MS Science Week

Ignite your imagination!


Middle School Science Week: 10-13 April 2017

This year, be prepared for a spectacular showcase of MS student exhibits! We will have some guest speakers who will share their experience using Science in their jobs, and as well as some interesting science movies!

MS Science Week Student Exhibition

Date: Tuesday 11 April 2017

Venue: MS Hall

  • Grade 6 60s video challenge 8:10-8:55am

Come and watch our students’ 60 second video challenge about our inquiry unit: “Forces in Action”! Grade 6 students have been challenged to demonstrate and explain a scientific experiment, principle or concept about forces in just 60 seconds!

  • Grade 7 Home design for climate change 8:55-9:40am

Come and see our sustainable and resilient (Su-Re) home designs and hear students explain how it can help to overcome a climate induced natural hazard in an area they have chosen themselves!

  • Grade 8 From Electricity to Electromagnets 10:00-10:45am

An interactive journey as you complete a timeline to document the different turning points in history: from electricity to electromagnets! Listen to students explain the very ancient beginnings of electricity to the discovery and innovation of electromagnets for the future!

We welcome parents, students and teachers to come and visit our spectacular Science Week exhibition! To help us prepare and to avoid congestion, please sign up for a 20 minute visit in the table below.

Thanks, and we hope to see you there!