Mhairie Flor, ISS Alumnus (Mexico)

6212-mhairie-flor-alvarez-millerI have always been interested in psychology and recently, I developed a theory regarding the role that social learning theories play in enhancing employee training. So, I contacted the Head of Learning and Development at a local industrial company and requested permission to test my theory at this company, and this led to a 4-month internship.

During this time, surveys were sent out to the employees and the answers received confirmed that social learning theories, when applied in employee training, can engage the employees better, boost the learning process and help employers retain the new knowledge gathered from training.  This company has now adopted some of my findings and recommendations and I am thrilled and happy that I have managed to make a beneficial difference. I certainly have my teachers to thank for helping me nurture this spirit of entrepreneurship. They have always guided me not to quit, but to believe in myself and the potential that I have, to pursue and reach my intended goal.