Paul Lemon, ISS Alumnus


I graduated from ISS in 1998.

I am now a Graphic Designer, and in my line of work, exposure to the arts helped. When I was a student at ISS, Mrs. Roudnew’s (my teacher at the time) passion and knowledge of the subject allowed me to explore all facets of design. Painting, Art History, Ceramics, Jewellery and still life drawing. Her cool calm manner in the classroom was the sanctuary I needed during the hectic final graduating years. I have become personal friends with my former geography teacher, Simon Scoones, and we still keep in contact now.

I initially chose a degree course in Hospitality Management because of my love for travel. But then I soon realised my talents were better suited to the arts. Suggestions from my sister, who is an award-winning illustrator, convinced me that graphic design may be a better career choice. Since leaving college I have been in Design and Marketing my entire working life. I have worked on some major musical and sports projects too, which included designing the logos, crest and badge for English Football Clubs.

The most memorable thing about ISS, no doubt, is the international harmony of the place. For instance, in my Grade 8 class, 14 out of the 18 pupils were of different nationalities. Exposure to different cultural backgrounds gives appreciation and understanding of different creeds and beliefs. Additionally, I was able to get to know these schoolmates on social and personal levels, enabling me to have friends in every corner of the globe now. I was also lucky to experience multiple international Activity Week (now known as Week Without Walls) trips, which definitely gave me the urge to travel.

I was also lucky enough to meet my wife, Jade McEune, at ISS in Grade 9 and we have just celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary. My son’s godfather is also a former ISS student, now Pilot in a Singapore airline, Captain David Hawkes.