Michael Taylor

Head of Middle School

Master of Education (Educational Technology & Administration)
Bachelor of Education (PE/Health)
Certificate of International School Leadership

I have been teaching since 1986 and on the international circuit since 2006, with stints in Amsterdam, Hong Kong and now Singapore. My formative teaching years were via public education schools in Sydney, Australia.  I started out life as a Physical and Health Education teacher. When teaching these days you will find me in an MYP Technology class and/or IBDP ITGS. When not teaching in class I have held the roles of Head of Administration, Director of Sport, Director of Technology and Deputy Principal and now Head of Middle School. I even had a position as part-time school janitor – way back in the day!

As well as my work in the classroom, I have taken active roles in consulting to education departments in the UK and Australia, a committee member of the International Society of Technology Educators, board member of the Horizon Report, MYP Examiner in Design and Personal Project and written a text book for McGraw-Hill, to name a few.

Outside of the classroom I am member of the Singapore Rugby Union Referees Society and the Hong Kong Society of Rugby Union Referees, try and compete in the occasional triathlon or ocean race, and enjoy cooking a BBQ!

Everything I do in schools relates to student learning and building students of good character, who respect each other and the world in which they live.

United Kingdom

Fang Shelly

IBMYP Coordinator, Language Teacher

Master of Arts (English Studies)
Bachelor of Arts (English Language & Literature)
Post Graduate Certificate in English Language & Literature Teaching

I joined ISS in August 2011. I have over 17 years experience in education as a curriculum developer, MYP Coordinator, Personal Project Coordinator and a language acquisition teacher. Before ISS International School, I worked in another IB school in South China as an MYP Coordinator and Director of Mandarin. Prior to that, I worked for the International Baccalaureate Organization both in its former Curriculum and Assessment Centre in the UK and Asia Pacific Regional Office in Singapore. This has provided me with rich opportunities to work with IB schools and teachers worldwide, and I have been heavily involved in curriculum development, visiting IB schools around the world and presenting at conferences and workshops. I was recently involved in the review and innovation of the MYP Next Chapter and participated in a number of IB meetings held in the UK and The Hague. I have taught in China, Singapore and the United Kingdom.

I am currently an IB MYP workshop leader, an IB MYP school authorisation and evaluation visiting team leader and a MYP Language Acquisition moderator. I am committed to the philosophy of the IB and believe that the ultimate goal of education is to assist young adults to achieve their full academic, physical and social potential.

I am married to Tim Shelly who teaches at ISS Middle School. I have two daughters, with the youngest attending ISS International School.

United Kingdom

Katie Allan

PE Teacher

Bachelor of Education (Physical Education)

I was born and raised in Edinburgh, Scotland. During my school career, playing sport was a passion of mine, and an outlet for me amongst all the studying. Therefore I went on to study it further graduating from the University of Edinburgh. Since then I have spent 2 years teaching within the Scottish education system, firstly St Joseph’s Academy, Kilmarnock, and laterally Douglas Ewart High School, Newton Stewart.

I have always had the desire to teach internationally, and took that step by moving to Singapore. ISS International School is my first experience of the international education system, and so far I’m loving it.

I enjoy travelling, hockey, skiing, swimming and generally being outdoors. I hope that I can pass on my passion for sports to the students, so they leave ISS International School with a positive experience of PE, preparing them with the confidence to take on new challenges.


Bruno Alen-Lebon

Drama & French Acquisition Teacher

Licence En Lettres D'Enseignement (Anglais)
Degree in Teaching Literature (French / English)
Master of English (Hons) (Elizabethan Theatre & English Stylistic), Université De Rouen

I have been teaching at ISS International School since 2001. Originally from France, I taught English for the French Ministry of Education and French as a foreign language in various UK and Australian Schools and Universities. Always linking the study of foreign languages and theatre, I was in charge of the cultural activities at the French Institute of Scotland in the 80’s in Edinburgh and served as Deputy Director of Alliance Française in both Sydney and Singapore in the 90’s. I have always had a passion for Musical Theatre, which is shared today with my Drama students and the school community through theatre appreciation outings and full-scale productions. I attended my latest professional development workshop in New York in 2014 where I was fully trained and accredited as part of the MTI Broadway Teachers international team to develop musical theatre education and projects in secondary schools.


Allan Ballinger

Team Leader Grade 8, Individuals & Societies Teacher

Master of Arts (Southeast Asian Studies), National University of Singapore
Bachelor of Education (Hons) Secondary Curriculum (History & Geography), University of Victoria First Class Honours
British Columbia Teaching Certificate
University of Cambridge CELTA Certificate
ESL in the Mainstream Certificate (ESLMS)
Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N3 Level

I was born in Vancouver and during my childhood I lived in a variety of logging and mining communities on the west coast of British Columbia. After graduating from the University of Victoria I went overseas as a teacher on the Japanese government sponsored JET Program. This initial experience of living and working internationally sparked a desire to learn more about other languages and cultures. This curiosity to study more about Asia lead me to National University Singapore where I completed my M.A. in Southeast Asian Studies. I enjoy poetry, rugby, travelling and learning languages. I feel very fortunate to be working in such a diverse school setting. Teaching to me is about bringing out the possibility in each student. This passion to be part of the future is why I love being a teacher!


Serene Chin

English Acquisition Teacher

Bachelor of Arts
Master of Arts

I’m Serene Chin, a Chinese born in Malaysia but raised and bred in Singapore. After post graduation, I taught at the Ekamai International School in Bangkok for two years. Following a short stint at the Singapore Korean School, I joined the ISS community in 1999 and have been teaching Language B English in the Middle School ever since. I believe second-language learners need to be supported emotionally and be in an environment where they can make mistakes and speak up freely. Despite being busy with school, motherhood, family and my dogs, I try to spend the remaining time with my church community, mostly supporting and planning activities for the children, playing the piano and participating in the church choir. Currently, I’m learning to play the church organ. Visiting the sick and elderly are also part of my routine. Perhaps the most challenging experience I have had was climbing Mount Kinabalu in Sabah twice.

United States of America

Beth Contreras


Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)
Master of Arts in Education (Counselling)

I am excited to be a member of the ISS International School Community. My expertise are in the areas of psychology and school counseling, with training in English as an Additional Language (EAL). As a school counselor, I support students in the areas of Personal/Social, Academic, and College/Career Domains. Through this position I work closely with students, teachers, parents, administrators and the community to support student growth and development.

Before moving to Singapore, I worked for four years building the school counseling program at an international, immersion school in Southern China. Prior to China, I was in the United States working for eight years in a large, public, International Baccalaureate High School.

Children and teenagers have such great energy, ideas and potential. It is my commitment to support each student toward achieving his or her full potential!

United Kingdom

Susan Grant

Teacher Librarian

Certificate of Education, Cambridge Institute of Education

I was born, raised and educated in the beautiful and famous city of Cambridge in England. From having an ambition when I was very young to become a teacher, I have now been educating young children for many years.

My teaching career started in England and then I moved overseas with my husband (Graham Grant – ISS International School’s Whole School Library Manager) and daughters. I have taught in Spain, the Canary Islands, Ukraine and now Singapore.

My specialism has been in the field of Early Years. However, a few years ago, I was given the opportunity to diversify and I became a Primary Library Teacher. This has enabled me to share my love of stories and books with students and to educate them in using a school library’s diverse resources.

I hope that the students at ISS International School will learn valuable skills in accessing information and will enjoy their visits to the library.


Melissa Hallo

ECA Coordinator, Design Teacher

Bachelor of Education (Secondary)

After completing my Bachelor of Education (majoring in Business Management, Accounting and Legal studies) from QUT Brisbane, Australia, I gained 2 years experience teaching in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. I then moved to the UK where I taught in an inner-city London school for 4 years. I am now thrilled to be based in Singapore gaining my first experience in an exciting IB school. I love being part of such an international community and particularly enjoy the diversity of the students I teach at ISS International School. I currently teach Middle School Technology and Mathematics. I am also excited by the many travel opportunities that living in Asia provides.



Dharshini Jeremiah

Team Leader Grade 7, Science Teacher

Bachelor of Science (1st Class Hons) (Biomedical)
Doctor of Philosophy (General Medicine)
Graduate Diploma (Secondary Education)

I am excited to join Middle School Science. With more than ten years international teaching experience in Australia, United Kingdom and Singapore, I value ISS International School’s impressive reputation for providing an inclusive, nurturing and empowering education – a vision I strongly believe in. My background in Middle School Science using a variety of curriculum frameworks has allowed me to develop a flexible and holistic approach to teaching. I actively try to inspire, nurture and empower students to believe in themselves, realise their potential and become active global citizens who value mutual respect, internationalism, leadership, experiences and service. As a Team Leader for Grade 7, I am keen to make a difference within our Middle School community at ISS International School.

United States of America

Ross Jonas

Math, Individuals & Societies, Language & Literature Teacher

Bachelor of Arts (American History)
California Multiple Subject Teaching Credentials

I was born in California and will return there someday, but until then I am enjoying teaching in Asia. My desire to teach internationally began while I was teaching English in Korea for two years after completing university. From there I was certain that I wanted to be a teacher and so I returned to California to get my teaching credential. Since then, I have taught from Kindergarten to Grade 8 and across a range of subjects. Because each grade and subject has different challenges and joys, I feel as engaged with the teaching profession as when I began fifteen years ago. I consistently strive to maintain an environment of joy and passion for learning in my classes.


Dana Kalaw

English Acquisition & English Teacher

Bachelor of Arts (History & International Relations)
Graduate Diploma in Teaching & Learning

I strive to create positive learning environments where students are valued for their unique characteristics, their varied interests and backgrounds, as well as their style and rate of learning.  I am interested in making learning relevant and encouraging students to view education as a lifelong journey by promoting collaboration, interaction, discussion and inquiry. My experience as an international student has helped me recognise the importance of education in shaping principled global citizens.


Ma Aye Ligot

English Acquisition Teacher

Bachelor of Science (Chemistry)
Post Graduate Higher Diploma (French Literature & French Language Studies)

I am originally from Myanmar, but grew up in Paris and have lived abroad most of my life. Being in an international community is where I feel the most at home. I arrived in Singapore in 2005 and have been teaching at ISS International School ever since. Prior to this, I taught at the International School of Yangon (ISY) in Myanmar; at Ecole Active Bilingue (EAB) a bilingual international school in Paris; and at the Alliance Francaise de Yangon.

Over the years in my teaching career I have taught several subjects including English for Academic Purposes focusing on the topics of Science and Individuals & Societies in High School. In MYP I have focused on Language B: English and French as well as ESL Science and ESL Individuals & Societies, Physical Science and Social Studies. I also taught French to a team of neurosurgeons from UPSA laboratory’s Pain Clinic, set up at Yangon General Hospital. I have studied Biology at the University of Santa Thomas and attended the TEFLE course at the British Institute in Paris.


United States of America

Ashley Sequoia

Learning Group Leader for Student Services, Counsellor

Master of Arts (Special Education)
Master Courses in Social Justice & Equity

It was a single letter that inspired me to become a teacher. Fourteen years ago, while I was living in Seoul, I read a letter that a student had written me. At the time I thought I would only teach for a year and then move on to another career. The student explained in her letter that through the course of our year together, I had changed her entire perspective on Americans – for the better.  Her words made me realise how powerful and transforming teaching can and should be and I decided that I would spend my life altering perspectives, particularly my own. From inner city schools, to an art-based charter school in San Francisco to schools in Asia, I have become a more well-rounded and compassionate person due to all the extraordinary students and families I have had the pleasure of working with.


Melissa Sit

Team Leader Grade 6, Mathematics Teacher

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) (History & Mathematics)
Bachelor of Education (Intermediate / Senior)

Originally from Canada, I have enjoyed teaching and learning in a variety of environments both at home and abroad. I strive to help students be the best they can be by providing a classroom environment where they can take risks and explore the boundaries of mathematics. Outside of the classroom, I enjoy outdoor activities and am always interested in learning about new cultures and languages!


Mary-Ann Shelley

Mother Tongue Teacher

Bachelor of Arts
Diploma of Education

Although originally trained in Australia, I have spent the majority of my teaching career in international situations. Having worked in the IB Programme for many years, I have been able to work across both Language A and B curriculum. This has given me invaluable knowledge and experience to bring to the Mother Tongue programme.

United Kingdom

Tim Shelly

Music & Design Teacher

Bachelor of Arts (English & American Literature)
A.L.C.M. Piano

I was born in South Wales, find myself imbued with its love of music and oration, and bear its memories fondly as I journey away from home. I studied English/American literature and drama at the University of East Anglia and became an Associate of the London College of Music. I have worked in London’s West End, being particularly interested in improvisational stories and music.

My International adventures started in 2008 when we moved to Southern China to work at Utahloy International school. Two highly enjoyable years were topped by coming to Singapore, where I feel very privileged to work with our talented ISS International School staff, and teach our multicultural students.

I am married with two children, one graduated and adventuring in Hong Kong, whilst the younger keeps me on my intellectual toes in Primary years.

United Kingdom

Jane Taylor

Art & Design Teacher

Master of Arts (Fine Art)
Bachelor of Arts (Hons)
PGCE in Secondary Art Education

From the UK originally, I have also lived in the US, China and Singapore. I have worked in art education for over 15 years in various capacities, and also as an IBDP visual art examiner for the past 8 years and am currently one of the principal examiners for the DP course. MYP visual art presents exciting challenges and opportunities for students to develop their skills and conceptual understanding. As a practising artist myself I love to share my knowledge and passion for the subject.