Media Guidelines at ISS International School

At ISS International School we embrace all media platforms as a way to share, communicate, collaborate, and promote our teaching and learning. We do this through official school media platforms such as our ISS International School website (, Facebook account (ISS International School @ISSInternationalSchool), Twitter account (#isspride), ISS Roar (e-newsletter), and our various brand advertisements and advertorials. We also communicate through staff (Teachers) member’s individual professional social media accounts.

Our Staff members are aware of their position of influence while conducting themselves on social media platforms, and they act in ways that reflect positively on their professional position and the school.

Professional vs Personal

A staff member’s professional social media accounts are deemed to be work-related accounts which share discussions and experiences from their day-to-day profession.

A staff member’s personal social media accounts are deemed to be non-work related accounts which have no relation to ISS or their work as an educational professional. Examples of personal social media accounts include those primarily used for keeping in touch with friends and family.

Our teachers are aware, to separate professional and personal social media accounts.

Media Guidelines for Marketing Purposes

  • During enrolment, Parents/Guardians will be asked to give consent for their child(ren) photos to be used from time to time for the purpose of marketing ISS and her programmes on any marketing related material.
  • Media platforms may cover any of the following:
    • traditional media (TV, Press, Magazines, etc.)
    • Online media (Any digital advertising)
    • Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.)
    • Marketing collaterals (School brochures, leaflets, posters, newsletter, etc.)
    • The Website, videos, webinars, etc.
    • Any other new media platforms
  • Parents who prefer not to give their consent, can notify the Marketing department at, sharing the name of the child(ren), recent photo, grade level and class, g. Grade 4.2.
  • An EXCEPTION to the above point is when the School undertakes a new marketing brand campaign whereby photos taken will have usage longevity (over 12months). In such instances, Parents’ exceptional consent will be sought.
  • All photos will not include the students’ last name nor the grade. A student’s first name and school section will only be used if necessary, e.g. Gary, ISS Middle School.
  • The locations of events will not be released, prior to the event, as far as possible on public marketing platforms, unless absolutely necessary (e.g.: a concert that requires ticket purchases). However, there may be a link to a website that states the location of certain events.
  • When taking photographs, the photographer will make a strong effort to take wider angle shots and focus on the work/activity rather than a particular student. Exceptions will be made if it is a student anecdote or direct student quote.
  • The Marketing Team displays signages at school activities and events, that states the photos of all event attendees (students, parents, etc.) will be taken. These photos may be used in any marketing materials.