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Happy Lunar New Year! This week our community will be engaging in several traditional activities to celebrate the new year. On Thursday a well known local lion dance group will perform on Preston and Paterson campuses and the Class of 2015 will have its traditional pre- IB examination’ good luck’ photograph taken with the lion and the dance troupe. This will be followed in the High School with the graduating class leading a Lo- Hei session at lunchtime (the traditional Singapore Chinese New Year salad toss) to further secure success as they prepare for the world post ISS. Thank you Mrs. Chan for the special treat. On Friday Mr. and Mrs. Chan will host the annual ISS staff Chinese New Year celebration in the British Club.

ISS’ founders, Mr. and Mrs. Chan, also found time over the festive period to celebrate as a family. Pictured with the lion dance troupe that visited them are Mr. and Mrs. Chan (Chairman and CEO of the ISS Group), their daughter Mun-E Chan (Deputy CEO) and her husband Elvis Tan, Director of Business Development of ISS Group who are based, in our sister school,


BISS, in Beijing, China. Mun-E Chan is also an ISS School Board member and a member of our strategic planning group.

Sitting in front of Mr. and Mrs. Chan is the future generation of ISS Group leaders! Yu-Ann and her sister Yu-Lyn are both currently studying at Hong Kong University. Yu-Ann graduates this summer with a major in psychology and will continue studying for her Masters degree. Yu-Lyn is a freshman studying for a Bachelor of Arts. Yu-Dean is currently in grade 10 at BISS and will begin the IB Diploma programme next academic year. Their long -term plans are to follow in their parents’ footsteps and support their grandfather’s vision and commitment to international education.

Best wishes to the ISS Community for a happy and prosperous year of the Goat.

Margaret Alvarez

Elementary School  

A short month, February, has
been a very busy one at ISS.

Literacy Week had many activities organised daily. The Literacy Blog has many photos of the week...

Middle School  

Grade 6 Trip- Telunas

Grade 6 embarked on a trip to Telunas (Indonesia) where they had the most memorable experience of their life time.  During the five-day camp, students were engaged with a myriad of activities such as individual rope obstacle course...

High School  

Week Without Walls

During The Week Without Walls we Educate to Make a Difference by fostering cultural exchange and learning through a range of meaningful, practical and authentic experiences...


Happy Chinese New Year! See you at the Fun Fair!

Thanks to everyone who came out for our “Back-to-School” picnic on Friday, 31 January! We had a great turn out. Also, thank you all for attending our February PTA meeting. Kate Bond, the elementary school’s literacy coordinator, presented on how to support your child’s reading habits and encourage a love of reading...

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