High School ECAs

The ISS Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) programme is the heart of the Activity component of our Creativity, Activity and Service requirement for all ISS students. Students in the High School have a wide variety of activities to choose from including community service, special interest clubs, varsity sports teams and some students even start their own ECA. ISS participates in the Athletic Conference of Singapore International Schools (ACSIS) league for varsity sports including basketball, volleyball, football and many more. Although the High School is located in town and has some space constraints – this has however not limited the students in their ECA choices.


The MYP Physical and Health Education course is dedicated to introducing Grade 9 and 10 students to a wide variety of sports and fitness activities. Students engage in individual and dual sports such as Badminton or Tae Kwon Do all the way to team sports such as Ultimate Frisbee and even Swimming. Through inquiry based learning, students are given an opportunity to explore how they can live a fun and active lifestyle.

High School Clubs & ECAs

Creativity  Activity Service 
Aquarium Club

Architecture Club

Art History Club

Chingay Parade

Gallery Visits

Gardening Club

Global Projects

Illustration Club

ISS Voice – School Online Newspaper

Japanese Movie Club

Knitting Club

Korean Movie and History Club


Peer Counsellors in Training


The Memory Project

The Singing Group

Badminton ECA

Ballroom Club

Dance Performance ECA

ISS Triathlon Club

Martial Arts ECA

Swimming Club ECA

Table Tennis ECA








ARK Acts of Random Kindness

Breast Cancer Walk

Down Syndrome Association (KidsRead and Math Tuition)

Drama/Trinity College

Food Bank

Lakeside Family Centre

Mandarin Club

Math Review

Rainbow Centre (Rainbow Charity)

Relay for Life






High School Varsity Athletics

Varsity Badminton Boys/Girls
Varsity Basketball Boys/Girls
Varsity Cross Country
Varsity Football Boys
Varsity Tennis
Varsity Ultimate Frisbee
Varsity Volleyball Boys/Girls