Kazuhi, ISS Student (Japan)

ISS has given me many opportunities all the 6 years that I’ve been at ISS. ISS has also given us a chance to express ourselves as we are an International School. We learn new cultures and support each other. There are many things that I like about ISS. One of the points is that there are not many people in this school. As a result, we can get to know everyone in this school, including students from different grades.

One of the biggest opportunities I enjoy the benefit of is being part of the Student Council and getting the responsibility to represent the school voice. I also got the chance to visit Telunas, where I helped the children there with their education and also came back with great experiences and new friendships. In Telunas, we taught the kids English, music, and some outdoor activities . We separated ourselves into a few groups and we taught them in rotations. We had 6 groups in total, 2 for each of the subjects, and while 3 was teaching, the other 3 will help to build a play area for the kids. Although we didn’t finish, we are hoping that the grade 6s this year will complete the job. ISS has helped me to grow up, in different ways, and I believe that they will continue to do so.

ISS helped me become the person I am today, through presenting and leading my peers, helping friends and seeing all the students every Tuesday (as one of my responsibilities as a Student Officer).