Dr. Dharshini Jeremiah

Academic Director of Teaching and Learning (K-12), Head of MYP (G6-10) and DP Chemistry Teacher

Bachelor of Science (1st Class Hons) (Biomedical)
Doctor of Philosophy (General Medicine)
Graduate Diploma (Secondary Education)

Born in Malaysia and brought up in Australia since the age of 4 by Sri Lankan parents, I have been grateful for the experiences I have had as a third culture child. After completing my PhD in Biomedical Sciences, I got married and decided to pursue an international teaching career. I have enjoyed teaching and leadership positions in public, private and international schools across Australia, UK and Singapore. ISS is truly a family community; one which my own family thrive and grow in everyday. I actively try to educate to make a difference, and I look forward to working with our wonderful community as Academic Director of Teaching and Learning (K-12).


Fiona Edwards

Academic Director of Pastoral (K-12), Head of EAL (K-12) and HSD English Teacher

Bachelor of Education (English, Bahasa Indonesia)

From a young age I lived in Indonesia and Brunei and experienced Singapore’s urban jungle in my teens. I finished high school and university in Perth, and at first found it difficult to reconcile my new Australian identity. My connection to Asia and my exposure to expat life made a Bachelor of Education in English and Bahasa Indonesia from Curtin University a natural choice. After 8 successful and fulfilling years teaching Bahasa at Perth College, an Anglican girl’s school, it was time for a change of scenery again to feed my travel bug! I spent the next 18 months travelling Asia and Europe, and living and teaching in the UK.

My next and current adventure took me back to South East Asia and ISS International School. It has been wonderful reminiscing about old school days with current students. Being able to give back to and be part of an international school community again has been extremely rewarding!


Christopher Garden

Deputy Academic Director of Teaching and Learning (K-12), Head of DP (G11-12), DP Music and Theory of Knowledge Teacher

Bachelor Of Music
Graduate Diploma of Education (Secondary Music)
Master Of Theology

I am a passionate IB leader, educator and musician with vast experience in international and Australian schools, specialising in Music, Theory of Knowledge and Religious Education. A passionate musician with extensive experience leading ensembles, my leadership philosophy stems from a desire to achieve excellence through team building. My core motivation is seeing improved teaching and learning for all students through developing meaningful collaborative cultures within school settings.  A strong belief in constructivist and inquiry-based learning leads me to be an advocate for the IB frameworks, with experience in both the Diploma and Middle Years Programmes. Leading students and teachers into the unknown world of the 21st Century through developing core ‘soft skills’ and positive psychology is certainly an exciting venture.


Kelly Millar

Deputy Academic Director of Pastoral (K-12), Head of High School Diploma (HSD) (G11-12), DP Theory of Knowledge and HSD Social Studies Teacher

Bachelor of Arts (Sociology)
Bachelor of Education
Master of Education

I am from Canada, and since 1999 I have had teaching experiences in the following countries of Japan, Thailand, China, and Indonesia. I have gained valuable teaching experience within the International Baccalaureate in the Middle Year Programme and Diploma Programme teaching DP History, Theory of Knowledge, and Individuals and Societies. My professional interest revolves around the concepts of motivation, leadership, and team-building. I have formulated my philosophy of education, which is based on motivation and communication that is student-centred, as it seeks to improve teaching and learning standards in collaboration with students.

My wife and I are very excited to join the ISS learning community and experience the wonderfulness of Singapore.

New Zealand

Ariana Rehu

Head of PYP and PYP Physical Education Teacher

Bachelor of Teaching & Learning (Education)

Originally from New Zealand, I have been teaching for 14 years and have spent the past 10 years involved in International Education in the Middle East and in Singapore. I have been a teacher at ISS International School for the past 7 years and now hold the position of Head of PYP. I am committed to helping students become who they want to be. I believe in providing and guiding meaningful learning experiences for the students so that they know what they are learning, how they are learning and, most importantly, why they are learning it.

United States of America

Sophia Bustamante

Kindergarten Teacher

Bachelor Of Arts (Primary Education: Ages 3-11)
Qualified Teaching Status

Originally I am from the United States, however, I grew up here in Singapore! I am an alumnus from ISS International School and this is my fourth year at ISS as a classroom teacher. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to teach at the school that gave so much to me.

I strongly believe in the value of outdoor and inquiry-based learning. My aim is to create an environment where the children can feel safe, valued and therefore ready to learn. A goal for me is always to instil a love of learning right from the very start. I believe that when children are having fun, the skills they learn will translate to all areas of life. I also believe that when children love to learn, it creates a culture of lifelong learning.


Louise Ding

Grade 1 Teacher

Master Of Teaching

Welcome to Grade 1 at ISS International School! It is my pleasure to be working with you and your child. My name is Louise Ding. I hold a Master of Teaching from Monash University, Australia. I have experience working with Australian, Victorian and Singapore curricula in Australia and Singapore for the past 10 years.

I am passionate about teaching and learning. I support the full inclusion of all children. I believe curriculum should be built upon children’s abilities, strengths, interests, culture, and language background. I also focus on building trusting relationships with students and nurture the relationships among them.

I strive to promote children’s agency and autonomy. Children are given opportunities to make choices and take risks. Open-ended activities are highly valued to promote problem-solving and critical thinking across all areas of learning.


Iris Low

Grade 2 Teacher

Bachelor of Science (Business)
Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Early Childhood)

As a child, when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I always answered, “a teacher”. I was able to fulfil this childhood dream after I moved to Hong Kong and trained there. As a teacher, I had the privilege to work with multilingual learners in schools with different philosophies, curriculums, learning environments and cultures. 

My classroom is one that promotes the ownership of our learning as I endeavour to inspire learners to use both their hearts and minds to understand the wider world and their place in it – learners who have open, questioning minds, and hearts for values and good character traits. 

I am passionate about many things but building people up is something especially close to my heart. Travelling also never fails to inspire and reconnect me.


Sophie Crawshaw

Grade 3 Teacher

Post Graduate Certificate in Education (Primary)
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Jurisprudence

I am originally from Northern Ireland and have taught in London, Shanghai and Singapore.

What I enjoy most about teaching is the collaborative environment that schools nurture. With class-mates, friends, peers and the wider school community there is a shared goal of discovering the world around us and learning together. Of trying new things, achieving new goals, celebrating successes and persevering when something is tricky. Everyone in school is heading in the same direction, cheering on the person beside them in a happy, safe and secure environment.


Anjana Dayal

Grade 4 Teacher and Primary School Student Support Leader (K-5)

Master of Science (Education)

I have been fortunate to have worked with some amazing individuals who have guided me and transmitted their passion for teaching throughout my teaching career. Since my teaching career began in 2004, I have continued to learn and grow with my students year after year. I would have to say that teaching the Grade 5 exhibition in my previous school was a key moment in my teaching career as I was able to see a specific group of students really take charge of their own inquiry and bring forth action in their community. The entire exhibition process that year was a learning experience for all the students and teachers involved, and a celebration well deserved for the school community.


Shagun Batlaw

Grade 5 Teacher

Master in Teaching, USA

It is frequently believed that some teachers leave a mark on their students. In my case, every batch of students has brought a memorable experience. Learning is a life-long process and I have learnt something new from every group of students that I have taught, whether it was in the public school system in America or in international schools in Singapore. I love the interaction with my students. They make me smile and occasionally take my breath away with the clarity of their thoughts. I suppose being a mother to two teenagers helps because I love to be in their company. We connect our learning with current news events around the world, and this is a topic close to my heart. There is nothing more satisfying than watching my students’ learning curve.


Song Peng

PYP and MYP Mandarin Language Acquisition Teacher

Bachelor of Education, China
Advanced Diploma of Early Childhood Education, China

Being an educator for 11 years in Singapore, I had the opportunity to work with different groups of children ranging from toddlers to elementary school students. When I am working with my students, I enjoy helping them to reach for their dreams and potential. With my interest in art and dance, I love sharing these aspects of my Chinese culture with everyone I am working with as we live in a diverse society where every should learn to child feel valued and treated with respect.

It is an exciting new journey for me to join ISS International School where I would be able to build on my learning journey as an educator in one of the most established international school in Singapore.


Hima Venkateswaran

PYP Visual Arts, MYP Science and Visual Arts Teacher

Master of Education (Early Childhood Education)
Bachelor of Science (Chemistry & Biology)
Specialist Diploma in Early Childhood Education & Leadership

I am excited to be teaching Art and Design this year, my eleventh year at ISS. I have been privileged to teach Kindergarten and then Grade One in the past years and now I have this great opportunity to pursue my passion for Visual Arts and Design. I believe students should be invited to think deeply about an artwork, engage at the aesthetic, emotional and intellectual levels and apply the elements and principles of art and design in their work. Art is a language, an expression and a powerful means of communicating with the world. It is self-expression that can be represented through myriad mediums and interpreted in multitude ways. My passion for the arts has always made it an integral part of my teaching practice. Art and design transcend across the curriculum and I look forward to making these connections with the students.

Hong Kong

Mikami Fong

PYP ESL and MYP Mandarin Language Acquisition Teacher

Master of Arts (Teaching Chinese as an International Language)
Bachelor of Education (Honours)

As an IB (PYP, MYP, DP) and IGCSE Mandarin teacher, I aim to create a stimulating language learning environment for students to learn Mandarin effectively. I teach Mandarin through varied language activities and adopt an inquiry-based learning pedagogy, which helps the students to thrive and reach their full potential.

Having overseas teaching experience in Hong Kong, Australia, and the Netherlands has helped me gain knowledge of teaching students from a variety of cultures. To aid in student learning I attempt to enhance language acquisition by inspiring students with literature and Chinese culture in the class activities.

Outside of the classroom, I enjoy playing tennis, hiking and traveling. I am glad to join ISS International School and look forward to collaborating with all of you here.


Miriam Mahapatra

PYP ESL Support and Learning Support Teacher

Bachelor of Arts (Economics / Sociology)
Bachelor of Education
Post-Graduate Diploma (Management of Learning Disorders)
TESOL Certificate
Member of the SENIA Board (Special Education Needs & Inclusion Association) Singapore Chapter

There is nothing quite like teaching. Each learner, each class, each day is unique. I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to work in a wide spectrum of educational settings. I began my career In Mumbai, India, as a Primary school teacher. Exploring other avenues, I worked with teams, producing English texts for Primary schools and interactive content for teachers to use in Government schools. The move to Singapore provided the opportunity to work in international schools and to teach the PYP curriculum. In schools, and in workshops I’ve attended, I have been fortunate to collaborate with wonderful educators and gain fresh perspectives on teaching and learning.

Once home, I de-stress by walking my retrievers, maintaining my plants and reading. My family love to travel and we try to find places, off the beaten track.

Turkey, Singapore

Berna Esendemir Sekhon

K-12 School Counsellor

Bachelor of Arts- Journalism & Public Relations
Masters in Counselling

I am originally from Turkey and have been living in Singapore since 1994. I have a vast experience on third culture kids who live in different countries throughout their education lives due to the expatriate life requirements.

My interest in education and students well being derives from curiosity and hunger that I have felt, to make them achieve their best potential and to provide them a conducive environment to do so. I believe every student has equal chance and right for education, no matter what the difficulties they are facing.

I have years of experience working with children and adolescents with special needs and my lifetime goal is to reach out to those who have difficulties and help them along the way by providing a support with a holistic approach that they rightfully need.

I have 2 wonderful teenagers who are continuously helping me to be the best I can.


Wong Yoon Foong

PYP Performing Arts and MYP Music Teacher

Masters of Music
Bachelor of Music
Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Music and Biology)
Diploma in TESOL

Sharing music is my passion, and this led me to teaching. Before coming to ISS, I have taught both Cambridge and IB music syllabi in Singapore schools, I have also lectured in music colleges and universities. I am still lecturing in a local university, and I believe that IB is the best a student can have before embarking on higher education, as it inculcates the skills of critical thinking and independent learning, which are essential to university education.
In addition to teaching, I am also the exams representative for the London College of Music Examinations for both Singapore and China, delivering internationally recognized music certification with UCAS tariff points to students in both countries. It is immensely satisfying as a music educator to see young people be able to play their own music, and I look forward to contributing musically to the ISS community.