High School Student Council


From L-R: Daniel, Jerry, Caleb (back row)
Anniken, Minseo, Chanwoo, Vanice (front row)

Our High School Student Council consists of six-elected student council executives (Executive Team) from Grade 6 to Grade 11 students, taking up leadership roles including President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Sustainability Officer. The Executive Team draws upon the support of the student body representatives, of which there is one from each of the ‘kampongs’ (homerooms).

The role of the Student Council is to help improve student life by taking into consideration their peers’ needs and problems – trying to resolve them in the most feasible way. The Student Council is always there for the students and they enjoy the opportunity to take the lead.

A key event they plan every year includes the ‘Formal Prom’ for graduating students. Other activities include bake sales, ice cream days and BBQs. These activities not only add a bit of flavour to students’ lives but are important in building collegial bonds – as well as giving everyone a good time at school.

The Student Council at ISS International School and its Executive Team strive to make the student body and the staff happier, and to add colour, variety and fun to school life.

Global Citizenship Statement

Active global citizens securely reflect upon their own cultural identities.
Active global citizens navigate cultural contexts using their knowledge of and empathy towards the cultures of others.
Active global citizens use their cultural understanding to create authentic and productive partnerships to make a positive difference in the world.