Boarding House and Guardianship

Many ISS International School students study in Singapore while their parents are overseas. In order to maximise their successes, it is our policy that they stay with ISS International School ‘listed guardians’ or at our appointed boarding house.

Homestay/Parent Appointed Adult

Should you decide to select your own homestay/parent appointed adult (PAA), kindly complete and return the Letter of Authorization for Parent Appointed Adult. Please note that ISS will not be able to assist you to ensure that the homestay conditions are up to the standards that we expect of ISS-listed guardians.

Boarding House

ISS has appointed Oldham Hall to provide our students with accommodation. Oldham Hall is a premium boarding facility and offers a comprehensive range of after school boarding services to ensure that your child makes the best use of their time here in Singapore.

Oldham House Hall:

  • is located close to the ISS campus (20mins) and is centrally located between the Newton and Stevens MRT Stations
  • accommodates students from 12 years and up and has a small staff to boarder ratio of 1: 12
  • ensures a mandatory study period between 7.30 and 9.30pm from Monday – Thursday
  • has a vibrant and interesting student life as they organise after school and weekend activities to promote bonding amongst the students and help the students integrate to life in Singapore
  • pastoral care is provided by fully-trained residential house masters / mistresses and there are staff onsite 24-hours a day. All staff who work at Oldham House Hall have their backgrounds checked before appointment is offered
  • provides facilities such a gym, swimming pool, pantry, study rooms, and laundry onsite and wireless internet
  • gives your child the opportunity to mature and hone their social skills in the company of peers from different cultures

For more information, please do contact our ISS Guardianship Coordinator for any accommodation related inquiries.


Parents who are considering placing their children under the care of guardians should contact the Guardianship Coordinator for a copy of the guardian list and are encouraged to meet with the Guardianship Coordinator when they visit ISS International School. We also recommend that parents visit the homes of several prospective guardians before deciding who should care for their child. Our guardians are very different in terms of the location of their homes and the number of students under their care. They are willing to work closely with the school’s Guardianship Coordinator and parents to ensure that ISS International School students are cared for.

Individuals who are interested in becoming an ISS International School ‘listed guardian’ should contact the Guardianship Coordinator for details of the application process.

Guardianship Procedures

Examples of Guardianship Concerns:


  • When a student is not staying with their guardian
  • When the student needs to move from one guardian to another guardian
  • When a student is not following home rules and regulations


  • Guardians who are not following the profile of a good guardian expectation of ISS guardians
  • Guardians who are not contactable when required by teachers of ISS International School for student progress
  • Guardians that are not communicating concerns and comments from ISS International School to the parents

Potential Guardians

  • Interested guardians can fill in the Guardian Application Form and pass it to the Guardianship Coordinator (GC) – this is applicable at any point in the year.

During the Academic School Year

Please be mindful that during the school year, all guardianship issues will be directed to the Guardianship Coordinator.

New Students

When a new student has selected an ISS International School ‘listed guardian’, please notify the Guardianship Coordinator & Admissions Office. This allows for a transparent flow of information. The guardian and parents must fill in the Guardian Notification Form* (Parents must read and retain the Profile of a Good Guardian and Expectations of ISS International School Guardians.)

Existing Students

They must speak with the Guardianship Coordinator when needing to change guardians or living arrangements. For Middle School students, please submit a Guardian Request Form to the School secretary who will send the form to the High School Guardianship Coordinator.

During the NonAcademic Months of the School

In the absence of the Guardianship Coordinator, all interviews will be conducted by the Admissions Manager of either campus.

Existing Students

Please Note:

* Students under guardianship will not be accepted into Primary School.

Although ISS International School makes every effort to ensure that relationships between students and guardians are successful, all parties are urged to clarify expectations before deciding on a guardian for their child. We suggest that parents discuss expectations in terms of frequency of contact, returning of deposits etc.  We regret to inform you that we cannot be involved with disputes between parents and guardians. ISS International School has no financial relationship with guardians and does not accept payment from either parents or guardians for this service.