Stepping out of his comfort zone: How ISS International School prepares Kojin Lim for his next milestone in life

kjl2                                            Kojin Lim (left) with Fiona Edwards, Academic Director of Pastoral.

“My teachers helped me develop the confidence to take risks in life,” said Kojin Lim, who spent his high school years at ISS International School (ISS). Since leaving ISS, Kojin has been backpacking around the world, experiencing different cultures and seeing the world through multiple lenses. He aspires to chase the Northern lights in Scandinavia and skydive in Egypt. ISS’s enriching environment has provided him the unique experience of working in diverse teams from countries all over the globe, giving him the encouragement to step out of his comfort zone, and providing him with the tools to communicate and explore the world.

After graduating from ISS, Kojin served his national service in Singapore before pursuing a honours degree in Marketing Management at Brunel University London. Although his degree is in marketing, he has chosen to take up an internship in management consulting with Ernst & Young Advisory Pte. Ltd. His time at ISS has taught him to take calculated risks that affords the luxury of learning new skills and being open to positive changes.

”ISS was my transition from a local school to an international school,” he reminisced. “My best memories in school were about going to Mr. Wesley Whitehead’s classroom during lunch and after school to work on an aquarium. The fond memories of spending time in the classroom designing aquariums with my good friend, Jamie gave me happiness and provided me with a sense of calm whenever I needed it.” Kojin attributed a large part of his positive experiences at ISS to Mr. Whitehead, who had always been there for him. “By encouraging us to explore designing aquariums, he played a pivotal role in our creativity and entrepreneurial adventures.”

Kojin was also grateful to Ms. Mel Hughes, who was the principal of the middle school then. “She made me feel welcomed and gave me the opportunity to participate in group work, which helped create a positive learning experience. ISS was more than a school. It was a community where everyone cared for each other.”  This caring and nurturing environment is the basis from which students start to develop the freedom and begin their transformation into their future selves. By creating a diverse learning environment with the added touch of a personalised approach from the teaching staff, students are motivated to strive harder and create their own meaning in their educational and life pursuits with an emphasis on sustainable change

Addressing the current batch of ISS students, Kojin has these words of encouragement and advice for them. ”Life is not all about reading books and striving for a job promotion. Life is about living and experiencing the world in whatever lens that makes you excited and want to explore the world. If school gets overwhelming, take a step back and think about what you want to do. Studying and getting good grades are important, but so is your mental well-being. Find a balance in life between studying and what truly drives you and makes you happy. Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something just because you have to put your studies first. Once you find a balance in life, you will see the world in a whole different light.”