Sophia, ISS Teacher and Alumnus

I graduated from ISS in 2013. When I first joined ISS as a student, I immediately felt like I was a part of the ISS family. I have made many irreplaceable memories in ISS: from sea kayaking through Australia, to having the opportunity to be assistant director for UN Night. However, my fondest memory from ISS was having the opportunity for a play that I wrote, How Life Works, to be presented during a theatre production of a series of short plays. I will always be grateful to the ISS teachers who provided all these opportunities for me.

After university, I returned to Singapore and have begun teaching in ISS. The small family feel to the school made me know this was the type of school I wanted to teach at, and I’m so grateful to be returning! As a teacher at ISS I love the opportunity to create the same environment for my students that my teachers at ISS created for me: one where they feel safe, valued, nurtured, and respected, where they can become global citizens and love to learn.