United Kingdom

Nicola Zulu


Master in Education
Bachelor of Arts
Post Graduate Certificate in Education (Secondary Education)

I have always had a passion for learning and technology has been the vehicle for providing me with opportunities to share experiences with my students from around the globe. Being an educationalist is my second career and my previous experiences support me in bringing real life scenarios to the school environment. I am originally from the UK, and worked in Africa for 17 years, before moving to Singapore.

I bring many years of experiences to ISS International School having served in a range of administrative positions in my previous international schools including Assistant/Acting Secondary School Principal, IGCSE Coordinator and Director of Technology.

I have a strong commitment to life-long learning, ensuring that my role as an educator is kept up-to-date and I am fully aware of the changes that are taking place in our society.  I have had opportunities to present at AISA and ISAZ conferences, and to attend the Suny Buffalo Master programme in Leadership-based Learning.  Currently I am studying an MBA in Leadership and Management.

I have always been an advocate for student well-being and promote the need for students to have a balanced life, and I support research proving that students who are engaged in regular physical activity often develop life skills such as sportsmanship, time-management, self-discipline, goal-setting, and an increased sense of self-worth.

I am married to Michael and have a son and daughter who both attend our school.

New Zealand

Rachel McCarthy

Deputy Principal, DP Geography, MYP Humanities

Bachelor of Arts (Geography, Education)
Post Graduate Certificate in Education (Secondary)

I have over 15 years experience working in High School education in New Zealand and the UK. I have spent the last six years in Singapore in a variety of roles at ISS International School.

I genuinely care about student’s social and emotional wellbeing. In previous roles as a Head of Grade and Head of Learning Support, I have developed a strong understanding of a variety of issues including, special education needs and conflict resolution. Through the previous six years I have developed strong relationships with students and the wider ISS International School community and am seen as a leading educator.

I have a deep working knowledge of curriculum developments both within the International Baccalaureate programme as a teacher of Diploma Geography and also a teacher of MYP Humanities. In 2010, I was involved in the NZ Curriculum project, and was a member of the writing panel of the NZ Geography curriculum. In recent years I have presented on teaching strategies at conferences such as EARCOS, Middle School education and also on technology to improve student learning.

I have a strong commitment to our students holistic education through involvement in Outdoor Education and Service. I have led expeditions to Mt Bromo in Indonesia, service trips to Northern Philippines in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan and field trips to Tioman in Malaysia to support our students learning in Environmental Systems and Biology.

I am married to a fellow teacher, who together have three charming young boys.


Urs Jungo

IBDP Coordinator, TOK Teacher

Master of Arts (International Education)
Bachelor of Education

My involvements with the IB programmes dates back to 1994. I have held positions including IBDP Coordinator, Project Leader for the introduction of the IB Diploma, Head of Modern Languages, and teacher of Theory of Knowledge. Holding a Bachelor or Education in Foreign Language from the University of Fribourg in Switzerland and a Master’s degree in International Education from the University of Bath, UK, I have also taught French, German and Spanish in the IBMYP and IBDP. I am an IB Diploma Workshop Leader for the IB Asia-Pacific region and conducts courses annually.

My work has led my family to Switzerland, the UK, Portugal, Indonesia, Thailand and China prior to moving to Singapore. When time permits, I enjoy mountain biking, skiing, scuba diving and playing tennis.

United Kingdom

Fang Shelly

IBMYP Coordinator, Language Teacher

Master of Arts (English Studies)
Bachelor of Arts (English Language & Literature)
Post Graduate Certificate in English Language & Literature Teaching

I joined ISS International School in August 2011. I have over 17 years experience in education as a curriculum developer, MYP Coordinator, Personal Project Coordinator and a language acquisition teacher. Before ISS International School, I worked in another IB school in South China as an MYP Coordinator and Director of Mandarin. Prior to that, I worked for the International Baccalaureate Organization both in its former Curriculum and Assessment Centre in the UK and Asia Pacific Regional Office in Singapore. This has provided me with rich opportunities to work with IB schools and teachers worldwide, and I have been heavily involved in curriculum development, visiting IB schools around the world and presenting at conferences and workshops. I was recently involved in the review and innovation of the MYP Next Chapter and participated in a number of IB meetings held in the UK and The Hague. I have taught in China, Singapore and the United Kingdom.

I am currently an IB MYP workshop leader, an IB MYP school authorisation and evaluation visiting team leader and a MYP Language Acquisition moderator. I am committed to the philosophy of the IB and believe that the ultimate goal of education is to assist young adults to achieve their full academic, physical and social potential.

I am married to Tim Shelly who teaches at our Middle School. I have two daughters, with the youngest attending ISS International School.



David Bache

English, English Language Support Teacher

Post Graduate Certificate in Business Enterprise & Education

I am originally from Zimbabwe but have travelled extensively around the world and have lived for extended periods in Cyprus and New Zealand. The urge to travel and experience new cultures have always been important to me. Prior to becoming a teacher I was in the business sector where I managed and ran a number of food manufacturing related businesses. I am a strong advocate of fair trade and sustainable use of natural resources within the food industry.

As a late starter to the teaching profession I bring a wealth of exciting life experiences to the school, which I enjoy sharing with my students. Helping students define and achieve their goals and aspirations is my goal. I am committed to ensuring that the students have an enjoyable and memorable experience during their time at school and provide them with the required skills to be future leaders in society.

United States of America

Jake Bell

Learning Group Leader for Physical Education, PE Teacher

Bachelor in Physical Education
Teaching Qualification

Hi, my name is Jake and I was born and raised in Rockville, MD, which is about 20 minutes outside of Washington, DC. I graduated from Salisbury University with a Bachelor Degree in Education, Physical Education K-12. After graduation, I taught PE/Health for two years in Somerset County, Maryland and three years at the American International School of Bucharest, Romania. I have taught PE from 6-12th grade and developed the first 8th grade Health curriculum at AIS Bucharest. I also coached MS boys’ Softball, Basketball and co-ed Tae Kwon Do. I am very excited to be here in Singapore and to have the opportunity to teach at ISS International School.

Outside of teaching I enjoy a wide array of hobbies. I have been a very active person all my life and I enjoy playing various sports and outdoor activities. My favorite sport by far is Ultimate Frisbee. After playing for four years in university and two years on a club team, I started the first ultimate Frisbee team ever in Bucharest. We competed in several tournaments in Romania, Bulgaria, Spain and Holland. I also have a passion for music. In Bucharest I played rhythm guitar and was also lead vocalist in a couple of rock cover bands. When I am at home with my family in Virginia, I love to go bass fishing and ride jet skis. Finally, I love to travel, meet new people and try new things.

United States of America

Sarah Bromberg

English & Mother Tongue Teacher

Bachelor of Arts (English)
Master of Science (Teaching)

I began teaching English at a public high school in Brooklyn, New York where I realized my passion for inspiring a love of reading in my students. My work with young people continues to teach me that every individual is capable of affecting great change in their own lives and in our many communities – small and large, at home and around the world. I believe that it is my job to help young people attain the skills and awareness they need to create any life they dream and choose for themselves. After working in a variety of schools and environments across the U.S., I moved to Singapore to continue my journey as a learner and educator within the ISS International School community. Outside of the classroom I enjoy sewing and knitting, cooking and baking, as well as exploring new places with family and friends.

United States of America

Steven Bushong

Economics & Humanities Teacher

Bachelor of Science (Education)
Master in Educational Studies with a Concentration in IB

Originally from the United States, I was born in Michigan and earned a Bachelor of Science in Education with majors in History and Interdisciplinary Social Studies. After completing a student teaching post in Perth, Australia, I returned to the United States and began taking courses for a Masters in Educational Studies with a Concentration in International Baccalaureate at Oakland University. I got my start as a teacher in Orlando, Florida teaching Diploma Programme Economics and United States History. I now work for the IBO as an examiner and workshop leader. I like to spend my free time exploring nature and practicing yoga.


Cheng Fang

Chinese & Mandarin Acquisition Teacher

Master of Arts
Bachelor of Arts

I’m originally from Zhejiang province, China. Singapore has been my home since 1999. After teaching at Raffles Institution in Singapore for 4 years, I was excited about the opportunity to teach at an international school. I enjoy teaching in this diverse and harmonious multicultural environment. I’m happy to learn the MYP and DP system of education and enjoy the creative and flexible teaching. In my free time I like reading, traveling, cooking and baking. I also started to try teaching my little daughter at home recently and found it difficult but interesting. Maybe I’m a little shy and serious by the look, but in fact I’m a friendly, enlightened and optimistic person. I have a Master of Arts from Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), and a Bachelor of Arts from Beijing Normal University (China). I am an IB Diploma examiner in Chinese A1. At ISS International School, I teach IB MYP Mandarin B and IB DP Chinese A1 and Mandarin B.


Sandra Clark-Guillotel

Literacy Coordinator, English & French Acquisition Teacher

Master of Arts
Bachelor of Arts
Diploma in Teaching

I am coming to ISS International School from the International School in Dresden where I was Chair of the Language B department and a Board Member, as well as a Language B teacher in the MYP and DP. IB Learner profile: Apart from the obvious (communicator), I like to think of myself as a risk-taker. This challenge keeps me growing and helps me to empathise with my students, who are risk-takers every day, especially in Language B! My personal motto is the well-known proverb: It takes a village to raise a child.

I look forward to working with you and your children at ISS International School.

United States of America

Beth Contreras


Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)
Master of Arts in Education (Counselling)

I am excited to be a member of the ISS International School Community. My expertise are in the areas of psychology and school counseling, with training in English as an Additional Language (EAL). As a school counselor, I support students in the areas of Personal/Social, Academic, and College/Career Domains. Through this position I work closely with students, teachers, parents, administrators and the community to support student growth and development.

Before moving to Singapore, I worked for four years building the school counseling programme at an international, immersion school in Southern China. Prior to China, I was in the United States working for eight years in a large, public, International Baccalaureate High School.

Children and teenagers have such great energy, ideas and potential. It is my commitment to support each student toward achieving his or her full potential!

United States of America

Jason Cordray

Learning Group Leader for Language & Literature, English & TOK Teacher

Bachelor of Arts (Comparative Literature)
Master of Arts (Liberal Arts)

I have taught in Colombia, Italy, Spain, Honduras and Thailand. I love meeting students from diverse backgrounds and engaging them with thought-provoking literature. I aim to create a student-centred classroom environment focused on the lively Socratic discussion of classic and moderns texts.


Fiona Edwards

Learning Group Leader for Language Acquisition, English Acquisition Teacher

Bachelor of Education (English, Bahasa Indonesia)

From a young age I lived in Indonesia and Brunei and experienced Singapore’s urban jungle in my teens. I finished high school and university in Perth, and at first found it difficult to reconcile my new Australian identity. My connection to Asia and my exposure to expat life made a Bachelor of Education in English and Bahasa Indonesia from Curtin University a natural choice. After 8 successful and fulfilling years teaching Bahasa at Perth College, an Anglican girl’s school, it was time for a change of scenery again to feed my travel bug! I spent the next 18 months travelling Asia and Europe, and living and teaching in the UK. My next and current adventure took me back to South East Asia and ISS International School. It has been wonderful reminiscing about old school days with current students. Being able to give back to and be part of an international school community again has been extremely rewarding!


Maciej Flisak

Mathematics Teacher

Bachelor of Commerce (International Marketing)

I was born in Eastern Europe’s finest nation (Poland) and raised in the great, white north (Canada). I have an International Business Marketing Major from the Asper School of Business in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Putting the “international” into International Marketing, I worked for technology companies in Tokyo, Japan and in Seoul, South Korea for several years after graduating from university. On the summit of Gwanak-san in Seoul, I met my wife Ashley who then shared with me two life-changing years of budget travel around the world, through sixty nations. From temple stays in Burma, cold nights on Everest, and weeks in the wilds of Patagonia to camping in Switzerland and a felucca down the Nile – the memories from this voyage will stay with me forever. Eventually, we settled down in San Francisco where I acquired my Teaching Credential and taught maths for ten years at a very diverse set of schools, and added two wonderful boys to our planet. When not designing math curriculum, I can be found hiking, camping, exploring, biking, skateboarding, or reading graphic novels – all with my beautiful wife and incredible boys, of course!

United Kingdom

Paul Ford

English & TOK Teacher

Doctor of Philosophy
Master of Arts (English)
Graduate Certificate in Education

I come originally from the UK, but lived in Zambia as a child in the 1960s. I was at university in Scotland, where I also completed my doctorate. I taught for thirteen years in the town of my birth, Birmingham, before coming out to Singapore for the first time in 1996, where I met my wife, returning to the UK to teach for another three years, before moving to Sao Paulo in Brazil in 2000. Since then, I have taught for four years at Patana School in Bangkok, as well as in Oman and Bahrain. So, my connection with Singapore goes back a long way! Now I am teaching MYP and DP at the High School.

United Kingdom

Graham Grant

Library Manager

Graduate Certificate in Library & Information Studies

In the 1990s, my wife Susan (ES/MS Teacher/Librarian at ISS International School) took up a teaching position in Gran Canaria and I worked in the tourist and hospitality industry. It was whilst there that I had the opportunity to take up a position as a librarian and take a new qualification. I have worked in libraries and IT departments in Spain and the Ukraine. I am a firm believer in being a life long learner and have always taken up opportunities to train or learn when necessary. I also believe in vocational skills for those that are not naturally academically minded.

United Kingdom

Hai Ho

Learning Group Leader for Mathematics, Mathematics Teacher

Bachelor of Science (Hons) (Mathematical Studies)
Post Graduate Certificate in Education

I join ISS International School from a rather large International School in Manila where I had been teaching the IB Diploma in Grades 11 and 12. I have over 21 years of teaching experience in both UK and more recently International Schools. I spent 7 years teaching the MYP and IB DP programmes in 2 different International Schools in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and followed that with a further 2 years teaching mathematics in Dulwich College Suzhou, China. I was born in Vietnam but grew up in Newport, South Wales, UK. My family escaped Vietnam in 1975 as war refugees and found ourselves relocated to South Wales, under the mistaken belief that we were escaping the Third World with poor food and bad diets. I joined ISS International School as the new Learning Group Leader for mathematics.

In my free time I like to ride my scooter around Singapore photographing the architectural beauty and heritage of fair Singapore.

United Kingdom

Christopher Hoddinott

Music Teacher

Bachelor of Arts (Creative Music), University of Hull
Master of Research (Music), University of Hull

Music is my life and passion, and I love to see students grow and thrive in life through music. I am an experienced teacher having worked in Brunei, Vietnam, and the United Kingdom. Before I went through a graduate training scheme for teaching, I was involved in bands and musicals that toured the United Kingdom and Europe. I have won numerous composition awards in the United Kingdom as well as been a guest speaker at Glasgow and Huddersfield University. I have artworks shown around the world including London, St Louis, Brighton, Brunei and New York. I live in Singapore with my wife and son. As well as playing music, I enjoy cycling, reading, good food, and being a lifelong learner.

United Kingdom

Sarah Jeyaram

Learning Group Leader for Individuals & Societies, History & Humanities Teacher

Bachelor of Arts (History)
PGCE (Secondary)

I am originally from Oxfordshire, UK. I am in my 13th year of teaching High School children. I came to Singapore in 1998 to gain international teaching experience and to explore Asia. I have worked in business and trained as a teacher in my late 20s because I finally realized it was my vocation (and everyone I know had been telling me to become one since I was 14!) I teach MYP and IB Diploma History and IB Diploma Business and Management as I have two degrees, one in each of these subjects, in addition to a Postgraduate Certificate in Education. My hobbies include reading, cycling, and scuba diving when I get the chance, dancing and keeping up with my two young children, Joshua and Niamh, who are attending our Elementary school (and they love it!)


Michael Kennedy

PE & Humanities Teacher

Bachelor of Education (Secondary Education)
Bachelor of Arts (Spanish Language & Culture & Linguistics)

Hi, my name is Mike and I grew up on the Canadian prairies enduring the coldest of winters in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. When I was eighteen I moved to Vancouver to play semi-professional football for the Vancouver Explorers. I then moved to Edmonton, Alberta on a full-ride scholarship to play football for the University of Alberta Golden Bears. In my five years of playing for the Bears, we were national champions twice. During that time I played semi-professionally for the Calgary Storm Football Club of the Professional Development and A-League. While studying at the University of Alberta I first earned my Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Spanish Language and Culture and minoring in Linguistics, later earning my Bachelor of Secondary Education at the same university.

I taught in Edmonton, Alberta once I graduated from university. I taught many subjects, my favourite of which was the football academy that I started in my high school. I love teaching, travelling, snowboarding, hiking, mountain biking and learning new languages. I am quite fluent in Spanish and am also functional in Portuguese. I love playing and coaching sports, and have over fifteen years of coaching youth football in school, club and academy settings. I believe that building strong relationships is essential in giving students the best foot forward in their educational journey.


Hong Kong

Bhamini Kirpalani

Biology & Science Teacher

Post Graduate Diploma (Education)
Bachelor of Science (Hons) (Natural Science)

I was born and raised in Hong Kong, after which I pursued my B.Sc. Natural Sciences at Durham University (UK). After an initial career in finance, it was clear to me that teaching was my true passion. Prior to joining ISS International School, I taught IB Biology at Singapore International School, Hong Kong. As an international student myself I’m excited about sharing my passion for learning with the students at ISS International School.

United States of America

Matthew Landis

Science Teacher (IB Biology & Environmental Systems & Societies)

Bachelor of Science (Biology)
Master of Arts (Education)

I am originally from Colorado in the United States and spent the first 20 years of my teaching career there in a small K-12 facility. I have since taught IB Biology and Environmental Systems and Societies in Turkey and India. I have a Masters Degree in Education from Adams State University and my undergraduate degree is in Biology from Colorado State University.

United States of America

Judith Larue

Visual Arts Teacher

Master of Fine Arts (Sculpture)
Bachelor of Fine Arts (Drawing & Painting)

I earned the Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture from the Claremont Graduate University in California. I join ISS International School after teaching Art, Art History, and Theory of Knowledge in international schools in the Middle East, Europe, and the Caribbean, and in a preparatory boarding school in her home State of Texas. Prior to embarking on an international teaching career, I taught a wide range of visual arts at the college and university level.


Michelle Miyeong Lee

Korean Teacher

Master of Education (Korean Education)
Bachelor of Arts (Korean Language & Literature)
Certificate of Korean Secondary Teacher

I have a teaching experience of 18 years. I worked in two different countries: Korea and Singapore. I taught IB MYP Korean, IB DP Korean A and IGCSE Korean in AIS in Singapore for 6 years. I live in Singapore with my husband and two children. I have been living in Singapore for 9 years and my family is satisfied with their life in Singapore. I was born and educated in Korea and graduated from Korea University Graduate School. I love to share Korean culture with my colleagues and other students.


Shane O'Loughlin

Learning Group Leader for Design, Technology Integrator

Bachelor of Science (Chemistry & Maths)
Higher Diploma in Education (Science & Maths)
Graduate of the Royal Society of Chemistry

Hi everyone, I am a footballer turned teacher and have worked all over the world teaching various subjects. I taught in California as a SEN teacher initially and taught English in Barcelona and South America before taking up my first Technology teaching position in Tanzania teaching GCSE’s and A level’s. I then moved to England and taught in the famous London School Pimlico for a year. I returned to the International scene and back to Africa where I taught in two IB world schools for 8 years before coming to Singapore.

I teach Design (IT) and I love it. I love the way it is constantly changing and I have to keep on constantly changing to keep up what our kids know. We can teach so many exciting and innovative units that will really make the learning fun.

Go ISS International School!

New Zealand

Lisa Missen

Learning Group Leader for the Arts, Drama Teacher

Post Graduate Diploma in Development Studies
Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Secondary)
Bachelor of Arts (Major: Theatre)

Originally from New Zealand, I completed my Bachelor of Arts in Theatre, Post-graduate Diploma in (international) Development Studies and Graduate Teaching Diploma from the Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Prior to joining ISS International School, I worked as a Drama teacher in New Zealand and in the United Kingdom. I have also worked as a volunteer teacher in Jaipur, India, conducting theatre workshops with children in a slum school. Drama is my passion and I thoroughly enjoy teaching all aspects of the art. I have had significant experience devising, directing and acting across a range of theatre styles. My interest and knowledge in development studies/geography directly translates into my drama teaching with current events, peoples’ perspectives and students’ own experiences often being the stimulus for the work created. When not in the classroom I enjoy travelling and attending the theatre.


Canada-United Kingdom

Thomas Matthews

Design & Humanities Teacher

Bachelor of Arts (History & Political Science)
Certificate of Secondary Education (Social Sciences)

Having grown up as an international student, and having experienced the IB Diploma myself, I am keenly aware of the unique perspective and opportunities provided to students in international schools. As a teacher, I believe my role is to help students take full advantage of the unique opportunities for learning they have inside the classroom and in the world around them. Working with students inside the classroom and out, and helping young people to understand the world around them, and their place in it, is what I enjoy most about teaching.

As someone who loves participating in sports, and being outside, I also find that working with students in a coaching role, or in outdoor education situations, helps to build student-teacher relationships that can also translate into the classroom.


Sunil Nanwani

Mathematics Teacher

Master of Science
Bachelor of Business Administration

I am a Singaporean by birth but I have spent a considerable amount of time living abroad. As a consequence I am often mistaken for being a foreigner in my own country. The only way I can convince taxi drivers of my Singaporean heritage is when I speak perfect Singlish! I hold a Bachelor’s in Business Administration (Finance) and a Master’s of Science in Mathematics (Applied Math). Both degrees were obtained when I was a full-time student at the University of Kentucky. This is my third year teaching at ISS. I teach Business and Management, and I am an IB assistant examiner for IAs and HL Paper 2s. Over the last two years, I have also supervised Extended Essay students in this subject. I enjoy attending IB conferences and workshops as I get the opportunity to learn more about IB through other teachers and workshop attendees.


Leena Palekar

Business Management, TOK & Humanities Teacher

Master of Commerce
Post Graduate Certification in Education
Master of Philosophy

A three-year stint at an IB school in Jakarta which started in 1998 has evolved into a challenging, enjoyable and rewarding career. I have spent the past 15 years teaching the IB, IGCSE and the Ontario curriculum in the Asia-Pacific region. Besides Indonesia I have taught IB Business Management and TOK in Hong Kong and Australia. I am an IB examiner for Business Management, Peer Reviewer for the IB Journal of Teaching Practice, Teacher and Subject Matter Expert for Pamoja Education.


Dean Thomson

Chemistry & Science Teacher

Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Education (Secondary Sciences & Mathematics)

I am a dedicated, flexible and thoughtful educator who is passionate about learning and engaging students in uncovering the wonders of science through inquiry. I received my B.Sc. and BE.d. Secondary Science and Mathematics in Canada from Thompson Rivers University and Simon Fraser University, respectively. I am a Canadian certified science teacher with over eight years of international experience, including IB Diploma Chemistry, MYP Sciences, and other curriculum frameworks in the UAE, China and Hong Kong. I am excited to be back in Singapore and joining the team at ISS International School along with my wife Yvonne Thomson, who is teaching Grade 5 at ISS International School. I am a passionate proponent and avid user of technology in the classroom and my teaching philosophy reflects the beliefs espoused by the IB with a focus on an inquiry-based, student-centered approach to learning that actively engages students in the learning process where students “learn how to learn” through authentic inquiry to become autonomous lifelong learners.


Miho Tsumura

Japanese Advisor & Teacher

Bachelor of Education (Japanese)
Certificate in Japanese Language Language Teaching Competency

I have always loved sharing my language and culture with others, and have spent my career doing so in various capacities. Before coming to Singapore, I taught Japanese Language and Culture to adults living in Japan and was a Teacher Trainer for students learning to teach Japanese as a Foreign Language in Fukuoka, Japan. When I first came to Singapore, I taught Japanese Language and Culture in a Singaporean government school. Since 1997, I have been working as a counselor at ISS International School, working mainly with Japanese students and their families to help them adjust to international education. I have also taught Japanese language, in particular Japanese A1 and Japanese ABinitio since 2000. In this capacity, I have also collaborated with the school’s Admissions Departments working to promote the IB programs of ISS International School throughout Japan.


Bruce Vaughan

Physics & Mathematics Teacher

Bachelor of Applied Science (Physics)
Graduate Diploma of Teaching
Master of Applied Science (Medical Physics)

I am Australian, and my wife teaches ESL in our Elementary School and we have two grown up sons who live in Australia and New Zealand. I have taught in Australia, Indonesia and China, so besides English I can also speak some Mandarin and a little Indonesian.


Alicia Ventura

Spanish & French Acquisition Teacher

Bachelor of Arts (Science of Education)

I am originally from Barcelona, Spain. I graduated from Barcelona Blanquerna University and Paris Sorbonne University. I started teaching in Paris in 1995. I moved to Singapore in 2005 with my family and have been teaching at ISS for 2 years. I have always been very interested in education and have developed my professional career in this field. Before teaching Spanish as a foreign language, I worked several years in counselling in different schools in Europe. I enjoy sharing my culture and language with our students, especially in such a multicultural school. I enjoy spending my free time with my family and friends, and enjoy reading, playing tennis and swimming.


United States of America

Wesley Whitehead

CAS Coordinator & Science Teacher

Bachelor of Science in Biology Education

I have been teaching since 1992. I taught in the Louisiana public school system from 1992 until 2006 when I began teaching at the ISS International School. I was an elementary school teacher from 1993 until 1999. I have been teaching high school since 1999. I currently teach science and am the DP CAS Coordinator. I have a BS degree in Biology Education from Louisiana College. I enjoy mountain biking, tennis, soccer, downhill skiing and hiking.


Teresa Yamawaki

English Language Support Teacher

JLPT (Japanese Level Proficiency Test)
Level 3 Diplomo in TESOL (LTTC)

I was born in Indonesia, grew up in Singapore and lived in Japan for 12 years before returning to Singapore in 1992. Consequently I learned to speak Japanese in addition to English, Indonesian and Mandarin. The beginning of my career as an ESL teacher began in Japan in 1983 where I taught English to Japanese students as young as 3 years old and retirees who chose to learn English language as a hobby.

The opportunity to teach came again when the Singapore Japanese Secondary School (SJSS) had an opening for an ESL teacher. After 2 years at SJSS, another opportunity was given to me at an international school where I was a homeroom and English teacher for 5 years. Apart from going to the movies, I love cooking, handicraft and gardening though we don’t have land to grow vegetables here in the urban city of Singapore. I look forward to spending time with the younger generation here at ISS International School.