March 2015

Grade 10 Personal Projects

During the last two years of the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (IBMYP), all students are required to complete the Personal Project. This is designed to encourage students to “practise and strengthen their approaches to learning (ATL) skills, to consolidate prior and subject-specific learning, and to develop an area of personal interest.” MYP Projects Guide, 2014.

Students are assessed in four criteria; Investigating, Planning, Taking Action and Reflecting. Their final Product, Process Journal and Report were presented to their Supervisor and were then exhibited on 5th March at an event for families and friends. Samples are now being uploaded to the IB database for Moderation of assessment and final grades will be awarded when students receive their MYP Record of Achievement in September.

ISS Funfair
On Sunday 15th March the High School participated in the annual ISS Funfair. Lots of volunteers assisted with running stalls including the Bouncy Castle, the Animal Lovers League, and the Gardening Club (for the Scholastic Environment Fund). Music performances and barbeque food were also a highlight of the day. All money raised by the High School that didn’t go directly to charities on the day is in a fund overseen by Mr. Whitehead to support HS CAS activities.

High School Sports Day
The weather was hot and overcast at times but spirits were strong on 20th March as the annual Sports Day kicked off at Clementi Stadium. Congratulations to our Newton House winners this year.  Visit our Facebook page or view photos of the day here:

Leaving ISS?

If you are transitioning to another school or country at the end of this academic year (June), please ensure that you have notified us early enough to allow time to process everything in school. A 'Leavers Form' will need to be completed, including G12 students. Students will be issued with a 'Clearance Form' to have signed off by their teachers ensuring that all books and locker keys have been returned. In addition, the software that is licensed to the School must be removed from the student's laptop; otherwise a charge of $1000 will be levied. Students who are returning next academic year will also submit an end of year Clearance Form for books and locker keys, as these will be re-issued next academic year.


The last day of school for our G12 students will be Friday 24th April. They will then have a week of Study Leave. Teachers will be available to assist them in school this week. The final IB Diploma Examinations start on Monday 4th May.

Graduation will take place on Friday 22nd May. Invitations will be issued to G12 students shortly.

Uniform Information

To make it easier for students to ensure their correct sizing, a set of sample uniforms are available at the school office for you to try on before doing your online orders.

Terms and Conditions

Exchange Policy

  • Items must be exchanged within 7 days of receipt with the proof of purchase.
  • Items must be unworn, unwashed, or otherwise unused with original packaging.
  • Items can be exchanged at The Corporate Industries' Office or a $15 fee will be incurred for exchanges delivered to your home address.
  • You must provide your name, address, contact number and Order ID.
  • The Consultant will inform you of any price difference for the exchanged items and any relevant payment or refund has to be made at the time of the exchange.

Any enquiries, kindly contact Jacquelyn at 92992683 or

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