Pastoral Care

Primary School

At ISS International School, we plan for and support learning experiences that enable each student to realise their potential. We believe that the building blocks for success and balance in students’ lives include physical, social and emotional well-being, a healthy and positive disposition, connectedness with others, and self-awareness.

Teachers at ISS International School encourage the development of these attributes in students through carefully planned and aligned learning experiences in four key areas:

Personal Identity

Students develop an understanding of their own beliefs, values, attitudes, experiences, and feelings and how they are shaped by them. They explore the impact of cultural influences, the recognition of strengths, limitations and challenges, as well as the ability to cope successfully with situations of change and adversity. Students inquire into their concept of self and how feelings of self-worth affect their approach to learning and how they interact with others.

Being Healthy, Safe and Active

Our students develop an understanding of the factors that contribute to developing and maintaining a balanced, healthy lifestyle. They inquire into the importance of regular physical activity, the body’s response to exercise, the importance of developing basic motor skills, and understanding and developing the body’s potential for movement and expression. They gain understanding of the importance of nutrition, the causes and possible prevention of ill health, the promotion of safety, and the rights and responsibilities we have to ourselves and others to promote well-being. Students aim to make informed choices and evaluate consequences to take action for healthy living now and in the future.

Communicating and Interacting

Our students develop an understanding of how an individual and groups interact and communicate with other people, other living things and the wider world. They explore behaviours, rights and responsibilities of individuals in their relationships with others, communities, society and the world around them.

Actively Contributing to Communities

Our students are encouraged to be engaged contributors to initiatives that build and optimise the health and well being of their community. Students develop the knowledge, understanding, and skills required to critically analyse the range of factors that influence the health and well-being of their communities. They also learn to assess information, products, services, and environments in order to take action to promote the health and well-being of their communities.