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Michael Anthony (Tony) HARLICH



After ISS, I attended the International Baccalaureate in Oegstgeest (Netherlands), I ended up working in tourism for a number of years and then switched to IT. I worked as a network specialist for a few years at the Technical University in Delft when I got ill.

In 2002, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). I had a number of very rough years (dealing with paralysis, double vision and a severe balance disorder) and intitially I was told to prepare to die or be in care within 10 years. Somehow my luck changed and I am able to move around again. You would not know by looking at me that I am ill.

What I took away from ISS, not just in a corperate setting, is how to connect with people from all walks of life, how to find common ground and work from there, and that there are numerous ways to approach any issue life might throw at you. It broadened my mind and my outlook on life.

Karianne ELLENKRANS (Ronning)


Mako OYA

Masaaki Takahashi

1 I didn’t graduate from ISS but I attended ISS during the period of 2007 August to 2007 December. I was in grade 5.

2 Ever since I left ISS I transferred schools a couple of times.

3 Currently I am studying for entrance exams for universities in Japan. I graduated from high school this March.

4 I live in Tokyo Japan now

5 I’m not married

6 I remember participating in a Christmas play

7 The time I was there was too short but it’s definitely helped me inprove on my English skills

8 I really enjoyed the fact that the number of students in each grade were limited and it made the school community feel close together as a unit.

9 I currently don’t have anything with me in digital format now. But I can try looking for some.


There are too many fond memories in ISS as I have spent five and a half year in this school. Some of them include being in the basketball team, jazz band, dance group, activity week in New Zealand, and MUN (Model United Nations). But the most memorable ones are the small moments of interaction with my classmates in and out of class.

The IB curriculum that ISS offers definitely prepared me for my university life. My analytical and critical thinking skills were well-developed after undertaking a wide range of IB assessments. Being in a small yet diverse community like ISS made me appreciate unity in spite of difference. By having common goals and aspirations, such as to win the basketball championship, or to graduate, we were able to enjoy the process of learning together.


I am an Economics major with a minor in Global Affairs. My teachers at ISS had a huge impact on me, in terms of enlightening me to the importance of current affairs and community service.

My favourite aspects of my education at ISS was the tight knit community. With lots of support from teachers and fellow students, I was never afraid to pick up a new skill or join a new student group. After my time at ISS, I have learnt to never be afraid of trying new things. None of this would have been possible without ISS’ focus on nurturing well-rounded, life-long learners.

Charmaine YONG



Mirea KIM

Jing Ying CHEAH

Gerald ONG


Sophie CLARK

(Edward) In Kwon CHUNG

Nuanza Cinta ADITA


Mao Takazawa Oita, Japan
Class of 2010-11
Education at University of Tsukuba
Be an MS then HS teacher

Through the IB programme at ISS, I have become more patient and confident. The IB was really tough and sometimes I felt like giving up, but with the nurturing help of my teachers and encouragement of my fellow classmates, I persevered. I gained confidence in myself that I can overcome difficulties that come my way.

Another valuable skill I gained while at ISS was learning how to balance multiple tasks, assignments and goals. This skill has been very useful in my university life, and I’m sure in my future job, too!

One of the experiences at ISS that really impacted me was volunteering to teach swimming to children. It was the Service component of CAS, a requirement of the IB. I enjoyed this experience so much that I thought I might like being a teacher. That’s why, right now, I’m studying education in university so I can become a teacher!

The small school structure at ISS promotes a close-knit community that has taught us to help each other overcome the stress of the IB programme. With the small number of students in each class, our teacher is able to help us, one by one, so that we could understand at our own pace.

Teachers at ISS are all funny and kind. Sometimes they have to be strict, but they always give me good advice. Whenever I didn’t understand something in class, they would take time to teach me again after school hours. I could see they really enjoyed teaching, and always helped students in a nurturing way. This also influenced my decision to become a teacher.

The best thing from my time at ISS are my friends. They made studying at ISS more enjoyable. Even though we are now all over the world in different countries, we stay in contact.

One of the things I really enjoyed about studying at ISS is the natural environment we are in. At the high school, we are surrounded by lush greenery and all kinds of flora and fauna. I don’t think you will have the chance to see monkeys, squirrels or snakes at other schools!



Vanessa YEOH



Mhairie Claire Alvarez Singapore
Class of 2015
Osaka University

My name is Mhairie Claire Alvarez Miller and I am a 2015 graduate of ISS. I am currently studying at Osaka University in Japan. My program is part of the Global 30 progam in Japan where the courses are taught in English. I study science in the Chemistry-Biology combined major program (CBCMP),one of the two Global 30 programs in Osaka University.

I was in ISS from preschool until I graduated from the IB Diploma program, however I was away in India for a year in grade 1. I had the opportunity to meet many people from around the world, be it peers, teachers, or staff. With these opportunities I was able to learn about other cultures that contributed to my open mindedness. Due to ISS being a small school, I feel as though people were able to bond better with each other and have more support from the teachers.

I value every moment I had in ISS, even the sad and stressful ones I had during the Diploma program. Without having met international people and carrying on through the struggles, I would not be prepared for the difficulties in my university courses and in everyday independent life.





Tsubasa WAKEBE


I hold many fond memories of the time when I was a student in ISS, such as the trip to Tioman in Grade 11 with my Biology class, winning the Athlete of the Year in 2014, and my Graduation Ceremony.

At ISS, I learned that success can and should not be measured solely by grades. It is important to find and chase your passion, and ISS’s caring environment helped me to find mine. With the exposure to an international environment at ISS, I learned to communicate and connect with people from all cultures, which allowed me to make a very smooth transition to the culture as a Freshman in college. These life lessons will continue to serve me well as I continue to pursue my passion.

At ISS, our nurturing teachers have genuine care and concern for all the students. We are not just a ‘number’ in the student community. Therefore we must be appreciative for this. I am truly grateful as this is not something that you can find in other schools.

Surabhi Nagar India
Class of 2016
University of Warwick

I recently graduated from ISS after attending the school for 6 years. Today, as I wait to start my Bachelor’s degree at the University of Warwick, I can confidently say that a large part of my knowledge and character has stemmed from my time at ISS.

Belonging from India, the International setting was new and overwhelming to me. But from my very first day in grade 7 I have felt at home amongst nurturing community of ISS. The school has provided me with numerous opportunities in both academic and non-academic areas. I was able to opt for a variety of subjects that prepared well me for my chosen course at University. Outside the classroom, I had the chance of serving as the Student Council’s Vice President and explore my passion for community and service. At ISS, the teachers looked beyond the basic educational requirements of the IB program, to ensure the values are instilled in each and every student. Not only did the school guide me through my CAS projects but also constantly recognized my work, and recently nominated me for the International Diana Award.

Looking back at my ISS journey, I can say without a doubt that I have made memories and friends that will stay close to my heart forever. ISS has given me a high school experience that I will never forget.

Aaron Chen

National Service

Alfian Jaleel

National Service

Ashmitha Nair

Athalia Gisella

Bethany D'Silva

Camden Lindsay Walker

National Service

Daniel Sanderson

National Service (SCDF)

Dhruv Anant Wadker

Northeastern University

Duodan Chen

Gabby Lorenz

Les Roches

Guo Li

University of British Columbia

Huang Hao Chen

King’s College

Insung Park

Jamie Oebeles

I studied in ISS from 2007 till 2016, when I was in Grade 10. I am currently studying at LASELLE College of the Arts.

I was part of the first batch of students to go to Sok Sabay, Cambodia for Week Without Walls. Performing for the children at Sok Sabay was what started my journey in Theatre. The children’s reaction to our performances touched me in a way that they made me feel that, ‘I did something for them. I made them happy.’ The reason why I do what I do today, as a technician in theatre who builds sets for the audience and being able touch people’s hearts, making them think that, ‘oh wow, that’s a great show!’, was because of my experience at Sok Sabay. I still keep in close contact with my teacher Mr Lebon and I help him out with his annual ISS theatre productions as a backstage crew and for venue recces.

The close-knit community was what left a deep impression in me during my time in ISS. Even when I visit the school nowadays, the teachers can still remember my time in school and recall specific memories that we share together. The teachers have met our parents and know who we are personally, and the fact that they know when we need help and the areas in which we struggle in without even asking about it – that was pretty amazing.

Keisuke Nanjo

Kinari Adiarni

Cardiff University

Konan Watanabe

Lena Blattman

Lu YongJian

Muhammad Bilal Saiful

Nathalia Kelana

Savannah College of Art and Design, Hong Kong

Nathan Brown

Peeranut Songprai

Piyaporn Phusakaew (Mind)

Pritesh Kathuria

Riho Taguchi

Rin Wada

Imperial College London

Ruben Anderson

Samuel Price

Sebastian Alveflo

Sharaf Momen

University of Warwick

Shuntaro Kojima

Su Min Park

Syed Saadman

Vera Lynn Van Kesel

Victor Raeymakers

Wang Keshi (Thea)

Xiaolin Shu

Yaodan Qi

Leiden University

Yige Pang (Sarah)

Yige Sima

Ying Lin

Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance

Yuri Igarashi

University of Melbourne

Alda Fawina

Angus Rhys Turnbull

Apoorva Chugh

Camille Ellen Darbellay

Chao Yuan-Chun

Chen Hung-Hsi

Chen Hung-Yuan

National Service

Cheng Yu Hin

Choi Youngjin

Chun Soo Yun

Du Yuan Yuan

Erik Viktor Barkman Qvars

Evelyne Anne Jungo

Halima Musfirah Ansar Zaman

Hasegawa Mai

Isetani Saki

Itokawa Yuya

Jason Tangjaya

National Service

Jordan Ng Wen Kai

National Service

Kagami Mon

Karina Chenu

Kate Judith Reidinger

Kawada Yumi

Kim Donghyun

Kishimoto Satoru

Kohno Enjiera

Kojima Keijiro

Kojima Moe

Kojima Naoki

Kristina Safonova

Kyaw Min Thu

Liu Shuaizheng

Mhairie Flor Alvarez-Miller

Park Hyun Soo

Park Suyeon

Qian Jing

Rocio Peralta Ramos

Shu Siyan

Suzuki Uta

Tarish Avinash Kadam

National Service

Theodor Starke

National Service

Tristan Eng En-Xin

Um Tae-Min

Xie Fujin

Yamaguchi Keita

Yang Yiting

Yoon Joo Ho

Yoshikuni Mariko

Yuval Kehila