High School Life

High School MYP (Grades 6-10)

Students entering the High School MYP (Grades 6-10) are at an exciting time of their learning. They are becoming more independent in their learning and are developing more responsibility for the outcomes they can achieve. All students at ISS receive the physical, emotional and social support that compliments their studies and academic progress. In the High School this support is tailored to the growing needs of students as they begin their pathway to adulthood.

Our High School is set on a beautiful hilltop campus, providing a serene and green environment for our students to learn in a natural environment in the city. High School activities are carefully balanced with our continued holistic approach to develop minds socially and emotionally, and to empower them for their own learning. The personal development of our students is encouraged with social interaction and responsibility through a range of activities, events and community participation. High School classes are capped at 24 students each.

About High School MYP (Grades 6-10)

Our High School MYP (Grades 6-10) continues to develop the atmosphere fostered in the Primary School of a truly international and multicultural family. Our small size allows us to get to know students and parents better, as well as provide more individual attention where necessary.

The High School MYP (Grades 6-10) provides students with the opportunity to grow physically, emotionally and academically at a time of real transitions in their lives. This is usually the period of adolescence, where many students need additional support and for some, this can be a difficult period to negotiate. As such, our experienced and energetic faculty endeavours to foster in our students a sense of self-confidence, responsibility, respect, and multicultural understanding that is an important component of their holistic education. To develop this further, we promote an understanding of personal and social development through the values of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Learner Profile. Our Pastoral Care Programme and Extra Curricular Activities (ECAs) also play important roles in supporting students toward a smooth transition into young adults.

Our curriculum offered is the IB Middle Years Programme (IB MYP), which is a five year programme, beginning in Grade 6 and continuing through to Grade 10.

Upon admission to the school, a student’s learning pathway is determined following an assessment of English language ability which allows us to place students in the appropriate class for their level. Students who are determined to be ‘English as an Additional Language’ (EAL) learners are provided with additional support across all subjects. Wherever possible, we also provide a learning pathway for students with special educational needs.

The IB Middle Years Programme (IB MYP)

ISS International School students in Grades 6 to 10 follow the IB MYP programme as the bedrock of their studies. While the IB MYP programme commences in Grade 6 students joining ISS at any point up to the start of grade 10 are normally eligible for the full IB MYP Certificate and all students who have successfully completed the whole of Grade 10 receive an MYP Record of Achievement from the IB. The IB MYP is accessed by a combination of e-portfolios and e-assessments at the end of Grade 10. These assessments are provided by the IB Organisation.

Should you require more information, you can find more details on our learning outcomes & benchmarks and assessment guidelines.

The structure of the IB MYP

The MYP is a course of study designed to meet the educational needs of students aged between 11 and 16 years. It provides a broad, traditional foundation of knowledge that encourages students to become creative, critical, and reflective thinkers. The MYP emphasises intellectual challenge, encouraging students to make connections between their studies in traditional subjects and the real world. As such, intercultural understanding, communication skills, and global engagement are seen as essential elements to education in the modern world, and are held as fundamental to the MYP’s philosophy. The MYP also promotes a holistic view of learning. It requires an approach to teaching and learning which includes and extends traditional school subjects. It builds upon the knowledge, skills, and attitudes developed in the IB Primary Years Programme offered at our Primary School, and prepares students to meet the academic challenges of the IB Diploma Programme at Grades 11 and 12.

The MYP Curriculum

The MYP consists of eight subject groups: Language Acquisition, Language and Literature, Individuals and Societies, Sciences, Mathematics, Arts, Physical and Health Education, and Design.


  • Holistically addresses students’ intellectual, social, emotional, and physical well-being
  • Provides students opportunities to develop knowledge, attitudes and skills they need in order to manage complexity and take responsible actions for the future
  • Ensures breadth and depth of understanding through study in eight subject groups
  • Requires the study of at least two languages (language of instruction and additional language of choice) to support students in understanding their own cultures and those of others
  • Empowers students to participate in service within the community
  • Helps to prepare students for further education, the workplace and a lifetime of learning
  • MYP teachers organise the curriculum with appropriate attention to:
  • Teaching and learning in context.
    The IB believes that students learn best when their learning experiences have context and are connected to their lives and the world that they have experienced. Using global contexts, MYP students explore human identity, global challenges and what it means to be internationally minded.
  • Conceptual understanding.
    Concepts are big ideas that have relevance within specific disciplines and across subject areas. MYP students use concepts as a vehicle to inquire into issues and ideas of personal, local and global significance and examine knowledge holistically.
Language & Literature (1st Language) English, Japanese (only in G8 – 10) & Korean (only in G8 – 10), Mother Tongue Languages (only in G7 and G10 in 2022 – 2023)
Language Acquisition (2nd Language) English, French (only in G9 and G10 in 2022 – 2023; French will no longer be offered in 2024 – 2025), Mandarin
Individuals & Societies Integrated Humanities
Mathematics Mathematics
Sciences Integrated Sciences
Arts Visual Arts and Music (G6-10), Drama (G6-8)
Design Design (only in G6-8)
Physical & Health Education Physical & Health Education (only in G6-8)



ISS International School has been an IB MYP authorised school since June 2003. View more information about IB Middle Years Programme. For more information about the IB Middle Years Programme at ISS International School, please email Dr. Dharshini Jeremiah, our Academic Director of Teaching and Learning.

Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to fill out our Inquiry Form.