Ruan, ISS Alumnus (Sri Lanka)


Having attended 3 schools in different countries, I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been able to spend slightly more than 3 years at ISS. Those 3 years were, by far, my favourite years in school. My time at ISS was a huge ‘game changer’ for me as I learned true life skills, preparing me well for the journey that lay before me; university, career and life in general.

My fondest memories of ISS are the really great classmates and schoolmates that I made friends with and the equally superb teachers. Most of these classmates and schoolmates have become lifelong friends, and we are still in touch with one another today. There were students from over 60 nationalities in school, and this has personally contributed to, in no small way, a far greater understanding of people, cultures, languages and the world at large. We were also blessed with nurturing teachers that motivated and helped us to study hard and well and a supportive complement of administrative staff, who never hesitated to offer their help and support. All of these people were the reason why ISS is so great. They made going to school something to look forward to everyday, and that was the difference.