Student Action Leadership Team (SALT)


They are proud to have been able to contribute towards the organisation of the successful ‘Sports Day’, Pyjama Day at school, participate and organise the weekly school assemblies and various other house activities, and lead in the on-going Food Bank Drive which encourages their fellow students to help the local charities with food donations to those less fortunate in the community. SALT members are also involved with the leadership of various class projects.

As student leaders, they ensure that they are there to help their fellow students resolve issues as and when these arise. Being a part of SALT, being able to organise events for the benefit of everyone and being there to help their fellow students is very satisfying. By contributing to the success of ISS International School and helping others, they also build their leadership skills.

Global Citizenship Statement

Active global citizens securely reflect upon their own cultural identities.
Active global citizens navigate cultural contexts using their knowledge of and empathy towards the cultures of others.
Active global citizens use their cultural understanding to create authentic and productive partnerships to make a positive difference in the world.