ISS Learning Accelerator®


The Learning Accelerator initiative is an inclusive and holistic system designed by ISS teachers to enhance learning for all students K-12 by creating personalised approaches that address individual student needs. It supports students in using research methodology to identify learning needs and to design detailed interventions. As a result, students enhance their academic and social and emotional learning and are supported to develop as global citizens. 



A personalised learning plan for every student

Instead of setting blanket goals for entire student cohorts, the ISS Learning Accelerator creates individual learning plans based on each student’s strengths and weaknesses for their self-identified academic and community goals (interactions, participation, service). These goals are reviewed at least once every semester.

Students and teachers, working in tutor groups and within subject areas, use achievement and other data to engage in guided and reflective conversations about how a student learns, his/her attainment and contributions to our learning community. From these guided conversations and input from diagnostic tools such as learning styles audits, students and teachers co-construct personalised SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timeline) learning goals. These tailor-made goals are recorded in each student’s individual learning plan and are monitored and supported throughout the year. 



Student Agency

The ISS Learning Accelerator supports students by using research methodology, guided questions and its structured framework to enable deep reflections into attainment, approaches to learning and attitudes. As a result of the ownership students feel in the process, developed through self identification of learning needs and heightened self awareness, a high degree of motivation results that leads to strengthened student progress in academics, social and emotional learning and the development of global citizenship skills. As they achieve their goals and move onto new ones, the programme nurtures students to become self-directed learners, empowering them to reach their full potential.



How parents support the process

Parents work alongside teachers and students to support progress. A key element is our reframed 3-way conferences (parent, teacher, student) that focus on progress towards identified goals. At the end of the year, students curate evidence of the progress they have made, reflect in writing on their progress and engage in conversations about next steps.  A whole series of resources such as workbooks, training and scaffolding tools have been created. This programme greatly supports students in remaining focused on their learning, with its framework giving students heightened clarity about what they aim to achieve.



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