory in Australia; and a six month consultancy/principal position in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. I love being in schools and working with diverse students.

United States of America

Sophia Bustamante

Kindergarten 1 Teacher

Bachelor Of Arts (Primary Education: Ages 3-11)
Qualified Teaching Status

Originally I am from the United States, however, I grew up here in Singapore! I am an alumnus from ISS International School and this is my first year at ISS as a classroom teacher. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to teach at the school that gave so much to me.

I strongly believe in the value of outdoor and inquiry-based learning. My aim is to create an environment where the children can feel safe, valued and therefore ready to learn. A goal for me is always to instil a love of learning right from the very start. I believe that when children are having fun, the skills they learn will translate to all areas of life. I also believe that when children love to learn, it creates a culture of lifelong learning.


Smita Punamiya

Kindergarten 2 Teacher

Professional Graduate Certificate in Education
Diploma in Learning Disorder Management & Child Psychology
Diploma in Special Education for Persons with Multiple Disabilities (Physical & Neurological)
Bachelor of Science

My teaching career began as a special needs educator in 1998, and since then I have played many roles in teaching children, both in India and Singapore. Being surrounded by children, experiencing their curiosity, enthusiasm and innocence inspires me everyday. I am an advocate of inclusive education and believe that all children are unique and can learn together in the same class. I am excited to be a part of this wonderful institution.