United States of America

Sharyn Skrtic

Head of Elementary School, PYP Coordinator

Master of Education, Curriculum & Instruction, Cleveland State University, USA
Post Graduate Certificate of Special Education, George Mason University, USA
Bachelor of Education, John Carroll University, USA
Certificate of International School Leadership, Principals' Training Center

My teaching career began in 2000 and since then I have continued to grow and deepen my understanding of inquiry-based learning. I am a facilitator of learning rather than an instructor of students and teachers. Through my work as an IB PYP Workshop Leader, both face to face and online, as well as an IB Accreditation Visitor I am committed to the philosophy of the IB.

I have presented my teaching practices at conferences around the world, including The Association of German International Schools Conference, 21st Century Learning Hong Kong Conference and IBAP Annual Conference. Professional Development (both giving and receiving) is a major part of my work ethic. I model lifelong learning by continuing to grow as an educator and furthering my educational qualifications. I participate in many professional learning platforms and collaborate with educators around the world. My professional education blog has been published in the IB Sharing PYP Website.


Leah Wright

Grade 1 Teacher

Bachelor of Arts (Criminology & Psychology), Canada
Post Graduate Bachelor of Teaching Primary, Australia
TESL Certificate

One of my favorite aspects of working in an international school is meeting such wonderful people from all over the globe and learning about other cultures. In addition to teaching in Canada, South Korea, Vietnam and Singapore, I have had the opportunity to work in schools in New Zealand, Vanuatu and England while training, and have volunteered in schools in Peru, Kenya and Cambodia. Aside from education and travel, my passions include nature, reading and writing.


Hima Venkateswaran

Grade 1 Teacher

Master of Education (Early Childhood Education)
Bachelor of Science (Chemistry & Biology)
Specialist Diploma in Early Childhood Education & Leadership

Reflecting on what positively impacted students learning in my class last year, I found it was the amount of time we spent outdoors learning and experiencing the world around us. We learned about life-cycles in our garden, conducted our literacy rotations at the blue tables outside, outdoor math sessions and our numerous Walk About Talk About (WATA) forays around the school. I am a passionate advocate of outdoor learning and believe children need to be given more physical space and opportunities to engage with and be active in their natural surroundings. We learnt to appreciate the green spaces around our school and became more observant and appreciative of nature. It was a pleasure to watch them record birds, insects and other creatures that visited our garden, observe the weather or just watch clouds form into imaginary creatures. I hope to foster the same appreciation and love for nature in my students each year.


Tamera Musiowsky-Borneman

Student Action Coordinator, Grade 2 Teacher

Master of Arts (Education & Teacher Leadership)
Bachelor of Education (After Degree / Elementary Education)
Bachelor of Science (Psychology)

One of my favourite things to do is participate in learning with my students. Learning alongside them makes us all part of a community that comes together to appreciate each other’s ideas and contributions. I’ve been facilitating student learning since 1998: first as a teaching assistant and since 2003, a classroom teacher in my home country Canada. Although I began teaching in Canada, most of my career was spent teaching in New York City. Becoming part of the ISS International School community is an exciting one for me because I have been anticipating the move to Singapore the last few months. I love travelling, learning about culture and traditions, and enjoy meeting new people. Teaching in a new country is the perfect opportunity to do that!

United States of America

Meghan Luttrell

Inclusion & Achievement Coordinator (Literacy), Grade 2 Teacher

Master of Arts (Teaching)
Bachelor of Science (Educational Studies)

I am originally from Portland, Oregon and most recently taught for five years in Frankfurt, Germany. Teaching internationally has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. It has allowed for endless opportunities to meet people from around the world, experience new cultures and learn from the diverse student population and school community. My favorite thing about teaching is that it’s something different, new and exciting every day! I am passionate about making students think visible in the classroom, pushing students to think critically, and finding new ways to inquire about math and language concepts. In my free time, I enjoy cycling, cross fit, trying new food, reading and travelling as much as possible.

United Kingdom

Gemma Cass

Feedback & Assessment Coordinator, Grade 2 Teacher

Post Graduate Certificate in Education (Primary Education)
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) (Criminology & Sociology)

I am originally from the UK and began my teaching career in a small village school in the South of England. Later, I moved to Bali, Indonesia where I taught for 5 years at an International School.

I believe that education should be a meaningful and enjoyable experience and by providing these kinds of learning experiences, children will be successful in all areas of their school life. I therefore ensure that my classroom is a place where the children feel happy, confident and safe so that they can fully commit to their learning and be the best that they can be!

United Kingdom

Victoria Gammon

Grade 3 Teacher

Bachelor of Arts (English)
Post Graduate Certificate in Education (Primary Education: Ages 5 - 11) (Qualified Teacher Status)
Master of Arts (Education)

Being an elementary school teacher is a fantastic job; every year you get to build a new community of learners and find out all sorts of interesting things about the world around you together. As well as creating a happy and comfortable shared environment, my job is to help individual students find out how they learn best and become independent and successful in moving themselves forward.

United Kingdom

Minaal Amin

Grade 3 Teacher

Bachelor of Arts (Primary Education: Ages 5 - 11)

The great thing about teaching is that teachers learn just as much as their children do. Everyday, they teach us just as much as we teach them. We are all learning together. As a teacher, I naturally want my children to develop a love of learning and I do this by creating a caring and nurturing environment for children to feel safe enough to take risks and challenge themselves. I strongly believe in the power of coaching and growth mindset and combining the two have allowed me to create a classroom ethos where the children become independent learners who value the importance of making mistakes. They recognise that mistakes help them to learn and they use this knowledge to push themselves further. As Thomas Edison said, ‘I haven’t failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that don’t work.’


Anjana Dayal

Grade 4 Teacher

Master of Science (Education)

I have been fortunate to have worked with some amazing individuals who have guided me and transmitted their passion for teaching throughout my teaching career. Since my teaching career began in 2004, I have continued to learn and grow with my students year after year. I would have to say that teaching the Grade 5 exhibition in my previous school was a key moment in my teaching career as I was able to see a specific group of students really take charge of their own inquiry and bring forth action in their community. The entire exhibition process that year was a learning experience for all the students and teachers involved, and a celebration well deserved for the school community.

New Zealand

Ariana Rehu

Math Coordinator, Grade 4 Teacher

Bachelor of Teaching & Learning (Education)

It was always my ambition to be a teacher, after experiencing a handful of amazing teachers who inspired me from my primary school to high school. They made me feel safe, appreciated and cared for in my school environment. During my first 2 years of teaching, I established a home-school partnership program where I worked alongside parents in a small community to raise the profile of Math and Literacy within the home setting. This program enabled parents who were illiterate and/or innumerate to understand what their children were learning about in school and how they could further support their children at home.

United Kingdom

Michael Reid

Grade 4 Teacher

Bachelor of Science (Psychology)
Post Graduate Teachers Certificate

I am from London, England and began my teaching career in North West London. I aim to get the most out of each child, regardless of ability, catering to the different needs of my pupils. I have a very strong positive attitude towards the children, encouraging them to try their hardest & to take risks. Every year I tell my pupils that I don’t want to know what they do know, I want to know what they don’t know. For me the most rewarding aspect of being a teacher is the “light bulb” moment, when suddenly a child finally understands or is able to develop on a concept taught in lesson.


Shagun Batlaw

Grade 5 Teacher

Master in Teaching, USA

It is frequently believed that some teachers leave a mark on their students. In my case, every batch of students has brought a memorable experience. Learning is a life-long process and I have learnt something new from every group of students that I have taught, whether it was in the public school system in America or in international schools in Singapore. I love the interaction with my students. They make me smile and occasionally take my breath away with the clarity of their thoughts. I suppose being a mother to two teenagers helps because I love to be in their company. In grade five we connect our learning with current news events around the world, and this is a topic close to my heart. There is nothing more satisfying than watching my students’ learning curve.


Yvonne Thomson

Grade 5 Teacher

Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Education

As a classroom teacher with a passion for making a difference in children’s development, I am excited to be a part of the learning team at ISS. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to teach in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Dubai, and my home country, Canada. Based on my experience and philosophy as an international teacher, I believe that students learn at different rates and in different ways. I am an advocate of co-operative learning techniques and differentiated instruction to allow students to grow both as a student and a person.


Michelle Jasinska

Grade 5 Teacher

Bachelor of Arts (Drama)
Bachelor of Education (Outdoor & Experiential Education)

I’m a Canadian-born, half British, half German education enthusiast who enjoys developing adventurous and exciting classroom-based and outdoor-based learning experiences. I’ve brought my passions of ‘learning while doing’ and teaching global citizenship to my classrooms in Canada, Belize, and most recently to the UK before relocating to Singapore. As an avid traveller, adventurer, and with my background in outdoor and experiential education, I believe the learning process doesn’t stop in the classroom and throughout my career I have strived to develop educational experiences that have context and meaning in a practical and hands-on way.


Linda Du Lin

Mandarin Teacher

Bachelor of Arts (Chinese Language & Literature)
Master of Arts (Chinese Language & Literature)
Certificate of Special Needs in Early Childhood

I started teaching Mandarin to international students at my university in Beijing. That was in the early 1990s when China was just opening up and people were fascinated by its history, culture and big market opportunities. When I moved to Singapore, I taught exchange students at NTU, and I realized that I really enjoyed teaching and meeting people from different parts of the world. Becoming an assistant examiner for the IB Diploma in Chinese since 2007 has reinforced this excitement. At ISS International School, I like to see my students happily making friends, challenging themselves and enjoying their learning. It is fulfilling to see them growing up.


Yanping Zhao

Languages Other Than English Coordinator, Mandarin Teacher

Bachelor of Primary Education, Nanjing Xiao Zhuang College, China
Master of Science, State University of New York, USA

Ni Hao everyone, my name is Yanping Zhao, from Nanjing China. I have been working at IB international schools in China and Thailand since my graduation from university, as either a Chinese Homeroom or Chinese Language B teacher for the Primary Years Programme and Middle Years Programme. I believe that students are active learners; they use new information to challenge, revise, reconstruct and deepen their previous understandings of how their world works. I believe it is my role as teacher to facilitate this by creating a stimulating and safe learning environment. I look forward to taking the learning journey with you at ISS International School.


Lichun Rong

Mandarin Teacher

Master of Arts(Teaching Chinese as an International Language), Singapore
Master of Arts (Chinese Modern & Contemporary Literature), China
Bachelor of Arts (Chinese Language & Literature), China

My teaching career began in 1997 after graduating from Yanbian University. I have taught courses like Intensive Chinese, Chinese Listening, Speaking and Writing for students from different countries in the universities for more than ten years in China.

I moved to Singapore in 2013 and have taught for 3 years as an elementary school Mandarin teacher and Bilingual Class Teacher at Eton House International School. Teaching Chinese at IB school has inspired and motivated me to explore more about IB teaching and learning.

I am excited to join ISS International School and to be a part of the school community. My teaching philosophy always encourages me to keep on improving myself to meet students’ needs.

United States of America

Marnie Hurst

Inclusion & Achievement Coordinator (Differentiation), Music Teacher

Master of Arts (Elementary Education)
Bachelor of Arts (World Arts & Cultures)

Music is a great passion of mine and I feel extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to share this love with my students. I am particularly interested in learning more about various cultures through their arts, and infuse my music lessons with the spirit of empowerment, empathy and mutual respect through the lens of music sharing. The music room is an ideal place to explore creativity, collaboration and skill development.

I am originally from Los Angeles, California and my hobbies are roller skating, dancing, singing, acting, playing the ukulele and reading. I have previously taught preschool, music and dance in Los Angeles, Prague and Manila.

United Kingdom

Carolyn Regan

Art Teacher

Bachelor of Education (Hons) (Art & Education)
Master of Education

I cannot imagine a world without art. If such a place ever existed, it would be an environment devoid of beauty, creativity and expression. My own passion to create began at a young age and I was fortunate to have my abilities nurtured through various teachers. I believe that all children possess artistic flair and therefore I find my job extremely satisfying as I have the opportunity to see the children grow as artists whilst I encourage and inspire them to explore their creativity with confidence and self-belief. Art has no boundaries such as language, therefore students are able to express themselves in different ways, see the world from different viewpoints, challenge their own perceptions and be creative in thought.

Before coming to Singapore, I worked in Portugal, Bahrain, Moldova, Russia, Hong Kong, Belgium, Greece, Germany, Australia and Japan. These were amazing teaching and travel experiences and an inspiration for some of my own artwork.


Nathan Horne

Head of Student Welfare & Educational Enrichment, PE Teacher

Bachelor of Human Movement (Health & Physical Education)

I am a passionate advocate of purposeful physical education and have spent the past few years working hard with my students to meaningfully integrate technology into physical education classes. I have been lucky enough to be able to present my work to other physical educators at conferences and workshops all around the world. In July 2015 I was honoured to be one of the keynotes at a world-renowned Physical Education conference, the National PE Institute in Asheville, North Carolina.


Janienne Vaughan

Inclusion & Achievement Coordinator (ESL), English Language Support Teacher

Diploma of Teaching
Master of Educational Studies (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)
Associate Diploma of Trinity College London (Pianoforte Teaching)

“Do I really know what I’m doing teaching English to Grade 7 Indonesian students?” This question bothered me, even though I had been teaching young, native English speaking children to read and write for 13 years. The sudden jump into international teaching in a high school was huge. Nevertheless I was ready for the challenge, but how could I best meet the needs of these bright faces? Hence began my fascinating inquiry into English language acquisition through post-graduate studies whilst interacting with students from diverse backgrounds in Indonesia and China. They have taught me so much and I’m still learning!


Estelle Elsaadi

English Language Support Teacher

Bachelor of Psychology
Certificate 3 Community Services & Child Care
ESL/TEFL Certified
Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Education)

My educational experience consists of graduating in 2009 with a Bachelor of Psychology at Victoria University, Australia. In 2012 I then embarked on my teaching career and became ESL and TEFL certified. In addition, I graduated in 2015 with a Post Graduate Diploma of Education from Swinburne University, Australia. I have taught both IB PYP and Australian curriculum. I have instructed the local Ministry of Education English language syllabus which enabled me to gain experience in dealing with students across the spectrum, those needing remedial skill-work and those looking to expand their capabilities. Teaching in Canada and Singapore and travelling to almost 22 countries has given me sufficient exposure to diverse nationalities and has thoroughly increased my cultural awareness. I see myself as a facilitator of learning, but one who provides strong structural support to students through my teaching. When reflecting on my teaching and educational experiences, I appreciate the impact teachers have on the lives of young learners. Therefore, I hope to be a role model that prepares young people for the future.

United States of America

Tina Wolter

English Language Support Teacher

Bachelor of Arts (Communicative Disorders / Deaf Education)
Master of Arts (Special Education - Learning Handicapped)

I am from a rural area mountain area in Northern California.  After teaching over 25 years in the USA, I decided it was time to share with my enthusiasm and passion for education with children overseas.

ISS is my first experience with International Education.  I am very excited to be joining the ISS International School team.  I look forward to many new adventures.

I believe all children deserve an education and an opportunity to improve their life and share their unique talents.


Kate Bond

Inclusion & Achievement Coordinator (Literacy)

Bachelor of Fine Arts
Master of Teaching (Primary)

I began my teaching career at the International School of Tanganyika. During one of our units on culture, we invited members of the local Maasai community to hold a dance workshop at the school. The students and the warriors danced, laughed and learned! Even though the students had seen the Maasai herding their goats through the streets of Dar Es Salaam many times, it was the connections that were made between the students and the warriors that inspired the rich discussion and action that followed well beyond the end of the unit. This experience became crucial in my understanding of the importance of authentic, hands on experiences as a means to inspire learning. I strive to incorporate this thinking into my teaching every day.


Christine Arnold

Inclusion & Achievement Coordinator (Learning Support)

Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education)
Graduate Certificate (Learning Difficulties)

I am passionate about early childhood education, particularly early literacy and supporting students with additional needs. It is important to support students in their journey to becoming caring, empathetic community members. I believe in the importance of students developing their independence in thinking, learning and managing themselves throughout the day.

Prior to being a part of the ISS International School team here in Singapore, I worked for four years in Tokyo, Japan and eight years in my hometown of Perth, Australia. I am delighted to be a part of an international community of dedicated educators.

United Kingdom

Susan Grant

Teacher Librarian

Certificate of Education, Cambridge Institute of Education

I was born, raised and educated in the beautiful and famous city of Cambridge in England. From having an ambition when I was very young to become a teacher, I have now been educating young children for many years.

My teaching career started in England and then I moved overseas with my husband (Graham Grant – ISS International School’s Whole School Library Manager) and daughters. I have taught in Spain, the Canary Islands, Ukraine and now Singapore.

My specialism has been in the field of Early Years. However, a few years ago, I was given the opportunity to diversify and I became a Primary Library Teacher. This has enabled me to share my love of stories and books with students and to educate them in using a school library’s diverse resources.

I hope that the students at ISS International School will learn valuable skills in accessing information and will enjoy their visits to the library.


Colin Gallagher

Technology Coordinator

Master of Educational Technology, Michigan State University
Post Graduate Diploma of Education, Hong Kong University
Bachelor of Science, Open University

I am an Apple Distinguished Educator and a Google Certified Teacher. I’ve spoken at the TEDx Bangkok conference and multiple conferences around Asia. In October of 2014 my first book “Minecraft in the Classroom” was published by Pearson Education. I am an online instructor for Michigan State University in their Masters in Educational Technology programme.

The Philippines

Arnaldo Dino

PE Teacher

Master in Business Administration
Bachelor in Physical Education
National Registry of Coaches (Basketball & Volleyball)
Professional Tennis Coach
International Volleyball & Tchouckball Coach

My passion in teaching physical education and coaching sports started in 1991 at my home town local and international schools.

I believe that all children have the ability to learn and the right to have a quality of education. All youths, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity and capabilities should have the opportunity to learn from professional, well-informed teachers who are sophisticated and knowledgeable both in their area of expertise and life.

Through physical education and sports we mold characters and build a nation of goodwill.