Elizabeth Loadwick

Elementary School Principal (Interim), PYP Coordinator

Master of Education
Bachelor of Education
Member of the Australian College of Educators
Member of Australian College of Leaders

I was born and brought up mostly in Singapore, leaving at age 18 to pursue a teaching career. After one year in the UK I decided to go travelling and took up a position in Dubai, before people knew where Dubai was! I got married in Dubai and spent many years teaching and leading schools in the UAE.  My most recent experiences are: opening an IB school in Hanoi, Vietnam; Interim Primary Principal at UWCSEA in Tampines; an interim whole school principal position on Elcho Island in the Northern Territory in Australia; and a six month consultancy/principal position in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. I love being in schools and working with diverse students.


Leah Wright

Grade 1 Teacher

Bachelor of Arts (Criminology & Psychology), Canada
Post Graduate Bachelor of Teaching Primary, Australia
TESL Certificate

One of my favorite aspects of working in an international school is meeting such wonderful people from all over the globe and learning about other cultures. In addition to teaching in Canada, South Korea, Vietnam and Singapore, I have had the opportunity to work in schools in New Zealand, Vanuatu and England while training, and have volunteered in schools in Peru, Kenya and Cambodia. Aside from education and travel, my passions include nature, reading and writing.


Yvonne Hayward

Grade 1 Teacher

Bachelor of Education (Hons)

I am a global citizen; my nationality is Scottish, I spent 15 years of my childhood in Pakistan, where I was educated at an International School, and I have a home in a lovely village in England. After studying primary teaching, in Scotland, I taught in the lower primary for four years. I then moved to Brunei and taught for a further eight years in a variety of age groups.

I value each child in my class as an individual with unique strengths and varied learning styles. I am committed to providing each child in my care with relevant and meaningful learning experiences where we enquire about the word we live in and how we can all become more responsible global citizens. I am passionate about sustainability and educating children at an early age about choices they make which can have a positive impact on our planet.


Sophie Crawshaw

Grade 2 Teacher

Post Graduate Certificate in Education (Primary)
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Jurisprudence

I am originally from Northern Ireland and have taught in London, Shanghai and Singapore.

What I enjoy most about teaching is the collaborative environment that schools nurture. With class-mates, friends, peers and the wider school community there is a shared goal of discovering the world around us and learning together. Of trying new things, achieving new goals, celebrating successes and persevering when something is tricky. Everyone in school is heading in the same direction, cheering on the person beside them in a happy, safe and secure environment.

United States of America

Claire Park

Grade 2 Teacher

Bachelor Of Arts (International Development Studies)
Certificate in Diversified Liberal Arts
Master Of Education (Cross-Cultural Language and Academic Development)

I believe that all students arrive in the classroom with individual strengths and varying learning modalities. It is my job as the teacher to facilitate student learning by capitalizing on their innate sense of wonder and discovery.  Having had the opportunity to grow up on two different continents, I view diversity as a source of strength in education.  Every classroom is a place where students discover their own agency and cultivate their identities as artists, authors, scientists, and mathematicians.  As a life-long learner, I look forward to growing and discovering alongside my students at ISS.

United Kingdom

Minaal Amin

Scientific & Mathematical Literacy Coordinator, Grade 3 Teacher

Bachelor of Arts (Primary Education: Ages 5 - 11)

The great thing about teaching is that teachers learn just as much as their children do. Everyday, they teach us just as much as we teach them. We are all learning together. As a teacher, I naturally want my children to develop a love of learning and I do this by creating a caring and nurturing environment for children to feel safe enough to take risks and challenge themselves. I strongly believe in the power of coaching and growth mindset and combining the two have allowed me to create a classroom ethos where the children become independent learners who value the importance of making mistakes. They recognise that mistakes help them to learn and they use this knowledge to push themselves further. As Thomas Edison said, ‘I haven’t failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that don’t work.’


Shagun Batlaw

Grade 3 Teacher

Master in Teaching, USA

It is frequently believed that some teachers leave a mark on their students. In my case, every batch of students has brought a memorable experience. Learning is a life-long process and I have learnt something new from every group of students that I have taught, whether it was in the public school system in America or in international schools in Singapore. I love the interaction with my students. They make me smile and occasionally take my breath away with the clarity of their thoughts. I suppose being a mother to two teenagers helps because I love to be in their company. We connect our learning with current news events around the world, and this is a topic close to my heart. There is nothing more satisfying than watching my students’ learning curve.

New Zealand

Ariana Rehu

Math Coordinator, Grade 4 Teacher

Bachelor of Teaching & Learning (Education)

It was always my ambition to be a teacher, after experiencing a handful of amazing teachers who inspired me from my primary school to high school. They made me feel safe, appreciated and cared for in my school environment. During my first 2 years of teaching, I established a home-school partnership program where I worked alongside parents in a small community to raise the profile of Math and Literacy within the home setting. This program enabled parents who were illiterate and/or innumerate to understand what their children were learning about in school and how they could further support their children at home.

United Kingdom

Michael Reid

Grade 4 Teacher

Bachelor of Science (Psychology)
Post Graduate Teachers Certificate

I am from London, England and began my teaching career in North West London. I aim to get the most out of each child, regardless of ability, catering to the different needs of my pupils. I have a very strong positive attitude towards the children, encouraging them to try their hardest & to take risks. Every year I tell my pupils that I don’t want to know what they do know, I want to know what they don’t know. For me the most rewarding aspect of being a teacher is the “light bulb” moment, when suddenly a child finally understands or is able to develop on a concept taught in lesson.


Michelle Jasinska

Global Citizenship Coordinator, Grade 5 Teacher

Bachelor of Arts (Drama)
Bachelor of Education (Outdoor & Experiential Education)

I am an education enthusiast who enjoys developing adventurous and exciting classroom-based and outdoor-based learning experiences. I’ve brought my passions of ‘learning while doing’ and teaching global citizenship to my classrooms in Canada, Belize, and most recently to the UK before relocating to Singapore.

As an avid traveller, adventurer, and with my background in outdoor and experiential education, I believe the learning process doesn’t stop in the classroom and throughout my career I have strived to develop educational experiences that have context and meaning in a practical and hands-on way. As the global citizenship coordinator I plan to guide ISS students to look beyond the classroom walls and take action in their community.


Anjana Dayal

Grade 5 Teacher

Master of Science (Education)

I have been fortunate to have worked with some amazing individuals who have guided me and transmitted their passion for teaching throughout my teaching career. Since my teaching career began in 2004, I have continued to learn and grow with my students year after year. I would have to say that teaching the Grade 5 exhibition in my previous school was a key moment in my teaching career as I was able to see a specific group of students really take charge of their own inquiry and bring forth action in their community. The entire exhibition process that year was a learning experience for all the students and teachers involved, and a celebration well deserved for the school community.

United States of America

Patty Winpenny

K-12 Head of Learning Support & Wellness

Master of Education (Special Education)
Master of Arts (Soviet and East European Political Economics)
Bachelor of Arts (Russian Language and Literature)

My teaching career began with languages and travel. I directed US-USSR programs: CIEE’s College Exchange, Children’s Art Exchange, and Citizen Exchange Council educational trips. As a learning specialist in Vermont, I coordinated services with therapists, speech language pathologists, and neurologists. Wanderlust brought me to Asia, and years in Shanghai deepened my resolve to engage students with diverse challenges in inclusive environments.

Discovering meditation through tragedy (widowed and losing a son), I am grateful for life’s gifts. One son is an engineer, married to a Russian dancer; the other is a commercial beekeeper in Hawaii, married to a teacher. Joy is winter holidays with grandchildren in Hawaii and summers together on our Vermont farm.

Cyclist, swimmer, kayaker, skier, Pilates enthusiast, and dancer, I believe in the transformative power of wellness to help us achieve our best. An optimist, I consider myself a teacher diplomat, and am honored to work at ISS.


Linda Du Lin

Mandarin Teacher

Bachelor of Arts (Chinese Language & Literature)
Master of Arts (Chinese Language & Literature)
Certificate of Special Needs in Early Childhood

I started teaching Mandarin to international students at Peking University. That was in the early 1990s when China was just opening up and people were fascinated by its history, culture and big market opportunities. When I moved to Singapore, I taught exchange students at Nanyang Technological University, and I realised that I really enjoyed teaching and meeting people from different parts of the world. Working for the IB as a Team Leader of DP Examiners, Workshop Leader and School Visit Team Member has reinforced this excitement. At ISS International School, I like to see my students happily making friends, challenging themselves and enjoying their learning. It is fulfilling to see them growing up.


Lichun Rong

Mandarin Teacher

Master of Arts(Teaching Chinese as an International Language), Singapore
Master of Arts (Chinese Modern & Contemporary Literature), China
Bachelor of Arts (Chinese Language & Literature), China

My teaching career began in 1997 after graduating from Yanbian University. I have taught courses like Intensive Chinese, Chinese Listening, Speaking and Writing for students from different countries in the universities for more than ten years in China.

I moved to Singapore in 2013 and have taught for 3 years as an elementary school Mandarin teacher and Bilingual Class Teacher at Eton House International School. Teaching Chinese at IB school has inspired and motivated me to explore more about IB teaching and learning.

I am excited to join ISS International School and to be a part of the school community. My teaching philosophy always encourages me to keep on improving myself to meet students’ needs.


Song Peng

Mandarin Teacher

Bachelor of Education, China
Advanced Diploma of Early Childhood Education, China

Being an educator for 11 years in Singapore, I had the opportunity to work with different groups of children ranging from toddlers to elementary school students. When I am working with my students, I enjoy helping them to reach for their dreams and potential. With my interest in art and dance, I love sharing these aspects of my Chinese culture with everyone I am working with as we live in a diverse society where every should learn to child feel valued and treated with respect.

It is an exciting new journey for me to join ISS International School where I would be able to build on my learning journey as an educator in one of the most established international school in Singapore.


Hima Venkateswaran

Visual Arts and Design Teacher

Master of Education (Early Childhood Education)
Bachelor of Science (Chemistry & Biology)
Specialist Diploma in Early Childhood Education & Leadership

I am excited to be teaching Art and Design this year, my eleventh year at ISS. I have been privileged to teach Kindergarten and then Grade One in the past years and now I have this great opportunity to pursue my passion for Visual Arts and Design. I believe students should be invited to think deeply about an artwork, engage at the aesthetic, emotional and intellectual levels and apply the elements and principles of art and design in their work. Art is a language, an expression and a powerful means of communicating with the world. It is self-expression that can be represented through myriad mediums and interpreted in multitude ways. My passion for the arts has always made it an integral part of my teaching practice. Art and design transcend across the curriculum and I look forward to making these connections with the students.

United States of America

Tony Palumbo

K-8 Music Teacher

Bachelor of Music (K-12 Music Education)

After nearly 25 years in snowy New England, I migrated east to sandy Dubai where I began my international teaching career and truly found my calling as a music educator. Prior to teaching, I worked as a professional bass player. This is something I still remain active with today, performing and recording whenever possible across a variety of musical genres. My continued passion for music models the idea of lifelong learning which I try to instill in all of my students. Music is often regarded as a universal language, which, within the international school environment, allows all students the opportunity to develop skills as communicators and inquiring individuals, regardless of their native or fluent languages.


Fiona Edwards

K-12 Head of ESL (English as a Second Language), English Acquisition Coordinator and Teacher

Bachelor of Education (English, Bahasa Indonesia)

From a young age I lived in Indonesia and Brunei and experienced Singapore’s urban jungle in my teens. I finished high school and university in Perth, and at first found it difficult to reconcile my new Australian identity. My connection to Asia and my exposure to expat life made a Bachelor of Education in English and Bahasa Indonesia from Curtin University a natural choice. After 8 successful and fulfilling years teaching Bahasa at Perth College, an Anglican girl’s school, it was time for a change of scenery again to feed my travel bug! I spent the next 18 months travelling Asia and Europe, and living and teaching in the UK.

My next and current adventure took me back to South East Asia and ISS International School. It has been wonderful reminiscing about old school days with current students. Being able to give back to and be part of an international school community again has been extremely rewarding!


Janienne Vaughan

Inclusion & Achievement Coordinator (ESL), English Language Support Teacher

Diploma of Teaching
Master of Educational Studies (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)
Associate Diploma of Trinity College London (Pianoforte Teaching)

“Do I really know what I’m doing teaching English to Grade 7 Indonesian students?” This question bothered me, even though I had been teaching young, native English speaking children to read and write for 13 years. The sudden jump into international teaching in a high school was huge. Nevertheless I was ready for the challenge, but how could I best meet the needs of these bright faces? Hence began my fascinating inquiry into English language acquisition through post-graduate studies whilst interacting with students from diverse backgrounds in Indonesia and China. They have taught me so much and I’m still learning!

United Kingdom

Sarah Herbert

ESL Teacher

Bachelor of Arts Communication and Sociology, Goldsmiths College University of London, UK
Post Graduate Certificate of Education, Goldsmiths College University of London, UK
Certificate EAL In the Mainstream for the Early Learner, Department of Education and Children’s Services, Government of Australia
Certificate EAT Strategies for the Mainstream Classroom, Teacher Training Center for International Educators, London UK

My career started in 1994 teaching in London.  Since then I have taught in Portugal, Vietnam, Denmark, and The Netherlands.  My career encompasses both Homeroom Teaching and ESL Teaching and I am very privileged to have facilitated the learning opportunities of amazing students.

I enjoy creating a classroom culture where students feel happy to share their thinking in a way that benefits the whole learning community in school.  I believe that appreciating the social and emotional characteristics of students are paramount for educational success.

Highlights of my career include working with colleagues to present a workshop for the teaching community on the use of google sites as a learning platform at the European Council of International School Conference. It also includes working for The New England Association of Schools and Colleges to accredit a school in Nepal.

I love swimming, yoga, and biking.  I also enjoy travelling with my family.


Miriam Mahapatra

English Language Support Teacher

Bachelor of Arts (Economics / Sociology)
Bachelor of Education
Post-Graduate Diploma (Management of Learning Disorders)
TESOL Certificate

There is nothing quite like teaching. Each learner, each class, each day is unique. I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to work in a wide spectrum of educational settings. I began my career In Mumbai, India, as a Primary school teacher. Exploring other avenues, I worked with teams, producing English texts for Primary schools and interactive content for teachers to use in Government schools. The move to Singapore provided the opportunity to work in international schools and to teach the PYP curriculum. In schools, and in workshops I’ve attended, I have been fortunate to collaborate with wonderful educators and gain fresh perspectives on teaching and learning.

Once home, I de-stress by walking my retrievers, maintaining my plants and reading. My family love to travel and we try to find places, off the beaten track.

United States of America

Tina Wolter

English Language Support Teacher

Bachelor of Arts (Communicative Disorders / Deaf Education)
Master of Arts (Special Education - Learning Handicapped)

I am from a rural mountain area in Northern California.  After teaching over 25 years in the USA, I decided it was time to share with my enthusiasm and passion for education with children overseas.

ISS is my first experience with International Education.  I am very excited to be joining the ISS International School team.  I look forward to many new adventures.

I believe all children deserve an education and an opportunity to improve their life and share their unique talents.


Kate Bond

Inclusion & Achievement Coordinator (Literacy)

Bachelor of Fine Arts
Master of Teaching (Primary)

I began my teaching career at the International School of Tanganyika. During one of our units on culture, we invited members of the local Maasai community to hold a dance workshop at the school. The students and the warriors danced, laughed and learned! Even though the students had seen the Maasai herding their goats through the streets of Dar Es Salaam many times, it was the connections that were made between the students and the warriors that inspired the rich discussion and action that followed well beyond the end of the unit. This experience became crucial in my understanding of the importance of authentic, hands on experiences as a means to inspire learning. I strive to incorporate this thinking into my teaching every day.

United States of America

Ally Thompson


Bachelor of Arts (Communications and International Affairs)
Associate Degree (Culinary Arts)
Teaching Certification (Elementary Education K-6) (*In Progress)

I am originally from the US, but have spent the last three years as a Learning Support Teacher at an international school in Dubai. It is there where I found my passion for teaching and working with young global citizens. I aim to encourage all students to become confident inquirers through the development of literacy and research skills. Having been a lifelong lover of literature myself, I’m eager to assist students at ISS as they discover their own interests in reading, and to nurture their curiosity for the world around them through time spent in the library.

United States of America

Daniel Inman

Athletics & Activities Coordinator

Bachelors Of Science (Journalism)
Teaching Certification, Physical Education

I first studied journalism and finished my Bachelors in Warsaw, Poland, where I was able to travel and see a lot of Europe. I have been teaching Physical Education since 2006 in the USA and Taiwan. My goal as a PE teacher is to instill a love of movement and life-long learning in all my students. I want the students to have the confidence and knowledge to engage in any activity they want at anytime in their life.

I enjoy being outside doing many different activities, from running and cycling, to exploring and seeing the local art and culture of wherever I am.

United Kingdom

Harry Orgee

PE Teacher

Bachelor Of Arts (Sports Management)
Graduate Diploma (Education)

Having grown up in the UK and been lucky enough to work in some elite sporting environments my passion was always to move into Physical Education teaching. Being able to provide students with the necessary tools and information to live an active and sporting life is key passion of mine, and something that I cherished whilst I was at school. My philosophy is very much based around keeping students active, making teaching period purposeful as well as enjoyable and safe. I have taught in Australia and Singapore and coached rugby at an elite level in the UK.

I enjoy playing touch football, golf and squash as well as embracing the South East Asian culture… especially the food!

Turkey, Singapore

Berna Esendemir Sekhon

Counsellor, Special Needs Teacher

Bachelor of Arts- Journalism & Public Relations
Masters in Counselling

I am originally from Turkey and have been living in Singapore since 1994. I have a vast experience on third culture kids who live in different countries throughout their education lives due to the expatriate life requirements.

My interest in education and students well being derives from curiosity and hunger that I have felt, to make them achieve their best potential and to provide them a conducive environment to do so. I believe every student has equal chance and right for education, no matter what the difficulties they are facing.

I have years of experience working with children and adolescents with special needs and my lifetime goal is to reach out to those who have difficulties and help them along the way by providing a support with a holistic approach that they rightfully need.

I have 2 wonderful teenagers who are continuously helping me to be the best I can.