Learning Support

In keeping with our mission, vision and values, ISS aims to help each student to reach his or her potential by maintaining an inclusive, nurturing, enriching and empowering learning culture. Once we determine student eligibility for our Learning Support program and confirm that we have sufficient staff and resources to support the student, a student plan is created including learning strengths, challenges, accommodations, goals, teaching strategies, and level of adjustment. Our ISS Learning Support Team, familiar with learning profiles and strategies for differentiated instruction, supports students in our inclusive environment.

Determination of Learning Support

Students with current psycho-educational reports are assigned a case manager. If a student presenting learning needs has not been formally assessed, we follow our Learning Support Referral Process. Eligible students are placed on one of four Levels of Adjustment, reflecting the amount and type of support needed: Levels of Adjustment.

To participate in inclusive classrooms, Level 1 students require in-class differentiated support in a specific area of learning above that which is provided to all students. Level 2 students require accommodations across one or more areas of learning. Level 3 students require significant accommodations or modifications across more than one area of learning. Level 4 students require significant modifications in multiple areas of learning and support of a shadow teacher.

Please refer to this link for information on our Learning Support guidelines.