Kosuke, ex-ISS parent (Japan)


My son has studied in ISS for 4.5 years. However, due to my work circumstances, we are leaving Singapore, which means that my son will be leaving ISS. We regret that we have to leave ISS where my son has grown so much and cultivated deep friendships with other students. ISS taught my son the love of learning. He has been educated to be an independent thinker who can think critically and creatively while being open to listening to and learning from the perspectives of his classmates and others. I am always pleased with the fact that I have never had to ask my son to study, his teachers and peers stimulate his curiosity and he does his work all on his own accord. He drives his own learning, even enthusiastically diving into research on matters outside of the classroom! For example, my son started tennis as an extracurricular activity in ISS. He was so motivated that, on his own, he found a good tennis school outside of ISS by himself. He now plays tennis competitively and has even been selected as a member of the Singapore National Tennis Team (Junior) and is ranked as the top 6 at a national level.

The intellectual stimulation and the chance to be in a international environment that ISS has provided has really helped my son. With the bonds he has forged with his multinational peers, he has grown to become an effective team player, who will be able to work with anyone in the future. I am thankful that my son had the chance to study in ISS, for the great education they have provided and the friends he met along the way, who we now feel like are part of our family. I am also thankful that even while we are leaving ISS, my son still had the full support of his teachers, who looked out for him and even helped him secure a place in his new international school. Thank you ISS!