Veronica Iacomucci, ISS Alumnus


I studied at ISS from 1997 to 2000.

I have lots of memories in ISS. I remember all the amazing activities organised by the school like sports events, art works, music activities, shows at the end of every academic year, class trips, and the interaction with children from all over the world. One of my favourite events was the free dress day, where everyone was free to express himself/herself by wearing clothes that represent his/her identity. During my time in ISS, I have built lasting friendships with friends from all over the world, of whom I am still in contact with.

I feel that my education in ISS had an important impact in my life. ISS gave me the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and experience collaboration, peace and diversity. I believe that in this world, walls and boundaries should not exist and that learning different cultures and languages is an enrichment for every person. I am sure that these values that I have originated from my international education. Furthermore, thanks to ISS, I am able to adapt in every situation and all the activities that I’ve done at school allowed me to be a very practical person.

I’m currently living in Pesaro, Italy. After graduation, I pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Languages and Cultures for Economics (English, Russian and Spanish languages). During my studies I went to Ireland for an Erasmus project (which is a European programme for the mobility of university students). After graduating from university I’ve worked for a start-up in the foreign sales department. But it wasn’t really an enthusiastic experience because I felt I wasn’t growing professionally. So after one year I’ve decided to change to a different sector and started to volunteer a lot in some NGOs that worked for immigrant’s rights, inclusion and education. Last year I took part in a project promoted by an Italian university to teach and promote the Italian language and culture, but also to help local realities in Argentina, Buenos Aires.