Mar 19

Why is the study of multiple languages an important skill to have (for a global citizen)?

The aim of an International Baccalaureate (IB) education is to develop inquiring, knowledg...
Jan 04

How do we nurture Global Citizens?

What are the “typical traits” of successful leaders? Leaders are usually strong communicat...
Oct 31

How do schools ensure that their pastoral support structure nurtures future ready children?

“As the old adage goes, ‘It takes a village to bring up a child’, and at ISS International...
Apr 29

How to choose the right education and school for your child

“The skills needed to prepare our children from school to college, to the workforce are ev...
Mar 11

Can you teach Entrepreneurship?

An entrepreneur is a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risk...
Mar 05

ISS PTA Fun Fair 2018 – We had an enjoyable day!

The annual PTA Fun Fair would not have been a successful day without the generous donation...
Dec 27

Be a Risk Taker!

It is widely known that “it is human nature to read the actions of others, and then to follow suit.” Simply put – it is easier to follow the norm, because it is always safe and sure. On the flip side, success stories like Apple and IKEA were not created by following the norm. Each of these successful global companies took the risk to be different; Apple with the revolutionary iPhone and IKEA with unassembled furniture. Individuals in each of these companies had the courage and confidence to make the leap, taking the risks to attempt a different path to come up with something revolutionary.
Nov 30

Education for the new reality, investing in a robust head start

The world is an unpredictable, rapidly changing interconnected global economy. We cannot s...
Oct 19

Critical Thinking and the lively discussions that Thinkers create!

Critical thinking and creative thinking are often touted in education, but what do these actually mean? These are two ends of a continuum, and both are important skills required to make the best possible judgement!
Aug 30

What is ‘Inclusion’ and why is this important at ISS International School?

If you’d like to find out more about ISS, please contact our Admissions Team or call them ...
Jul 30

The Early Years (Kindergarten) Programme

“With our dedicated and caring staff in the early years and elementary school, we create a nurturing environment that encourages creativity, self-directed inquiry, and a love of learning.”
Jun 01

Into The Woods Junior

“The idea of being able to portray a character; stepping out of the shoes of a student and...
Mar 16

A Techno-wizard in the Making

When Tarish enrolled at ISS International School, little did he know that he would one day become the resident computer expert among his friends.
Jan 25

Standing Up for Service. With a Chair.

ISS International School students collaborated with the Rainbow Centre on their ‘Rainbow Chair-ity’ project, to design chairs that expressed abstract ideas of awareness, inclusion and empowerment for children with disabilities. This is just one example of the many ‘Creativity, Action, Service’ projects that students can select and engage in, to help identify their core strengths, while supporting community causes.
Jan 10

Can My Child Join An English-Language School?

Non-native English speaking parents arriving in Singapore may not be aware that it is possible for their children to join an international school with English as their medium of instruction. Ms Fiona (F) and Ms Janienne (J), Lead Teachers for English as a Second Language (ESL) at ISS International School, explain how even children with limited exposure to English can become proficient in the language.
Dec 05

The Wicked Way to Learn

The popular musical ‘Wicked’ was used as an experiential platform for ISS International School (ISS) students to learn drama and to examine real-life concepts of identities and relationships in an integrated manner.
Dec 05

5 Reasons to Pick a Small School

If you’d like to find out more about ISS, please contact our Admissions Team. While a s...
Nov 16

Realising Potential

The students at ISS International School receive a strong IB academic curriculum, delivere...