United States of America

Sharyn Skrtic

Head of Elementary School, PYP Coordinator

Master of Education, Curriculum & Instruction, Cleveland State University, USA
Post Graduate Certificate of Special Education, George Mason University, USA
Bachelor of Education, John Carroll University, USA
Certificate of International School Leadership, Principals' Training Center

My teaching career began in 2000 and since then I have continued to grow and deepen my understanding of inquiry-based learning. I am a facilitator of learning rather than an instructor of students and teachers. Through my work as an IB PYP Workshop Leader, both face to face and online, as well as an IB Accreditation Visitor I am committed to the philosophy of the IB.

I have presented my teaching practices at conferences around the world, including The Association of German International Schools Conference, 21st Century Learning Hong Kong Conference and IBAP Annual Conference. Professional Development (both giving and receiving) is a major part of my work ethic. I model lifelong learning by continuing to grow as an educator and furthering my educational qualifications. I participate in many professional learning platforms and collaborate with educators around the world. My professional education blog has been published in the IB Sharing PYP Website.


Jyoti Unni

K1 Teacher (Maternity Cover)

Post Graduate Certificate in Education (IBPYP), University Of Melbourne
Diploma in Montessori Method of Teaching
Bachelor of Science

I believe that each child is unique and gifted with special qualities waiting to be unlocked, given the right environment and encouragement. Celebrating this uniqueness in each child has been the guiding factor in my teaching. I enjoy working with children and playing a part in developing the spirit of inquiry in them. It has also been a learning journey for me, and in the process it has helped me in enriching my experience as a teacher. Besides teaching, I have a passion for dance which is a wonderful medium for fostering better understanding between diverse communities.


Smita Punamiya

Kindergarten 2 Teacher

Professional Graduate Certificate in Education
Diploma in Learning Disorder Management & Child Psychology
Diploma in Special Education for Persons with Multiple Disabilities (Physical & Neurological)
Bachelor of Science

My teaching career began as a special needs educator in 1998, and since then I have played many roles in teaching children, both in India and Singapore. Being surrounded by children, experiencing their curiosity, enthusiasm and innocence inspires me everyday. I am an advocate of inclusive education and believe that all children are unique and can learn together in the same class. This is my first year at ISS International School as a classroom teacher and I am excited to be a part of this wonderful institution.