March 2015

Thank you for coming
to the Fun Fair!!!!

Thanks to everyone for making this year’s Fun Fair a huge success!  We are very appreciative of everyone’s participation, creativity, and enthusiasm.  Most importantly, your contributions will make a huge difference. 

Below is a summary of how much was raised for charities supported by ISS (including the HS Student Council and the school’s community action service funds):

Elementary School:  $2800
Middle School:  $1 865
High School: $1407
Various Charities:  $568
Charitable contributions (including earnings from PTA stalls): $3420.95

Thank you to our community for your generous contributions, raffle prize donations, and time!  Please complete a short survey providing any feedback you have for upcoming Fun Fairs.:

PTA January 2015

Chair: Nadine Trentini

Vice-Chair: Kirsten Humphreys

Secretary: Deirdre Sebastian

General Secretary: Anna Alexopoulos

Treasurer: Brian Milligan

Vice Treasurer: Daya Reddy

Communications: Agnes Kuhns

Outreach Rep: Vanessa Hopman

Support Services: Aleathia Holland

Elementary School Rep: VACANT POSITION

Middle school Rep: Maria Varela

High School Rep: Cliff Eng

Contact us:

Mark your calendars....

End-of-the-Year Beach Party
Friday, 29 May 4:30-7:00 PM
Paterson Campus

Promotions for you……

Check out our latest promotions for the ISS-community:

Joining the PTA Team

We are looking for someone to be our Elementary School Representative. No qualifications needed other than enthusiasm and a child(ren) in the Elementary School. We would love to have you on our team! We usually meet once or twice a month of Thursdays! Interested? Write us:

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