Vivi, Jason’s (ISS Alumnus) Aunt and Guardian

My nephew, Jason, has graduated! Time really flies; it feels like it was only yesterday when he joined ISS.

Before ISS, Jason had many difficulties at school. I used to dread receiving calls from school as they were filled with complaints. A teacher even scolded Jason in front of others in the school hall at the school that he was enrolled in at that time, calling him lazy and stupid! Jason felt so dejected after that experience and after that incident, I was determined to find a school with an entirely different approach for Jason.

Initially, we did not have much hope of getting into ISS as the classes were full. However, the Elementary School Principal then took the time to speak to Jason personally and based on that conversation, he decided to admit Jason as he saw the potential in Jason. What a life-changer that has been for us! Jason flourished in ISS’ nurturing environment, and there was no more reason to dread receiving calls from school. Eventually, Jason and his brothers all attended ISS!

I don’t think anyone fully realises how amazing ISS has been for the boys; ISS has basically changed the boys’ lives. Thank you, ISS, for accepting Jason and his brothers, for nurturing them, and for believing in them.

P.S. I am already looking forward to sharing the good news of his youngest brother’s graduation from ISS in a few years!