Elementary School Life

ISS International School prides itself on being a diverse, inclusive and vibrant learning community. As a truly international school, we welcome both children and adults from around the world into our multicultural environment.

The experiences that ISS International School offer our students go far beyond the classroom, and our busy Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) programme allows students to try new experiences across the fields of arts, sports, sciences and creativity.

Our focus on each student’s well being is embedded in our Pastoral Programme which ensures that every student is given the social and emotional support they require to fulfil their potential. Classes are kept small so that teachers can pay attention to each child under their care.  The Kindergarten and Grade 1 classes have no more than 20 students in each class, while class size from Grades 2 to 5 is limited to a maximum of 24 per class.

At ISS International School, our education approach inspires learners to become engaged, socially responsible individuals with an understanding of their responsibilities within their local community and as active global citizens. This is highlighted by the importance we place on student action. Students at ISS International School take action with what they’ve learnt and use it to improve both their lives and those of others.

In order to come together and celebrate our community, ISS International School has a number of events during the course of the year. These events allow the whole community to celebrate the many things that make ISS International School an exceptional place to live and learn.

About Elementary School

Situated just off Orchard Road in the heart of Singapore, ISS International School has a vibrant international culture to reflect that of our host country. With over 50 different nationalities amongst our students and highly skilled and dedicated staff from around the world, ISS International School offers all children a rich and diverse education.

As one of the most established International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP) schools in Singapore, the PYP has provided an international framework for learning at ISS International School since we were first authorised in 2002.

The PYP is one of the 4 programmes of the IB and is designed for children between the ages of 6 and 12. The programme focuses on the total growth of the developing child, affecting hearts as well as minds and addressing social, physical, emotional and cultural needs in addition to academic welfare. The PYP is based on research about best teaching practices from all over the world and provides a relevant and engaging educational programme.

The Elementary School classroom blogs will give you a window into the great learning happening at ISS International School every day. For more details about the PYP, please see the IB website.

Should you require more information, you can find more details on our elementary school grade level yearly overviews, Programme of Inquiry (POI)learning outcomes & benchmarks and assessment guidelines.

We look forward to welcoming you and your children into our international learning community.


The IB Primary Years Programme (IB PYP)

The PYP offers the framework for learning in Elementary School at ISS International School. The PYP offers a trans-disciplinary approach, which draws individual disciplines together into a coherent whole, while preserving the essence of each subject. Details of the K-12 Outcomes and Benchmarks for each individual subject can be found by clicking here. These outcomes and benchmarks provide a rigorous continuum for learning across and throughout the academic programmes at ISS International School.

At the heart of the PYP philosophy is a commitment to inquiry as the ideal vehicle for learning. Teachers and students are guided by a series of basic questions as they design curricular units for exploration and study. Throughout the units of study, each student will:

  • Develop a deep understanding of important concepts
  • Conduct research into knowledge that has local and global significance
  • Acquire and practise a range of essential skills
  • Develop positive attitudes towards learning, the environment, and other people
  • Have the opportunity for involvement in responsible action and social service


The Programme of Inquiry (POI) is an outline of all of the Units of Inquiry that each grade level completes throughout the school year. Units of Inquiry are planned at each grade level and are often integrated with specialist subject teachers. You can see ISS International School’s Programme of Inquiry by clicking here.

The student’s progress throughout the curriculum is documented in a reflective portfolio that outlines student achievement and accomplishments. Students and teachers collaborate on selections for the portfolio, which also facilitates transfer between schools offering the PYP. Grade 5 students, as the culmination of their PYP experience at ISS International School, participate in the PYP Exhibition. Their teachers guide them as they work on small group inquiry projects that require them to synthesise and apply their learning in a meaningful context.

ISS International School has been an IB PYP authorised school since 2002.

Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to fill out our Inquiry Form.