United Kingdom

Christopher Hayward

High School Principal, MYP Coordinator (G9-10), Mathematics Teacher

Bachelor Of Science (Applied Mathematics)
Professional Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary)

Having grown up in an international school and having always enjoyed mathematics, sharing my passion for the subject with others lead me to teaching. I completed an undergraduate degree in Applied Mathematics and subsequently teacher training and then enjoyed a range of experiences teaching in Scotland. The international pull grew stronger and I moved with my wife to Brunei. During an enriching eight years there I became Head of Department and subsequently Assistant Head, gaining experience with the IBDP Programme.

Moving on as a family of four, the opportunities of a vibrant city and new challenges brought us to Singapore and the ISS community became our home.

Working closely with students and seeing them grow through their school life and learning from their experiences gives me enormous pleasure. I strive to see students leaving school as strong individuals confident in their own abilities and able to work collaboratively with others.


Fiona Edwards

High School Assistant Principal, HSD & EAL Coordinator

Bachelor of Education (English, Bahasa Indonesia)

From a young age I lived in Indonesia and Brunei and experienced Singapore’s urban jungle in my teens. I finished high school and university in Perth, and at first found it difficult to reconcile my new Australian identity. My connection to Asia and my exposure to expat life made a Bachelor of Education in English and Bahasa Indonesia from Curtin University a natural choice. After 8 successful and fulfilling years teaching Bahasa at Perth College, an Anglican girl’s school, it was time for a change of scenery again to feed my travel bug! I spent the next 18 months travelling Asia and Europe, and living and teaching in the UK.

My next and current adventure took me back to South East Asia and ISS International School. It has been wonderful reminiscing about old school days with current students. Being able to give back to and be part of an international school community again has been extremely rewarding!


Christopher Garden

IBDP Coordinator, TOK Coordinator and Music Teacher

Bachelor Of Music
Graduate Diploma of Education (Secondary Music)
Master Of Theology

I am a passionate IB leader, educator and musician with vast experience in international and Australian schools, specialising in Music, Theory of Knowledge and Religious Education. A passionate musician with extensive experience leading ensembles, my leadership philosophy stems from a desire to achieve excellence through team building. My core motivation is seeing improved teaching and learning for all students through developing meaningful collaborative cultures within school settings. A strong belief in constructivist and inquiry-based learning leads me to be an advocate for the IB frameworks, with experience in both the Diploma and Middle Years Programmes. Leading students and teachers into the unknown world of the 21st Century through developing core ‘soft skills’ and positive psychology is certainly an exciting venture.


Ayda Alp

English Acquisition Teacher

Bachelor Of Arts (English Language and Literature)
Graduate Certificate in Teaching

I am very excited to join ISS High School after a short experience in the Middle School.

I have been working as an ESL teacher since 1999. I believe that coming from an ESL background myself  I have a unique understanding of the struggles of learning English and best ways to help and motivate my students. Some of my most rewarding experiences as a teacher have come from helping struggling students grasp difficult concepts, build up confidence to be a part of the class.

In my classroom I like creating a fun, friendly, motivating learning environment that stimulates and encourages language learners to find confidence to speak and improve themselves.

I have lived in Singapore since 1993. I have 3 wonderful teenage children of my own who provide me continuous learning opportunities.


David Bache

Business Management and Humanities Teacher

Postgraduate Certificate in Business Enterprise
Postgraduate Certificate in Education.

I am originally from Zimbabwe but have travelled extensively around the world and have lived for extended periods in Cyprus and New Zealand. The urge to travel and experience new cultures have always been important to me. Prior to becoming a teacher I was in the business sector where I managed and ran a number of food manufacturing related businesses. I am a strong advocate of fair trade and sustainable use of natural resources within the food industry.

As a late starter to the teaching profession I bring a wealth of exciting life experiences to the school, which I enjoy sharing with my students. Helping students define and achieve their goals and aspirations is my goal. I am committed to ensuring that the students have an enjoyable and memorable experience during their time at school and provide them with the required skills to be future leaders in society.

United States of America

Sarah Bromberg

English Acquisition Coordinator, English Language and Literature and English Acquisition Teacher

Bachelor of Arts (English)
Master of Science (Teaching)

I began teaching English at a public high school in Brooklyn, New York where I realized my passion for inspiring a love of reading in my students. My work with young people continues to teach me that every individual is capable of affecting great change in their own lives and in our many communities – small and large, at home and around the world. I believe that it is my job to help young people attain the skills and awareness they need to create any life they dream and choose for themselves. After working in a variety of schools and environments across the U.S., I moved to Singapore to continue my journey as a learner and educator within the ISS International School community. Outside of the classroom I enjoy sewing and knitting, cooking and baking, as well as exploring new places with family and friends.


Cheng Fang

Language and Literature Coordinator, Chinese Language & Literature Teacher

Bachelor of Arts
Master of Arts

I’m originally from Zhejiang province, China. Singapore has been my home since 1999. After teaching at Raffles Institution in Singapore for 4 years, I was excited about the opportunity to teach at an international school. I enjoy teaching in this diverse and harmonious multicultural environment. I’m happy to learn the MYP and DP system of education and enjoy the creative and flexible teaching. In my free time I like reading, traveling, cooking and baking. I also started to try teaching my little daughter at home recently and found it difficult but interesting. Maybe I’m a little shy and serious by the look, but in fact I’m a friendly, enlightened and optimistic person. I have a Master of Arts from Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), and a Bachelor of Arts from Beijing Normal University (China). I am an IB Diploma examiner in Chinese A1. At ISS International School, I teach IB MYP Mandarin B and IB DP Chinese A1 and Mandarin B.

United Kingdom

Paul Crozier

Athletics & Activities Coordinator, TLL for PHE, WWW Coordinator

Bachelor of Science (Sport Science)
Post Graduate Certificate in Education (Physical Education)

My teaching career began following completion of a Sports Science degree and Post Graduate Certificate of Education at Brunel University in London. Over a number of years I progressed successfully within a small but varied group of London schools. These ranged from an international environment at The American School in London through to a PE Subject Leader role at a diverse and challenging inner London school.

I enjoy a huge number of sports in both team and individual events, with my personal favourites being football and cricket, which I have enjoyed playing to a high level.

Through choice, opportunity and encouragement I believe that every student can unlock their own personal and individual sporting potential to benefit from the positive effects that sport will bring.

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I am now able to teach within the ISS community.

United Kingdom

Michael Dixon

Global Citizenship Coordinator, Geography Teacher

Bachelor of Science (Environmental Science)
Post Graduate Certificate of Education (Secondary Geography)

My name is Mike and I am from Manchester, United Kingdom. I taught Geography and was Head of Year for 4 years at The Ridgeway School and Sixth Form College in Wiltshire, UK then moved to be Head of Humanities at Cairo English School, Egypt in 2015.

I believe that students must be equipped with the skills to successfully face the challenges of the future. Having taught GCSE, IGCSE, A-Level, International A-Level, and IB Geography throughout my career, I am acutely aware that the world inherited by my students will be fundamentally different to the one that I grew up in. As such, it is my responsibility as a teacher to ensure learners develop life-long learning habits, creativity and compassion needed to address emerging challenges at local, regional and global levels.

Away from my profession, I enjoy the outdoors – preferably on Cliff or Yellow Mamba (Yes, I name my bicycles). I like all types of riding – mountain biking, cross country riding, road riding and touring to mention a few. I suffer from the n+1 syndrome, there is always one more bike to own!

United Kingdom

Paul Ford

English Language and Literature Teacher

Doctor of Philosophy
Master of Arts (English)
Graduate Certificate in Education

I come originally from the UK, but lived in Zambia as a child in the 1960s. I was at university in Scotland, where I also completed my doctorate. I taught for thirteen years in the town of my birth, Birmingham, before coming out to Singapore for the first time in 1996, where I met my wife, returning to the UK to teach for another three years, before moving to Sao Paulo in Brazil in 2000. Since then, I have taught for four years at Patana School in Bangkok, as well as in Oman and Bahrain. So, my connection with Singapore goes back a long way! Now I am teaching MYP and DP at the High School.


David Gill

Mathematics and TOK Teacher

Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary)
Bachelor of Commerce

I have lived and worked in 10 countries across 5 continents, and this is my second time living in Singapore. I love travelling and experiencing new things, and being an expat teacher is perfect for that. I have family in Australia and Indonesia, so my wife, son and I visit both countries regularly, as well as doing other trips when we can. Unfortunately, my body has never fully adjusted to life in the tropics, so I plan trips to cold places (such as the cinema) whenever possible.

I enjoy the challenge of teaching Mathematics, particularly to those students who really don’t want to be learning it. Although teaching is not always easy, the satisfaction from watching students have “lightbulb moments” makes it all worthwhile. I hope to facilitate many such moments during my time at ISS.

United Kingdom

Graham Grant

Library Manager

Graduate Certificate in Library & Information Studies

In the 1990s, my wife Susan took up a teaching position in Gran Canaria and I worked in the tourist and hospitality industry. It was whilst there that I had the opportunity to take up a position as a librarian and take a new qualification. I have worked in libraries and IT departments in Spain and the Ukraine. I am a firm believer in being a life long learner and have always taken up opportunities to train or learn when necessary. I also believe in vocational skills for those that are not naturally academically minded.

United States of America

Kristen Higgins

DP Economics, Grade 9 and 10 Humanities and PE Teacher

Bachelor Of Arts (Biblical Studies)
Master Of Arts (Theology)

I was born and raised in California, USA. Even though I love my hometown, my passion for travel and cross-cultural interactions took me to Lithuania, Indonesia, and Myanmar, where I began my teaching career as an English as a Second Language teacher. I later returned to the United States, where I earned my Social Science teaching credential and worked as a history teacher for 8 years. Eventually, my interest in the IB programme and international education drew me to ISS, where I am now teaching IB Economics and Humanities.

Regardless of the place or subject that I teach, I believe that education should be inclusive, interactive, and collaborative. As a teacher, I am committed to providing engaging lessons that promote critical thinking, expand students’ worldviews, and foster a global mindset.

When not in my classroom, you can find me backpacking through the great outdoors, preaching at my local church, practicing yoga, enjoying a good cup of coffee, or traveling internationally.


Akbar Hussain

Mathematics Literacy Coordinator, Mathematics Teacher

Master of Education (Curriculum and Teaching)
Bachelor of Science (Honors) in Mathematics with Business
Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers
Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA)

My passion for teaching began from my high school days where I used to run tuition classes while I was studying.  My love for Mathematics deepened then, that I went to pursue a degree in Mathematics and graduated with a first class honours degree.  My formal teaching started with an International school in Singapore where I taught students from different countries across the globe.  My first overseas experience was to lead an International school in Indonesia as a school Principal. I have years of teaching experience and have taught Mathematics across different curricula.

As an educator, I strongly believe in collaborative learning circle.   I like to challenge students to explore beyond what is prescribed in their curriculum so that they get a broader and better perspective of what they learn.  My favourite quote is:“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” (Nelson Mandela)


Brian Ok Jun Kim

Grade Level Leader 9, Korean Language and Literature and PE Teacher

Bachelor Of Arts (Korean Language & Literature)
Master Of Education (Korean Language Education)

The main reason I decided to move overseas after having taught at local schools in Seoul for three years was longing to learn more about different curricula and teaching approaches. First, I thought I would spend just one or two years working abroad. However, over the past thirteen years, I have worked and lived in Qingdao, Chiangmai, Singapore, Songdo and Chongqing. Whenever I am asked “What made me teach internationally much longer than planned”, the answer is always the same. “I love learning and I have learnt so many life lessons from students and colleagues, while fully enjoying my life and being adventurous”. Outside of the classroom, I enjoy cycling, cafe-hopping and traveling. I am excited and grateful to work with the close-knit ISS school community and live in my beloved Singapore again.

Hong Kong

Bhamini Kirpalani

Grade Level Leader 12, Extended Essay Coordinator, Biology and TOK Teacher

Post Graduate Diploma (Education)
Bachelor of Science (Hons) (Natural Science)

I was born and raised in Hong Kong, after which I pursued my B.Sc. Natural Sciences at Durham University (UK). After an initial career in finance, it was clear to me that teaching was my true passion. Prior to joining ISS International School, I taught IB Biology at Singapore International School, Hong Kong. As an international student myself I’m excited about sharing my passion for learning with the students at ISS International School.


Petrina Asha Krishnan

ESL Specialist

Bachelor Of Business Management
Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
Certificate in Teaching International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

My passion for teaching started from a young age when I was often asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. After a brief working experience in the financial industry , I realised that only teaching could bring me the satisfaction and motivation I was looking for. Over the years, I have taught toddlers right up to high school students from various cultural backgrounds. When they thank me for providing them with the knowledge and support they look for, that motivates me to do better. With my experience, I hope to work towards the total development of the students and instil an appreciation for English. Outside the classroom, I love travelling and spending time with my family.

New Zealand

Jo Kys

Counsellor and University Advisor

Bachelor of Arts (Anthropology)
Master of Counselling (Candidate)

My experience of growing up in both Zimbabwe and New Zealand, as well as studying in Malaysia as a teenager has played a big role in shaping who I am today; I feel lucky to have experienced both the challenges and the opportunities that come with growing up between worlds. I am now living in Singapore with my husband and three children and we are all enjoying our new adventure.

Over the course of my career I have worked for schools, where I provided social/emotional and academic support to International Students; a bank; the NZ Government; the UN and even a safari lodge. I find that being able to draw on all of these experiences, as well as volunteer work that I have done, helps to ‘make things real’ when I am counselling students. When working for the UN World Food Programme in Zambia I witnessed how education could bring communities together, maintain dignity, reduce suffering and save lives. Demystifying education and making it accessible to all people is important to me. I enjoy helping students to set goals and to discover their strengths. I find it particularly rewarding when I am able to bring people together to collaborate, share dialogue that aims to create an inclusive and forward-thinking world where everyone is able to make a difference.

I have an open door policy and enjoy meeting people, so please call in anytime; I look forward to hearing your story.


Justin Larkins

Mathematics and PE Teacher

Bachelor of Physical Education with a Minor in Mathematics (Senior Years)
Bachelor of Education

I grew up in a small Canadian town called The Pas, Manitoba. Health and wellness activities, sports, and fitness activities have always been a huge part of my life. During my childhood I played ice hockey, basketball, volleyball, soccer, tennis, badminton, golf, running, cycling, and swimming. During my adult life I have also taken up yoga, rock climbing, and meditation which has helped me keep a healthy balance in my life.

After graduating high school I moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba to attend the University of Manitoba. At the University of Manitoba I completed my Bachelor of Physical Education and Bachelor of Education degrees with honors, As a university student I also worked for the housing department as a Resident Advisor and Senior Resident Advisor tending to the needs of the diverse population of students living on campus.

Volunteering and Service Learning have played a huge role in shaping the person and educator I am today. Through the University of Manitoba I did volunteer work in Ecuador, Costa Rica, and Winnipeg. These experiences have motivated me to engage in meaningful charitable and fundraising initiatives at every school I have had the privilege of working at.

Teaching has taken me around the world. I have worked as a Physical Education specialist and Mathematics teacher in Canada, Australia, and Thailand. During this time I have coached basketball, soccer, badminton, track and field, cricket, and Australian football. I thoroughly enjoy working with students to help them reach their potential not just academically, but holistically.


Kajal Manglani

HSD Vocational Project Coordinator, Chemistry & Science Teacher

Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Education
Master of Science (Chemistry)
Master of Arts in Education (International Education)

I am a passionate practitioner of IB philosophy who believes that every student when effectively engaged, can do wonders. I have done my B.Sc., M.Sc., and B.Ed. from India and completed M.A. in Education (International Education) from University of Bath (UK). Having total 15 years of teaching experience, including IBDP Chemistry from last 12 years in Mumbai, an IB Chemistry examiner, I keep myself updated with the latest educational trends to support students’ learning.

I perceive myself as a blend of modern and traditional values, as I grew up in 20th century and now actively engaged with 21st century learners. I like to see my students developing as confident and compassionate global citizens, with various skills and technology to meet the demands of the future. I am happy to be here at ISS Singapore with my husband, and my son who is attending our elementary school.


Kelly Millar

Grade Leader Level 10, Personal Projects Coordinator, History, Humanities, and TOK Teacher

Bachelor of Arts (Sociology)
Bachelor of Education
Master of Education (Completed 2019)

I am from Canada, and since 1999 I have had teaching experiences in the following countries of Japan, Thailand, China, and Indonesia. I have gained valuable teaching experience within the International Baccalaureate in the Middle Year Programme and Diploma Programme teaching DP History, Theory of Knowledge, and Individuals and Societies. My professional interest revolves around the concepts of motivation, leadership, and team-building. I have formulated my philosophy of education, which is based on motivation and communication that is student-centred, as it seeks to improve teaching and learning standards in collaboration with students.

My wife and I were very excited to join the ISS learning community and experience the wonderfulness of Singapore.

United States of America

Philip Miscovich

Mathematics, Music and HSD Art Teacher

Bachelor of Arts, History & German
Bachelor of Arts, Liberal Arts
Master of Arts, Secondary Teaching

I have been an educator since 1998 and started my teaching career in the village of Angoon, Alaska. I have subsequently taught in both public and private schools in the western United States. In addition to my teaching experience, I believe my additional life experiences have helped me to effectively inspire and challenge my students over the years. From studying overseas to commercial fishing to professional music performance, I share my life stories to encourage my students to achieve their highest potential.


Miller Perez

English Acquisition and Science Teacher

Master of Arts (Applied Linguistics)
Postgraduate Diploma (Applied Linguistics)
Postgraduate Certificate (Education)
Diploma (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)
Bachelor of Science (Metallurgical Engineering)

Originally from the Philippines, I made Singapore my second home in 2005. This change of home base created a shift in my profession as well – from being a metallurgical engineer to becoming an English language teacher. More than a decade after making that career switch, I am glad I made that choice.

I have been teaching ESL for more than 10 years. Doing further studies in the field has equipped me with knowledge about theoretical underpinnings and these bases have greatly informed my teaching practices. While space won’t allow me to discuss my teaching philosophy in detail, two of the theories that have significant influence are Vygotsky’s socio-cultural theory and Halliday’s Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL). Understanding Vygotsky’s concept of ZPD (Zone of Proximal Development), I employ scaffolding, modelling, and collaborative learning strategies in my classes. Halliday’s SFL framework, on the other hand, arms me with a powerful lens in highlighting the role of language in learning “school” content. This is critical in helping learners become aware of the different linguistic choices that construe varied types of meanings in different social contexts.

Subscribing to the belief that ‘all lessons are language lessons’, I find SFL’s grammar as a meaning making resource powerful in providing a way to identify the grammatical and linguistic features of a text, which results in a more explicit focus on language in teaching different subjects such as Science.

Outside of the classroom, I enjoy singing, cooking, and playing basketball.


Yuki Ozuka

ESL Specialist, English Acquisition Teacher

Bachelors Of Arts (English and American Literature)
Master Of Art (English Education)

I was born in Japan and had English education there; however, I had opportunities to live in Switzerland and Canada before I started my life in Singapore. When I first came to this lovely and lively country in 2016 with my husband and daughters, I joined The Japanese School Singapore and taught English Language to elementary school students for three years, as HOD of English. My philosophy of teaching, with my long-time experience of teaching ESL to students from elementary school to university has been the same; and it is that “Students show the biggest improvement in their language acquisition when they are interested or having fun.” I love to see students’ improvement, especially when I see the students who struggled in the beginning could flourish their English skills after they made steady efforts. Language is language – it is useful only when you use it. I am looking forward to teaching ISS students and to seeing their effort fruit.

United States of America

Matthew Schmidt

English Acquisition and Drama Teacher

Bachelor of Arts (English and Communication)
Master of Arts in Teaching (English Education)

Originally from Washington State, my passion for language and storytelling have been lifelong and it brings me genuine joy to share these interests with my students. After completing my Bachelors of Arts in English and Communication, I spent three years teaching English in South Korea where I enjoyed adapting to a new culture and embraced the challenges of living abroad with a warm heart and a smile. While it is obvious that successful students must be able to answer difficult questions, I believe that it is imperative that they ask them as well. Outside of the classroom I enjoy golfing, reading, writing, traveling, playing board games and experiencing art in all its forms.


Miho Tsumura

Japanese Advisor & Teacher

Bachelor of Education (Japanese)
Certificate in Japanese Language Language Teaching Competency

I have always loved sharing my language and culture with others, and have spent my career doing so in various capacities. Before coming to Singapore, I taught Japanese Language and Culture to adults living in Japan and was a Teacher Trainer for students learning to teach Japanese as a Foreign Language in Fukuoka, Japan. When I first came to Singapore, I taught Japanese Language and Culture in a Singaporean government school. Since 1997, I have been working as a counselor at ISS International School, working mainly with Japanese students and their families to help them adjust to international education. I have also taught Japanese language, in particular Japanese A1 and Japanese ABinitio since 2000. In this capacity, I have also collaborated with the school’s Admissions Departments working to promote the IB programs of ISS International School throughout Japan.


Bruce Vaughan

Scientific Literacies Coordinator, Physics and Mathematics Teacher

Bachelor of Applied Science (Physics)
Graduate Diploma of Teaching
Master of Applied Science (Medical Physics)

I am Australian, and my wife teaches ESL in our Elementary School and we have two grown up sons who live in Australia and New Zealand. I have taught in Australia, Indonesia and China, so besides English I can also speak some Mandarin and a little Indonesian.

South Africa

Blanche Venter

Visual Arts Teacher

Bachelors of Arts (Fine Arts), four years
Postgraduate Diploma in Education
Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing Management

I was born in South Africa and worked in Lusaka, Zambia, New-Delhi, India and Dubai, UAE for many years.

I am passionate about the IB ethos. My style as a teacher is that of a facilitator, enabling students to construct their own learning experiences and to be confident in their own abilities. I always try to motivate students to draw on their strengths and abilities, and strive to provide a learning environment for them to explore personal ideas and to realise their full potential.

When I have time, I enjoy reading, water sports and undertaking trips for pursuing my hobby – photography. My photography book “Layers of Beauty, visual vernacular of the UAE” explores the UAE’s city and landscapes.


Alicia Ventura

Spanish and French Acquisition Teacher

Bachelor of Arts (Science of Education)

I am originally from Barcelona, Spain. I graduated from Barcelona Blanquerna University and Paris Sorbonne University. I started teaching in Paris in 1995. I moved to Singapore in 2005 with my family and have been teaching at ISS for 2 years. I have always been very interested in education and have developed my professional career in this field. Before teaching Spanish as a foreign language, I worked several years in counselling in different schools in Europe. I enjoy sharing my culture and language with our students, especially in such a multicultural school. I enjoy spending my free time with my family and friends, and enjoy reading, playing tennis and swimming.


Romania-United Kingdom

Patricia Vlad

Grade Leader Level 10, Mathematics and Design Teacher

Bachelor of Arts (Physics, Modern Languages, Education)
Master of Arts (Education)

After graduating from Cambridge, having lived and worked in eight countries around the world, I find that the ISS international environment is an ideal third-culture match in terms of fitting in the teacher community and sharing experiences with students. Ever since growing up in a family of academics, I have always had a passion for teaching and an even deeper passion for Mathematics and Technology. Imparting knowledge to young pupils and watching them grow more and more confident and autonomous is what makes the teaching profession more rewarding than any other.

In my spare time I enjoy ballroom dancing, swimming, skiing, and ice-skating and I dedicate some of my time to writing, acting, and film-making.

United States of America

Wesley Whitehead

CAS / Service as Action Coordinator, Science and Environmental Systems & Societies Teacher

Bachelor of Science in Biology Education

I have been teaching since 1992. I taught in the Louisiana public school system from 1992 until 2006 when I began teaching at the ISS International School. I was an elementary school teacher from 1993 until 1999. I have been teaching high school since 1999. I currently teach science and am the DP CAS Coordinator. I have a BS degree in Biology Education from Louisiana College. I enjoy mountain biking, tennis, soccer, downhill skiing and hiking.

United States of America

Patty Winpenny

K-12 Head of Learning Support & Wellness

Bachelor of Arts (Russian Language and Literature)
Master of Education (Special Education)
Master of Arts (Soviet and East European Political Economics)

My teaching career began with languages and travel. I directed US-USSR programs: CIEE’s College Exchange, Children’s Art Exchange, and Citizen Exchange Council educational trips. As a learning specialist in Vermont, I coordinated services with therapists, speech language pathologists, and neurologists. Wanderlust brought me to Asia, and years in Shanghai deepened my resolve to engage students with diverse challenges in inclusive environments.

Discovering meditation through tragedy (widowed and losing a son), I am grateful for life’s gifts. One son is an engineer, married to a Russian dancer; the other is a commercial beekeeper in Hawaii, married to a teacher. Joy is winter holidays with grandchildren in Hawaii and summers together on our Vermont farm.

Cyclist, swimmer, kayaker, skier, Pilates enthusiast, and dancer, I believe in the transformative power of wellness to help us achieve our best. An optimist, I consider myself a teacher diplomat, and am honored to work at ISS.


Teresa Yamawaki

English Language Support Teacher

Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
JLPT (Japanese Level Proficiency Test) Level 3

I was born in Indonesia, grew up in Singapore and lived in Japan for 12 years before returning to Singapore in 1992. Consequently I learned to speak Japanese in addition to English, Indonesian and Mandarin. The beginning of my career as an ESL teacher began in Japan in 1983 where I taught English to Japanese students as young as 3 years old and retirees who chose to learn English language as a hobby.

The opportunity to teach came again when the Singapore Japanese Secondary School (SJSS) had an opening for an ESL teacher. After 2 years at SJSS, another opportunity was given to me at an international school where I was a homeroom and English teacher for 5 years. Apart from going to the movies, I love cooking, handicraft and gardening though we don’t have land to grow vegetables here in the urban city of Singapore. I look forward to spending time with the younger generation here at ISS International School.