New Zealand

Ariana Rehu

Head of PYP, PS Student Support Leader (K-5), PYP Physical Education

Bachelor of Teaching & Learning (Education)

Originally from New Zealand, I have been teaching for 14 years and have spent the past 10 years involved in International Education in the Middle East and in Singapore. I have been a teacher at ISS International School for the past 7 years and now hold the position of Head of PYP. I am committed to helping students become who they want to be. I believe in providing and guiding meaningful learning experiences for the students so that they know what they are learning, how they are learning and, most importantly, why they are learning it.


Valerie Foo

PYP Kampong K2/G1 Teacher

Master in Education with Reading Intervention
Bachelor of Elementary Education

While I was born in Singapore, I’ve had the opportunity to live and teach in different parts of China and the US. Being immersed in various education systems and environments has allowed me to practice and hone my craft as an international educator. In my classroom, I develop deep connections with my students and support them through their academic and social emotional growth, both in the school community and in the real world, through inquiry based learning. Being a third culture kid myself, I strive to make sure my students feel seen and heard as important individuals in my class. Aside from teaching, I love to travel to explore new cultures, along with cultivating hobbies that involve the arts, cooking and staying active!


Jessica Hoffmann

PYP Kampong G2 Teacher

Bachelor of Primary Education

After my first day of school as a young child, I came home to my parents and confidently let them know that I was going to be just like my Kindergarten teacher when I grew up. I stuck with this dream and now have the incredible opportunity to teach at ISS. I spent my first few years of teaching at an IBPYP school in Sydney and prior to this briefly studied abroad for my teaching placements in the UK and Sweden. I am a motivated, engaging, and dynamic teacher and I enjoy catering for all students’ needs and personalities. I strive to build strong connections within the classroom to ensure that everyone feels safe, happy, and confident.


Matt Sowul

PYP Kampong G3 Teacher

International Postgraduate Certificate in Education
TESOL - 230H in Class Certification
Master of Art - English Philology
Bachelor of Arts - English Philology

I am an experienced primary teacher with a diverse background in international education and language arts. My expertise lies in curriculum design, project-based learning, and pastoral care. I take pride in my ability to foster a positive learning environment and implement innovative teaching approaches. Languages and literature are my passions, and I am committed to promoting holistic student development. Beyond academics, I am enthusiastic about sports and love coaching football extracurricular activities. I also enjoy exploring various interests such as singing, playing classical guitar, and juggling. As an educator, I am dedicated to creating an inclusive and research-informed learning experiences for young learners.


Shagun Batlaw

PYP Kampong G4 Teacher

Master in Teaching, USA

It is frequently believed that some teachers leave a mark on their students. In my case, every batch of students has brought a memorable experience. Learning is a life-long process and I have learnt something new from every group of students that I have taught, whether it was in the public school system in America or in international schools in Singapore. I love the interaction with my students. They make me smile and occasionally take my breath away with the clarity of their thoughts. I suppose being a mother to two teenagers helps because I love to be in their company. We connect our learning with current news events around the world, and this is a topic close to my heart. There is nothing more satisfying than watching my students’ learning curve.


Anjana Dayal

PYP Kampong G5 Teacher

Master of Science (Education)

I have been fortunate to have worked with some amazing individuals who have guided me and transmitted their passion for teaching throughout my teaching career. Since my teaching career began in 2004, I have continued to learn and grow with my students year after year. I would have to say that teaching the Grade 5 exhibition in my previous school was a key moment in my teaching career as I was able to see a specific group of students really take charge of their own inquiry and bring forth action in their community. The entire exhibition process that year was a learning experience for all the students and teachers involved, and a celebration well deserved for the school community.


Cynthia Tan

PYP Visual Art

Master of Education (Curriculum & Teaching)
Master of Arts (Art History)
Bachelor of Arts (Architectural Studies)
Diploma in Botanical Art

My goal as an educator  is to develop creativity and confidence in students through the study of Visual Arts.  I have over 10 years of teaching experience, having taught ages 6 to 22 in Art, Art History, Communication Practice, and Cultural Awareness.  My teaching philosophy emphasises inquiry-based learning and the cultivation of critical thinking skills through interactive learning activities.  

Having previously lived in the US and UK, I value diversity and enjoy learning about different cultures through Art.


Dennis Ng

PS EAL Specialist

Postgraduate Diploma in Education
Diploma in TESOL
Bachelor of Arts (Economics)

It is a privilege to have an affinity with children. For the past two decades, I have had the honour of caring for and teaching children, twelve years and under. I have also been blessed with the call to education and the gift of teaching.

I believe every child is uniquely gifted and I strive to help my students emerge from their chrysalides. There is nothing more exciting to me than seeing my student learn to embrace their curiosity, develop their interest, and mature into driven and determined individual knowledge, skill and character.

My methods and approaches to teaching are holistic. I believe students can thrive in many ways especially so if they have the opportunities to discover, inquire, communicate, take risks, reflect, learn and grow. As a teacher, I hope to be able to assist, guide and lead my students, to become kind, respectful and independent global citizens with a passion to learn.


Lingesh Gunasekaran

PYP Physical and Health Education, K-12 ECA and Sports & Activities Coordinator

Bachelor of Science (Exercise and Sports Science)
Diploma in Physical Education
FIFA Diploma in Football Medicine

As a physical educator and coach, I have been fortunate to combine both my passions of sports and teaching. Having been teaching and coaching for over a decade, I have been able to share my knowledge and experiences with many students through a variety of fun and engaging ways.

I believe in the power of sports and games and the immense impact it has on the betterment of students’ physical and mental well-being. With the right guidance, they will be able to achieve their best and excel.

In my free time I enjoy playing and watching various sports, engage in CrossFit workouts and play futsal to stay healthy. I also love watching movies and indulge in my other passion of music (drums and DJing) when I can. Most importantly I love spending quality time with my family.

I hope to meaningfully contribute and make a positive difference to the ISS community. I hope to bring the joy of learning to students and create many happy lifelong memories with both staff and students.

United States of America

Robert Choi

PYP Performing Arts

Master of Music in Performance and Literature
Bachelor of Music
Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers (CIDTT)

Born in the vibrant city of Chicago, music flowed through my veins thanks to my Korean parents. While excelling in the scientific realm at the University of Michigan, my heart yearned for the art of music. Specialising in piano under Dr. Blythe Owen and Zeyda Suzuki, yet my soul found its true resonance with the cello’s haunting melodies. Salzburg, Austria, beckoned me, where I immersed myself in the renowned Mozarteum, collaborating with exceptional soloists and chamber musicians, leaving a trail of mesmerised audiences across Europe.

Beyond the confines of traditional notation, I embarked on an audacious journey into jazz and Baroque improvisation, relentlessly pushing the boundaries of my artistry. As a mentor, I’ve had the privilege to inspire students from diverse backgrounds, from the United States to Europe and Southeast Asia. The International Baccalaureate (IB) music program, with its celebration of diverse cultures and genres, deeply resonates with my soul.

Now, as a music teacher at ISS, I am thrilled to cultivate a thriving musical culture and ignite the creative flame in every student, helping them discover and nurture their unique artistic voice. Together, we shall paint the world with the colours of symphonies and unlock the limitless potential of musical expression.


Yu Jin

PYP Mandarin Acquisition

Master of Education (Teaching and Learning Chinese)
Bachelor’s Degree in Childhood Studies and Guidance and Counselling
Diploma in Early Childhood Education

I have over 13 years of teaching experience prior to joining ISS. Teaching is a calling. Every student I meet is a life that is entrusted to me; a personal obligation and responsibility. There are no higher forms of satisfaction when I see my students getting excited about learning while developing the desired values and attitudes towards a fulfilling life. I treasure my special role as an educator where I’m able to help students excel in their own ways and be a blessing unto others.

Berna - School Counsellor
Türkiye, Singapore

Berna Sekhon

K-12 School Counsellor

Bachelor of Arts- Journalism & Public Relations
Masters in Counselling

I am originally from Türkiye and have been living in Singapore since 1994. I have a vast experience on third culture kids who live in different countries throughout their education lives due to the expatriate life requirements.

My interest in education and students well being derives from curiosity and hunger that I have felt, to make them achieve their best potential and to provide them a conducive environment to do so. I believe every student has equal chance and right for education, no matter what the difficulties they are facing.

I have years of experience working with children and adolescents with special needs and my lifetime goal is to reach out to those who have difficulties and help them along the way by providing a support with a holistic approach that they rightfully need.

I have 2 wonderful teenagers who are continuously helping me to be the best I can.

United States of America

Patricia Winpenny

K-12 Learning Support

Bachelor of Arts (Russian Language and Literature)
Master of Education (Special Education)
Master of Arts (Soviet and East European Political Economics)

My teaching career began with languages and travel. I directed US-USSR programs: CIEE’s College Exchange, Children’s Art Exchange, and Citizen Exchange Council educational trips. As a learning specialist in Vermont, I coordinated services with therapists, speech language pathologists, and neurologists. Wanderlust brought me to Asia, and years in Shanghai deepened my resolve to engage students with diverse challenges in inclusive environments.

Discovering meditation through tragedy (widowed and losing a son), I am grateful for life’s gifts. One son is an engineer, married to a Russian dancer; the other is a commercial beekeeper in Hawaii, married to a teacher. Joy is winter holidays with grandchildren in Hawaii and summers together on our Vermont farm.

Cyclist, swimmer, kayaker, skier, Pilates enthusiast, and dancer, I believe in the transformative power of wellness to help us achieve our best. An optimist, I consider myself a teacher diplomat, and am honored to work at ISS.


Maricela Navarrete

K-12 Librarian

Bachelor of Science (Mechanical Engineering)
Master of Science (Health and Safety)
Certificate - Teaching English to Multilingual Classrooms

Originally from Ecuador, I’m a dual career professional who is truly passionate about inspiring students and fostering their academic journey. My genuine love of reading fuels my dedication to helping them develop strong academic skills that extend well beyond the classroom.

Having returned to Singapore for the second time, I bring with me over 5 years of experience in IB schools. During this time, I have held the role of Head Librarian, actively supporting the IB curriculum across all levels, from Kindergarten to Grade 12, both in the US and Singapore.

It’s an honour to be a part of this exceptional team of educators. I’m committed to contributing to the excellence and success of all ISS students, ensuring that they are well-equipped for their educational journey and beyond.