Realising Potential

The students at ISS International School receive a strong IB academic curriculum, delivered under the nurturing care and bespoke guidance from their teachers. They are encouraged and guided to  think, develop ideas and respect the community around them.  Our students graduate knowing their best potential and become true global stewards. 20161124_iss_comm_portait_a3-1

At ISS International School our students are given many opportunities to try new initiatives and adventures. They are empowered and encouraged to explore, find out new things, and discover new ideas to develop their potential to the fullest.20161124_iss_comm_portait_a3-2
ISS International School provides our students with a wide choice of CAS ( CREATIVITY, ACTION, SERVICE) & ECA (Extra Curricular Activities) to allow them many opportunities to participate, test their strengths and hone them under the authentic care of the Teachers.20161124_iss_comm_portait_a3-3If you’d like to find out more, please contact our Admissions Department via email at: